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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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February 3, 1968
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JEANNETTE, PA.- Approved For Release 2005/08/22HEO1lA-QD=MW50R000 E-11,968 F B- 3 1 6 Vanished, by Fletcher Knebel (Doubleday) : K n e b e 1, who is somewhat of a specialist In i the novel of Washington intrigue ("Seven Days in May," which he wrote with Charles W. Bailey 11, and "Night of Camp David"), offers as his latest entry In the genre an absorbing suspense novel. The title refers to the disappearance of S t e p h e n Greer, a close associate of a future U.S. President facing a reelection campaign. Greer walked away from the fourth green at the-exclusive Burning Tree Club and was seen no more. His sudden exit prompted a buzz of rumor, particularly when It was learned that he had been secretly meeting a bril- liant young. mathematician and had been in occasional touch with a Nobel; Prize physicist- both of whom have also vanished. { From the outset, it, is! apparent that high-level inter-' ests are. involved. The FBI,i called In on the assumption thati Greer may have been kid napped, Is work under' and narrator of much of the book, is kept In the dark. The Intervention of the CIA, against the express order of"the White House, brings Knebel's "President Roudebush" head to head with. the politically potent agency chief. of! the reviewing trade to reveal the end of a novel of this type, but it can fairly be said that it is unexpected-and, alas, not Approved For Release 2005/08/22: CIA-RDP88-013 5 6R000 00740016-6 STAT