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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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April 23, 1973
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WASHINGTON POST 5 "r P\ %3 APR 1973 Sc c, rz ; o Approved For Release 20 5/01/13 :CIA-RDP88-01365ROE~360~~03- By Tom Shales "Scorpio," a new spy Chase now at Keith's and the Republic, apparently de- plores the ruthless violence It so oblicin;ay depicts. Well, it isn't the first time. One hopes it may be the last time, however, for the Worn-out theme of amorality in spy biz. "There is no -,nncl and no bad," mourns Burt Lancaster with his next-to- last breaths. That's the Au- thor's Message, as Woody Allen might say-, and it's been said countless times before----sometimes better, sometimes worse. One or two chases are nicely done and there's an attractive explosion in Vi- enna, bill director :\lic?hael Winner's patina of medioc- rity assures that the film can be at best diverting. Of at least local interest are scenes shot in Washing- ton--about one-third of the film. Locations include Dulles and National Air- Film ports, the Greyhound Bus Terminal men's room, the Library of Congress, the Watergate hotel (where character actor Robert Ern- hardt is wasted as a prop) and a second-floor gymna- silun over an auto repair shop in Northoist. Georgetown suffers from overexposed photography, but you still can recd ,nine the corner of 0 Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Urban sentimentalists can also look again at a copy of the ]ate \t-ashineton Daily News and a room in the half-departed Willard hotel. Unfortunately, most of what goes on at all these places, and in Vienna, is just dull, relying heavily on a fascination with the me- chanics of espionage that has sill'- ly faded in recent years. It's domestic spying, after all, that's occupying to- days headlines. The screenplay, by David W. Hintels and Gerald Wil- son, tries to be obliquely chic and fails. People speak in portentous pop-poetry, not only as they chase one another in ever-convenient taxicabs (even in \Cashinglon) but also during the film's few attempts at intimacy. Lancaster strides throunh the picture with the impe- rial disdain of someone who thinks he's too grand for the role. tie looks mainly too old. Alain Delon is the hired assassill who follows him ev- ervwhere. and he doesn't seem to care, either. it's the kind of movie whore people -rc;- 'tedly shove guns into each Other's necks and nobody- can enter a room without incident. In Vienna, one of Lancaster's contacts is a kindly old (.01- list with little Wound ;classes who you know, from his very very first appearance, will end tip smeared. So he does. Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88=01365R000300210003-1