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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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April 19, 1973
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NEV iY4nK DAILY Pi ,ViS Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365RQQ0@21-9O4f0 y S 19 ~:PR 1973 `Scorpio' Tean Spy Tale "Scorpio" is a spy movie that tries to transcend the dutifully ordinary twists of its plot and tell a tale of a squalid world in which nothing - not friendship nor love nor life-has any value. It Is so relentless in rendering meanness that it leaves a bitter aftertaste. Director Michael Winner did a nice anatomy of a professional assassin in his 1972 film, "The = Mechanic." And he did it simply by showing the man at work, with very little talking. BUT IN "SCORPIO," the script of David Rintels and Gerald Wil- son is an obstacle course of expo- sition over which the characters pick their way With a carefulness that slows down the pace so es- sential to this genre of picture. As the hired gun, Alain Delon must spend so much time playing with cats, arranging flowers a;nd analyzing himself that it is a wonder lie manages to catch up with his prey, HE POES in part because Burt Lancaster, a CIA agent who has been too lone; in the cold for the liking of his superiors, takes as much time out from running to reminisce about the good old clays when spies used tl-h3L7 eyes aiul minds instead of computers. Neither man, nor Paul Scofield as a Russian a g e n t nor John Colicos as the CIA chief, can justify his essentially petty life and their talk doesn't redeem their shabbi ,css. Even as he lies gut-_.hot, Lan- caster delivers a death aria: "It's not winning or losing that mat- ters; it's that you keep on pla}>- ing." lIe might have said "talk- ing" and "Scorpio," at the Rivoli, Eastside, Trans-Lux. 8th St. and Red Carpet Theaters, might have talked less. -Jerry Oster "Scorpio", a United Artists release in Color. Produced by Walter 3lirisch and directed by Michael Winner from a screen- play by David W. Rintels and Gerald Wilson based ml a story by Rintels. Presented it; the Rivoli, Eastside Cinema, Trans- Lox 85th St. and Red Carpet Theaters. Running time: 1 hour, 54 minutes. NIPAA rat- ing: PG (All admitted-parent- al guidance suggested). THE CAST: Cross Burt Lancaster Laurier Alain Delon 2:harkov .__..--- Paul Scofield McLeod John Colicos Susan _ Gayle Hunnicutt FiIchock J. D. Cannon Sarah - Joanne Linville Pick _ Melvin Stewart 1 0 10 Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300210004-0