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December 19, 2016
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July 26, 2006
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July 9, 1972
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^E85 f2 B LiCg. CfCC, fC. wAStiihlG'rON, D. C. ;110001 tl) ,pprovedfor Release 2006/07/26: CIA-RDP88-013658000300210011-2 BOSTON, MASS. RECORD -AIIERICAN M - 433,372 ADVERTISER S - 432,963 ,~1UL 91972 By SIDNEY EDWARDS (London Expr?sf) LONDON - When V i s c o n t i directed ilurt Lancaster in The Leopard he described him like this: "The most perfectly mysterious man I've ever met." Thera was' more than an element of mystery Involved In meeting Mr. Lancaster this week. No one actually put on a blindfold but I had to meet at a rendezvous, a hotel, about 500 yards away from the house in which he is staying. Ilion escorted through back streets. to preserve the anonymity of his whoreaboutti (although It you are out early in Hyde Paid:, you mf ght meet him jogging In a blue track cult), The setting is aristocratic: a black Rolls at the door, cold paintings on the walls of the beautifully furnished drawhig room. One ashtray is crowd C.d. with cigarette ends. "I stayed up until 4 nan. trying to adjust to the time change from New York. I finally Cot to rl~rp and 1. feel much better." It was mid-morning and ho had just got up, Ho wee rearing his track cult and a blue, un haven chin to onto the carpet. 71e frame is large, the shoulders broad. The eyes are bright blue, which you don't quite expect. He will be 50 next y(,ar. I say he looks pretty fit. "You r"' ,in for an old man?" he tasks r.milingiy. I say, no, I didn't mean that. "I have to act in), rage. No more love scenes in films. I'd look rather silly making love Co a 39-year-old girl. It's character parts from now on." He talks crisply in the deep voice. He Is rather cool and serious. A character p rt has brought him / to London. Ile plays tin ageing CIA/ agent in Mich :cal Winner's film, Scorpio. Location shots wore done in Washington It t s oak but the scenes ostensibly Inside the CIA lieadquar- t/ tors will bo shot in en Yoffico. block at Hemel Ilempstead. His co-str.r is Paul S(~ofleld, who plays a iuaslr:n tagent. 'I ey last worked together ea the filr~l_ 11ie Train. Letnraster says ho admires ? Scofield very mm)uch. "I'm to movie star: Ile's a great actor. That's the difference. at Salzburg from Vienna Olympics." Then he fixes you with the blue" eyes,'tllo whole f ft. 2 In, frame looks a ahad~- overbearing And h "Do you have any influe.nco in this, town, Mr. Edwards?" I t;rti:y no, then he says he. s ants a. ticket to leer the Nilsson-Sold piforinanco o f lc.ktra at Covent Card, n, also Jon Vickei to in Otello. Me f?ays his one ambition in life had been to be an opera Ling, r. ,,Ever since I sang in the church choir as a boy. Then the voice broke and I've spent the rest o2 my Iii searching for it." W e talk for a while about his early days In New Yet,)',. "I lived en 10,501 Street, tz avid' block-.' entral Par'.; was five minutes tai ay to play In. I spent most of ray time in the library on 110th Street, "l'iy father worked in the post of- fice. He i;icdo 40 deb r r1 , e , a fortune In ik)r co edatyE. I win hraiC:ed down clothes. It didn't 11reties, Those things arc, unimportant. MORI/CDF rn "Ass It child I had a part In le amateur productloil called In VVir:,,ea. I m'tieo to f ale..han * hills In the }`=ottl , 'These vice match. A hour kr phi i? ~~ +"s rrd ,:, ., ? . ,,,,,?A rev d,Ebr.Releas ,. ba(Q`~' ~iWij,b65Ro6o~6`024QQI 1.-2,,