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December 19, 2016
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November 22, 2005
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October 16, 1978
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Approved For Release 2005/12/14: CIA-RDP88-01365R0003 VILLAGE VOICE ARTICLE APPEARED 16 October 1978 ON PAGE 74, EXCERPT: CIA CASE OFFICEL Dizected' by SauL. Ladau. Photognphal. by Hssadl . Wesles.? Ptaduced? by, Ralph Sravdm.foe t o Irudtute for PPIky Smdie,;: CONTROLLING. INTERkST. THE WORW OF THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION. Duct dbyLarryAdlama.PraducerlbyCa1U New,rwh BOTTLE. H"".- A fib* bye Briar, Maud by Tr kow&vw ui Films..All due: ac tha F.Fort~, October 12-15,19-?2,. ; . _ : =.1 T The Film Foruat reopens this week with a 'j trig of-political documentaifesr Cali#clrmia Kartmarx's knee. Of Brazil-4 military po- NewsreWs CommUixg Inerent is:the central lice-skate with a 12-hour work day,child lab. , ,pane. this triptych,' a .. of or, and no unions--gone appreciative Ameri- multinauaaal corporations that rakes a bit can exec marvels that here "everyone from too much -.muck, for- its:. 45-minute length ' : ~Hopscotching the hemisphere; the film de-_; the NY Who cleans the street to the men in bunks the Brazz'lzw ','economic miracle," re-; high offices'really;work together.. Another , capitulates the 19654nvasion?of"theDomini-' a lams that factories are moving to `your can Republic and the 1973 rape of Chile. Ali Singapoiei and Mexicos (with their. $20-a.' this is interspee'sed with scenes in a small; month labor forces) because Americans are Massachusetts city-about to be deserted for too bored to work in them. Finally, George the sunbelt by the corporation that has domi Ball pops up to describe American foreign hared its economy for a century. Although policy asa kind of cow-catcher on the jogger the filmmakers don't make nearly enough of naut "geared to clear obstructions out of the a break with the conventions of "infotiaa y of American business...: ;' tional" filmmaking, they do have some good The national character gets another work visual ideas--a parade of annual report cov- tog over in CIA Case Officer, Saul Landau's ers whose artwork offers.ample proof of cot portrait of John.Stockwell, it veteran of the rate megalomania., PhoenuC program in Vietnam and the. spook I o who was ."chosen to watch the Angolan ball- The not-so-secret stars of the film are the: game, not from the 50-,hard line but from the various corporation executives interviewed; ! field. itself." Stockwell is a. cool- customer throughout. The= shameless fealty to the' r whose reasons- for quitting the agency seem profit motive and casual barbarisms couldn)complicated-ineffieienc may have given be bettered by wooden dummies dandled on.. `hirh,as many ulcers as did dii ricksj..and% au's oblique editing of the film's interview3 home movies, and newsreels, and. Haskell Wexier's deep-focus photography make for a documentary-profile that's more stylish.and'f ambiguous than most ?:':;' ;.: s . _:: ..,... .The West German Bottle Babies; the last 4 film on? the bill, is the ultimate heartcrttsher.-.'.. It graphically details the disastrous effect that. Nestle's aggressively . advertised ? powdered. milk has had on the infant mortality rate in countries where boiled water isr;a luxury. Iii. Kenya, where most of the;. film was shot,'' mothers use the ,formula 'without going, through the elaborate sterilization procedure, that it requires-it's the most affordable; least practical, symbol of modernization.' 1 Film Forum programmer Karen Cooper deserves credit for bringing these three films together. Each amplifies the others. The shift in perspective, from a "study 6ian individual! "imperial" agent through. an overview of Western economic structure to a specific ex;i? ample of capitalism run amok in one cornea of the Third World, has the sweep (though no'ttlt eseapz).af~ ie ctioit'a rj. in! Approved. For Release 2005/12/14: CIA-RDP88-01365R000300040036-4