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December 16, 2016
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October 6, 2004
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December 27, 1968
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BALTI ORH;, MD. E - 221,738 S - 321,833 hrs wilo' By EVERT CLARK News American-Newsweek Correspondent tt WASHINGTON, Dec. 27-Nothing is move l prcciotis to a spy than his cover. Sometimes f years in the making and always vulnerable Small wonder, then; that the publication in English of a small, red-jacketed book called 1 "Who's Who In The CIA" is sending tremors.a throughthe U C intelligent.. ......?...,unit. THE BOOK LACKS the Intricacy of a; John Le Carre thriller or the dash of a, 'James Bond dossier. But its claim Is stark and r=work on 3,000 officers of the civil and military x ight seem laughable. Included are Lyndon Johnson, "Professor" Hubert Horatio Hum- phrey, George Meany anda man called Smith, -,.who is referred to only as having been an Air Force major expelled from the USSR' in ` X964. The CIA, while conforming to tradition and_i . ? it considers the hook a farce. "It is definitely., t a Soviet operation," says one undercover, 1, source. "They released parts of It in various countries to try to make a stir. Most of the people in it are not, and have never been, in the CIA." J. 0 TO BE SURE, the book seems to 'be., Nothing more than a clumsy attempt to make foreign governments believe every American is a spy. It is riddled with glaring errors: one man 1s listed as an active agent although he died in an automobile accident more than three e years ago. Employes of the State Depart--J ent s Bureau of "Intelligence and Research i ` /rnare included although they have nothing , But it does contain just enough of a germ:( of truth . fo bn discomfiting to real spies, 'I`he'cocktail-party set, in. Georgetown, Wash- t 'ngton's 'spook-conscious residential area, have. made a game of spotting agents' names', Approved For Release 2004/11/01: CIA-RDP88 ` DEC 2? 1963 IIt1111t1in(ttttninnuiuinnrmninntnnnmmuuuumm~onnnartcrnK~ "THE CIA iS buying It, evelybody is,, Imo.. , 1 '?y , E buying it" says a salesman in Georgetowns Cavan Rnnk Shan- which sold out its full. sS speamng, 11; .nf1s toe 11141-a. = r "It has even become ' sort of a social ' i included are upset because they thought 9V A- Ar c r nras? 1 Jt1 they should ? he." the vGerman edition V a~few weeks ago and then ,latched onto a couple of hundred; ( all vanished in a matter, of hours,' So far, no other kook stores`havel been able to obtain copies. THE AUTHOR is Dr. Julius' an East German ? journalist butt !.' Western officials to be coiy with! their employ. .end his admitted Is not ' exactly a testimonial' tq his impartiality: JJ "North American , imperialism," , 'he says, "takes upon itself as the world's policeman, so to speak,; ?I to intervene against every demo.' cratic, progressive and non-caps-i talist devalopment all over the; world. The socialist states, 'as his.; tory'shows, know how to effective-i ly defend themselves against such; intervention." . . ( Washington, some avid ? readers; are ? spreading t'ie word that the' book is, actually a plant by U. 3. Intelligence forces-an attempt to; confuse the other side by feeding] FOR ALL 't'I1 book's anti:' cult to prise the stint. volume as, suspenseful reading. . ' (..,, One East German reviewer,! < tisrn, recommender) "Who's Who" i because "the vglume costs $2.50 and gives about 2,500 names, making it quite a bargain., It j gives you 10 CIA names for. every' Newiweck Feature S M Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01350R000200840058-9