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Bookstores .across the land'? j aren't as content with the ' '~ x~,,2200 0 co iess,,~~~s an- '\( ~ Approve~tlc~hB~t~e~lfab"~d~~~ or~l :~~.,,. ' ' `~ - -' ~-?~'+r ~~ the book as a gravy train, but By fw~ :~ 'riOLS ir.,a~ .~u.ik :~visired .ar ago at this time, the ?..;s were warming up in the w::~gs for that seriocomic af- w'air of the Kennedys versus ~.,;~rn Manchester over the "Th Death of a Presi- ~.' = Aftc, a~..: of the great- ... .ablic d?. ws in the immedi- a'CG W:istory .:~,',ictsers, the book .I was published cast April. Now, just seven months later, you '! ::.~?-~.. .:ear of ? it. The anti- clur~ax ~s almost deafening. "r"ow well. has the book sold? '.his depc..ds a bit on where ;you sit. ;~.~: Manchester and ,;arper & Row, the publisher, say that about 1,200,000 copies are in the hands of readers, about half this figure being i copies distributed by the Book- of-the-Month Club. This is in- deed a lot of readers for a book with a price tag of $10. b.; 4~~t1lLG,3 ill3FE 1}idE' fil3?t 8~ . ~~t~~: retail sales wei'~ at the outset, books-toms reporting not much of a demand for it now. Mr, V;~r,chester, for one, is content with his 1 200 000 cur- , , ? ~ rent .eaucrs. At the moment - ~-. ha ;v'iddietown, Conn., of- -~ ~'? :e. .~~ is revising his book o? the Krupp armament family, a history he interrupted in "'or~ie~? to write "The Death of ., President." He and the Ken- ? reedy?;: do not yet invite one anothe~? to dinner, although i ""Bobby [Senator Robert] and s;~oke and shook hands at. n 3ridiron dinner in Washing- con." Behind him as he? works on 'the four generations of Krupps are some tangible evidences of ,the dispute. On a shelf be- side his own book and earlier .. y Manchester writings are three paperbacks based on the row. ;.They are "Why the Kennedys !. Lost the Book Battle," by Law- rence V~r, Gelder; "The Man- e; Chester Affair," by John Cor- rey; "Jackie, Bobby and Man- i' chaswe+;' by Arnold Bennett. i He inas leafed through them all,? ;but hasn't ~ read every word . immediately on publication it became a plaything of the dis- count houses, which sold it for as little as $5.99. Since dis- count houses buy books i through vdholesalers, it is im- , He continues to be recognized'i'! as he go e s abo t. Not long I ? u ~~ ~~gg y ~a"disi~d r~f~ous~e ~~ n~ic up a -copy of "Jackie, Bobby. and Manchester." Other? cus- tourers spotted him, started .forward, and "it looked like a ??scene from Shirley Jackson's ' 'The Lottery."' ? Although he is working on the Krupps, his next book will be out Later this month from Little, Brown. This will be a possible to say how many ' copies were sold at discount, , ~ but an educated guess puts it ' j at 25 per cent of the copies . distributed by Harper. Seeing the gravy train vanish to the ' ? discounters, some bookstores, said the devil with the whole j thing and failed to press the? ' book. Rights to publish the? book have been sold to publishers ~ in 14 countries, and, according to Don Congdon, Mr. Man- . Chester's agent, . who handles the rights, the book is doing fine everywhere save, for some unknown reason, Greece. Yn London, the British pub-, lisher, Michael Joseph, has had two printings . and calls the I~Og~ ~i~ bl$~eSE 119HflE~l~13 tyork of the year. Iii Paris, Les Editions' Robert Laffont `, has sold over 80,000 copies. ;But there's a suggestion that the' behavior in Paris is much as i it was here. Brentano's re- ' 'ported the demand for the book much greater before it ap- . peered, and so did La Hune, bookshop of the Left Bank in- ' . teiligentsia. The book sold well `' there, but less well than had ' been hoped. A final word or ,two about , ~ Mr. Manchester. -Last sum- ; mer, a New England radio i ~: chain announced breathlessly that he was building a $75,- ~.000 house on the strength , of "The Death of a President." '' At his office the other day, he said the house had been in the works all along, and ' consisted mostly of a real-es- tate swap with Wesleyan Uni- versity.. Since "The Death of a 1?resi- dent"..came out, he has, re- ceived some 6,000 letters about it and about the row, and he answers those he can. Several letters to Mrs. Kennedy have come in his care, and these he puts in envelopes and for- wards: Lecture circuits have beck- oned-he's sated. as a $2,000 per lecture attraction--but he has ~ declined. on the ground that appearances would be un- ? ate important,,?authors aren't.'`?, reissue of "City of Anger," a ?; novel first published in 1953. ,' For '..the ? book following the Krupps, : he has one or two? ideas, nothing definftely planned. And the paperback; . President" will be published i - by Harper & Row April 15.1 , Publisher _ .. _..__ . _ Scattered about the count ~ rYo ?~ often in unlikely places, are ~. numerous small-book publish- ers. The individual output runs ;~ to perhaps a dozen titles, on a ., day's 600 or so, but many do ~;: extr~ordin~rjj~ fide yrork; ~'hgy ; dl?ti Iraii~ it b~ii~ ~itli $ew~r= ~ , books to worry over, each .,~ ~ ~~ takes on a personality of its own and when the visiting su- ' _ thor comes to lunch, his mar- tini costs 65 cents instead of ; the 31.25 you can ffork out urbanwise. One of these, in business just over a decade, is Barre Pub- lishers, with a slogan "Barre ,~ Books Are Worth Looking At " They are, aril so is it. The firm's location is in Barre, ?: Mass., a town of 4,000 pop- a ulation, 20 or so miles north- west of Worcester. The town's ;: major industries are a machine'' tool and a wool company, Barre ?~ Publishers cheerfully regarding itself as the third largest busi- ness there. It has 10 employes, ~ . this year will offer I1 titles. ' . President' ~ of Barre Publish- .~ ~ ers is Alden P. Johnson, trained ;; 'as an engineer and amachine- ~~ ' tool representative, who de-' ~ . sided in 1947 to be a pub- lisher. He bought The Barre ] ` Gazette, a weekly ("4,000 peo- ;~. ; pie, 4,000 headers") and ran 'i ~; that until a few weeks ago when the pressures of book ? publishing caused him to sell, . out. The first book came out in 1956, and by 1963 the year- lv list had risen to ? titlpc_~ by everywhere familiar for j thus far Barre lacks a Leon :i ? ~~--?~4~~400~2-