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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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January 6, 1968
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LOST Approved For Release 20~?j,A~ala2~~A-RDP88-013$08000200740020-1 $-~'?9 r 92$ JAN 6 1968 ~~ 8.Y MARTHA MacGREGOR ~~Fletcher Knebcl'tt new novel (Wanished") is placed vaguely in the future. Pekirug is notiv a UW' member, and the President at " the U. S. is a popular, good-tem- pered fellow named Paul Roude- - bush. ?'Like all the novels I've done;' he says, "it's a novel o.i suspense with a major political theme; and I don't think any reactor of this one will mistake the tact that I don't like the CIA." In fact, he dislikes the ~,/' CIA sa much that he disbands that 'organization in his book, part.of the happy ending. When he began working on "Vanished" he realized he wou]d have to get into the CIA to check his seti:ings. "So I called their Z?R man and somewhat to my doors, yellow, red, orange, blue, Ir LETGIITR KNEBLx pink, greenr It looks like a nursery, kind of gay and trolicsame, You tend to forget they are involved in all those black arts." Knebel says he has a horror o1 using a specific place in his novels and not describing it accurately. He lives'in Princeton, but has a part time researcher in Washington: "I'll write her a note: 'My recollection is that the Ring ~uilding is at 18th and M Sts., and right in front of it is a little triangular park and the statue is , who?' It's L~ngfeliowl In a story where you're going to put tremendous pressure on the reader's credibility, it's app to the wrtter to go to really extraordinary lengbhs to have the people, places and things as simple and authentic as possible. That's the dividing line between this type of book and science fletion. The ~' author of science fiction asks, you to take tremendous leaps, which.most people'won't do:', Knebel placed his hovel in the future "because if ou use the' y President of the United States and put it in the past, every reader il w l try to turn it into a keyhole novel, whieh_bhis isn't:' _.-.. _ _ Approved For Release 2005/08/22 :CIA-RDP88-013508000200740020-1