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September 20, 2004
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January 7, 1968
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Approved For Release 2005022' DP88-0135OR00.0200740021-0 1/1 By BONNIE AIRMAN Star Staff Writer VANISI ED. By Mother Kne- bel. Doubleday & Co- 407 pages. $5.95. Flo tcher Knebel's years of po:ideal reporting in Washing- ton have equipped him with a profound knowledge of the workings of our democracy. But no such in- sider-turned-author could have achieved his mastery of fictional microcosm without the special gift of a creative insight. "V anishea,"hisseventh novel (fourth without the. Col. laboration of Charles Bailey II) was published Friday by Doubleday, and before the New Year's glow has dimity. ished the event should trigger a reshuffling of those recently moribund best-seller lists. "Vani,~hodll lei fine of the r1169t powerfully told and realistic poiitical suspense thrillers to appear in years. The book will surely equal, if not surpass, the popular impact of the 1962 Knebel-Bailey hit, "S e v e n Days in May." The story is complex. Two months before a presidential election a leading Washington -Thomna MrQarrh FLETCHER Kl'v'IIIEI, attorney and e16sd friend of the chief executive vanishes from the golf course of the Burning Tree Country Club. At first, personal and public mys- tification is complete. Stephen Greer was known as a man of impeccable character, though not without infrequent, if harmless, flights of eccentrici- ty. But sinister clues begin to o - n o i.l ,~7 r c7 ~, i' rq Ij I emerge which c, inplica. I' cbcl In the surprising de- tions in several si dous di nouncmcnt.) rcctions - embez lent, de- The characterizations fection, a homose- iaison. Before the week hopes for a landslide vics~i: ~r for PresIdent Roudebush are placed in serious jeopardy and the panic is on. throughout are superbly drawn - President Roudebush is a towering figure combining the steel of a Johnson with the earthy charm of an Eisenhow- er. Crack FBI agent Larry Slorm is -a sensitive Negro Mr. Knebel dissects the me- who compromises his position chanism of official Washington for a higher loyalty. Dave and lays it bare before the Paulick is the yarn's bulldog reader. An aroused press be- newsman who comes within a gins a marathon siege on the day's deadline of breaking the office of the White House top story of Ills career, only to. press secretary. The portrait drop from public view himself. of honest, indefatigable Gene Through it all, the narrative Culligan, who tells his own sto- pace and the clarity of the plot ry in an otherwise third-person never diminish. Knebel man. narrative, is a sympathetic ages to keep a thread of one rendering of that difficult job, sequence taut in the mind of Culligan is baffled by the the reader while picking up President's decision to deny another, and another. him fCbd?0 to tho F.I P6 l'Om There is lithe humor to thl# ports on the case. The FBI i.n novel, and only a token' turn is frustrated by an execu- amount of sex and romance,, tive order seriously hampering Even Gene Culligan's affair its normal investigative proce- with his secretary takes a so.: dures' Worse off is the CIA, /bcr turn when the liaison leads. whose director bristles under to a major revelation in the' a stern "hands-off" command Greer case. But that lack, If it from Roudebush. (The novel's ' be one, will - surely be met unflattering view of that su- when Hollywood, inevitably, i? per-secred organization i s puts .its celluloid ' imprint on. gleefully nailed down by Mr. 'Vanished. STAT Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP88-01350R000200740021-0