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December 16, 2016
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October 6, 2004
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November 17, 1968
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Approved For Release 2004/1 01 NOAJ P88-01350R000200844G64-2 p , ILE K At)~ ' V~~ ;, m:. ? Labarca, ?as a-, former Mr, Labarca says that 111 Vid Communist' party stunt ac- party expects strong . opnosi= ; pyTr}~ g $~~ tivist, wan in the thick of the tion by the intelligence agency Ci ! G P{t PTA I i~ i~ `s ,fighting between International; in the next election, but thap G-i.' the main danger this time will . he military intervt ntimt_ "Thq 1 - 4 Invaded to Back Frei Spying'still's uspected government toy take office in c 4z:-, Chile," he said. 1' Since 1967; when President: Mr Labzirca'a book Is iteezA : ?, ;q . '' ly MALCOLM W. I3ROW14 ? 1ohnson ordered the lntelli-' as a Comzzatznlst move to play ..',; IM0111 to The New York Times F;enCe agency Out of student ac- on general nationalist fears of SANTIAGO Chil tlvities Mr.. Labarca says, the American intervention with e Nov 16 "ddh , , ,,.--avance'1-.tat is, leftist - ,With an eye to the.1970 Ares- student groups in Latin Amer- the object of uniting the entire Chile' Chil tidential election,ean left. s power-I.ica have made great progress. "I'm surprised that the Corn- .: !~~'.' ful Communist party has But he warns that the agency's munists are taking up'the bust- ?' 1 iopened a camp g ai n to spies are still active among ryr- .prove Hess, of campaign financing at ' that the nation t,~.. ? ee "in Chilean students, collecting in_ ... :` motin8 a book by - its oiitiCai'dCZ an.ass.istant to the United ut~~14 were ca vi getting as 1ero11 tJGV-. pie egetting money. Id tU113"WUU14i.'; 111dke?1, pol~; &7I{ri77 ast. considerable impact here be-; not available for comment. cause of past disclosures from; Mr ?Labarca' charges that . ,, non-Communist sources of _ !tile intelligence 'agency using "'r ' ';. .,_It contends, among other;ment, including venicles and .. 'talva, the Christian Democratic' surplus food into Chile in"1964 'President, defeated the Marxist to support Mr. Frei's campaign,'. ;candidate in 1964 mainly be-; Among the most important cause of financial and other, of the charities, used, the au" 'support by the Central Intelli- thor says, was Caritas, the ins genre A.....ncy _f .._ -r i ? ternational R_man Catholic .._~ .l btates. _ ganization, The book devotes a i The book draws heavily from chapter to the political activi' 5tates in early 1967 concern- the Rev, Roger. VLkemans; ing the degree of the intelii- whom Mr. Labarca` calls "the student movements, charitable, Another chapter describes' .foundations, and' political or- Project Camelot, a short-lived ganizations, some of which research program of the United, were linked to Chile. it also' States Department of Defeltse, .has an appendix of names of undertaken in Chile last year. ., t,~? ? _~___a_!'T4 ..L..uptly .,_..__e__?..~ __. a rv'a. men idena:a:_A as ^I the Last German' book "Who's gressional investigation. Who in the C.I.A." by Julius "Personally." Mr.'`' Labatcro :Mader,.. published this year. t'aid in an interview, "I think The East German book has our congress was. tinned off can sources as wholly inaccu- the C.I.A. itself. It was a ques?. rate. . One American . official tion l`r comnetitlon between said, "It's crazy." President Fret. is constitu4 1 paign was strongly backed by various American and West European organizations. Mr. Frei's Marxist opponent, Salva- dor Allende, also -received strong campaign assistance from abroad, mainly from East,, l,witn,c:ommunlsts ana'those in ties is expected again ,to,' lg&cl, , .; Mr A11en_e who Is _______.-.. .... t App'ro ed' or F ele s Ob4%11/01' ."CligyF2DP$8=0:1`350