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December 16, 2016
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October 4, 2004
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January 1, 1969
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PAY TON, OHIO NEWS Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-0135c0G0 808 bOA-- -"`` 159,529 `, S - 211,696 .IAN .. 1 1O&S-? .I Ccc~t, o `5 l h n ,~ C la~ EVLit1' CLAliii, NeWs celc h'ca(.ure Service WASHINGTON--Nothing is more precious to a spy tnan. his cover. Sometimes years in the making and always vulner:,, able to exposure at the slip of a tongue, it ,is the secret agent's, one.-and only passport to success. Small wonder, then, that the publication in English of a,; small, red-jacketed book called "Who's Who In The,,, :t W1s sending tremors through the U.S.intelligence community. THE' 1100K LACKS the -intricacy of a John Le Carre thriller or t:he dash of a James Bond dossier. But its claim is stark and dramatic enough: "A biographical reference work brr 3,000 officers of the civil and military branches of the 'secret ~erviccs of the USA in 120 countries. To the layman, the roster of names might seem laughable. Included are Lyndon Johnson, "Professor" Hubert Horatio ' called Smith, who is re 'Humphrey, George Meany and a man ,[erred to only as having been an. Air Force major expelled from the U.S.S.R. In 19G4. The CIA, while conforming to tradition and refusing com- nienty? has ]et it be known that it considers the book ,a. farce, t"It is.-definitely a' Soviet operation," says one undercover `source. "They released parts of it do various countries to try to make ri stir. Most of the. pi;ople in it are not, and have never been, in the CIA." TO BE SURE, the book seems to be nothing more than .a ? clumsy attempt to make foreign governments believe every' 'American is a spy. It is riddled with g'pring errors: one man is listed as an` 'active agent although he died in an automobile accident. more tment's: d r the State than three years ago. Employes of,epa. Bureau of Intelligence and Research are included although But it does contain just enough of a, germ of truth to be 'discomfiting to real spies. The cocktail-party set in George- town, Washington's spook-conscious residential area, have ~made.n came of spotting accents' names in the book. says g' "THE CIA is buying it, cven?i.ocly is ?buying it,,, salesman in Georgetown's Savile 'bookshop, which sold out its full stock of the book in one. day. "It is obviously considered -valid to some extent. Generally speaking, it hits the mark. "it has even become sort of a social register in reverse-- sonic ' people who weren't included are upset because they thought they should be.", "Who's Who". first surfaced in Eastern Europe in 1967: The Savile. shop imported the German edition a few weeks r,go and then. latched onto a couple of hundred copies of art English edition, They all vanished -in a matter of hours.. So, ;ar,,no other, bookstores have been, able 'to obtain copies. .a,,?i Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-0135OR000200840054-3