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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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January 21, 1968
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J 0 TEE NEW YOITC TI10S DOOIC REVIEW 21 January 3$68 Approved For Release' 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP88.01350R000200740017-5 and entertaining, although fie. sure everyone who fears for the . tional accounts are not always; future of man. Interestingly as entertaining as the' real ar-, enough, this too Is achieved both potentially conspiratoria]I ' of good news that should reas- to expose the processes of dem as a full blown "millennialist." ocratic government as being "Vanished" is a trumpet blast attitude toward politicians, and Now, however, Knebel emerges, although his latest novel ways operates within the limits ("Washington, D. C.") is about of the possible. . Senators; whereas Allen Drury, In "Seven Days in May" who' cut his fictional teeth on (written with Charles B. Bailey), Congress, now heads up the a fascist-like conspiracy within novelists' bureau at the United the Army almost topples the Nations. Each of these men, Government. "Night at Camp in is own way, can be counted David"_ explores the problem of. on :o give readers of popular a: President's breakdown and fiction an apocalyptic glimpse the vulnerability of our dem into the political future, to con? ocratic institutions in the tub. firm the public's largely cynical sequent struggle for power. as we know, is indisputably counterplotting, his prophetic the playwright of Presidents, ; dabbling with the future, al- bled with Imaginary characters to achieve the detentes that Chide our statesman. Sinclair belonged to the "millennial" By DAVID DEMPSEY school of politics. Knebel, who FOR:.,-'R Washington, D. C, has used the genre as a warn- ne.v:?, . per correspondent ' ing siren, is known as a "con- with the Cowles Publications, spiratorial" novelist-and nov- h etcher rtnebol has nude it oust is not too complimentary name for himself as a novel:-.. _ a term for someone who, for 1st of Presidents. Gore Vidal all his far-fetched plotting and VANISHED. By Fletcher Kncbcl. 407 pp. New York: Doubleday. $5.95. ample, could invent Senator ? "Vanished" is by all odds. the Dirksen?) best thing that Knebel ' has In its modern form, the novel written-the blurb adjectives of political intrigue dates to : apply here quite easily. The Upton Sinclair's "Lanny Budd style is clean and literate;. the plausible enough to be con series. in which actual crises characters . solidly conceived and living persons are scram-. and convincingly drawn. Basi- This is one of the dubious' sally a suspense novel, it over- benefits of the age of espio- MR. DEMPSEY, a freelance essayist comes a rather shaky premise naive and distrust- t h' I. o h w is t e IF , -the bizarre disappearance and critic, is the author of the of author addresses himself. The Why they vanished;'. where TAT novel "All That Was. Mortal." three men who play important market for his kind of novel they turn up, and hew the roles in science and .govern- of intrigue Is expanding, not mystery, is related to President ment-to ut the reader oh a because it n d vl p ' political know-how Is - lively and wide-ranging; and his story -in the light of what. we have of IN learned from the 'An-6' s spiracy.of the good;' there will be no millennium . to' the ` fiasco !at` the C.t.A. Approved Fo"d +~n1;~9 Just 1 RDPi38-,01350R000200740017-5 -.t p es escape, Paul Roudebush s political sur- manhunt, and in the thick of a but because, on the contrary, vival, as well as the ultimate mystery, that is heightened it conveys some threats to our . survival of mankind,, 'is` the fight, up'to the moment of dis- national life that are all. too. game the author plays with his covery.. real. To. describe the plot is readers. No one is going to There is no violence, no .sex unfair, but it can be revealed, name the game literature, but to speak of, the words of the publisher, it is craftsmanship of the high- , no pornography, that "three prominent men est order. In the end, Project no gods from the machine, no along the eastern seaboard, , a Alpha-the code name- of the hare-brained adventures-in lawyer, a physicist, a ' mathe mystery-succeeds, a milllennial short, no 007's to jerk us into maticlan, all acquaintances 'enterprise ' , on the President's disbelier": Knebel operates,, as who' had conferred frequently, part which. is pure, idealism, I have suggested, strictly with- disappear from their homes coi:spiratorially arrived at;.oth- In the ground rules of the pos- within ten days. All fly: by erwise, one.',. realizes, there Bible; his expertise in govern- staggered routes to South ? At- would be no novel. But one also ]antic ea rts:' ili t i lli s po men , m tary nte gence and 't..i suspects at without "con-