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December 19, 2016
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y ~. I". '.,,:Approve ""^, "~-` ''pp,, x .~/~3I Z D `E L ''~ L E,iy-lx`. i1J~ . Y/LW How surplus weapons, international suppliers, and an eager clientele Naometime in the early 1950s, a sales brochure.., sold Austria all the ordnance it needed to equip published by a little-known company called Inter- its border police. Ile bought 300,000 surplus arms arms offered to the American public a handsome and seventy million rounds of ammunition from and fascinating variety of its wares:: armaments. ' . Finland; this purchase was so large that it took As if aware that such offerings might be of odd three years to ship to the United States. He almost interest to the average outdoorsman or home bought from Chile the last surviving warship from owner, the brochure-writer permitted himself a the Battle of Jutland, but a Japanese group outbid certain degree of high spirits. "Why Be Under gu,nnecl?" asks one advertisement, and announces- the :ivailability of a number of Finnish Lallti". 20 nlm anti-tank cannon. A Soviet mortar is do scribed as "the ultimate attraction for you smooth bore fanatics," and a bazooka, as the perfect Inter. arms, whose proper name is the Interna-.` tioil. l Armament Corporation, at present main- tains in Alexandria, Virginia, 'tell large ware- houses which may at any one time hold from 600,000 to 600,000 surplus small-caliber weapons,`,~ to Samuel Cummings, Interarms' president, "for; about forty infantry divisions." An additional 150,000 to 200,000 weapons of similar typo`' 'r I't7, 50.R0Q12b,01 Q.0 I-&, ~MMGI,Wr6.i~.~01~IW14WMa~44WJ~iI~~H.M(kMw~AJAH~0AN.4tl/ ', . Germany by selling it MG-42 machine guns that the Dutch had captured from the 1Vehrmacht. In. one transaction, he bought 600,000 Lec-Enfield, rifles, some of them for as little as 28 cents apiece and subsequently sold many of them in the United In 1055 he supplied arms to the Costa Rican government of Jose Figueres. lie also sold arms. to Nicaragua, which was at the time supporting Figueres regime. The following year he bought 2,000 small arms that had been captured by the Israelis from the Egyptians in the Suez campaign. The weapons were predominantly Russian in origin, purchased b~ the. Egyptians from the comprise the stock of another large warehouse`.:,.; Czechs, who previously had acquired them from maintained by the company in Acton, a suburb the Soviets. Most of these arms, Cummings told of London. Indeed, Cummings claims to have more', me, "now hang over the fireplaces in' American. surplus weapons in stock than the military forces homes." of either the United States or Britain currently,..' He sold Trujillo twenty-six Vampire jets that, have in active service. had seen service in the Swedish Air Force, and a Interarms of course is not exclusively or even few years later he sold Venezuela seventy-four primarily involved in supplying intrepid private . F-86 Sabrejets that were Luftwaffe castoffs. For individuals with recreational equipment. Since the' ' many years he was a major supplier of arms to Can of World War II there have in fact been very', Batista. Later, he sold Castro-,a batch of rll;-10 few independent arms deals in the world in which ? rifles-as he did 76,000 Step guns to. Finland, Samuel Cummings has not been involved. He has 500,000 FN rifles to Argentina, 2,000 Springllclci managed in the last two decades, for instance, to"-. rules with extra-long chrome-plate(] bayonets to buy up approximately 00 per cent of all the British Liberia, 50,000 Lee-IEnficlds to Pakistan's border surplus small arms for sale. patrol, and it quantity of the siunc malco of rifle 1.10 once paid one million dollars for Spain's, . to Kenya to fight the Mall Mau. Ile has even vllp- enti re surplus small arms, And on anothor occasion ?' ? plied144 cavalry lances, complete with pennants, Copyright ? 1909 by Goor/lo '1'hnyor :"' J WC D