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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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May 31, 1972
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50 4~k-c?CI,`4 to'-f" RADIO-TV MONITORING SERVICE, INC. 3408 WISCONSIN AVENUE, N. W. WASHINGTON. D. C. 20016 244-8682 PROGRAM: ? DATE: NBC NIGHTLY NEWS MAY 31, 1972 STATION OR NETWORK: TIME: WRC-TV 7:00-7:30 PM BURT LANCASTER AN AGING CIA AGENT IN FILM SHOT IN D.C. GLENN RINKER: An aging CIA agent, a Russian ?py and a freelance assassin from France, all of them hale belic-,,e c',ara.c< tees , have been plying thels various crafts in the streets of Washington these past few days. Today they were in an alley at 10th and B Streets, and that's where Richard L. Coe caught up with them. RICHA' L. COE : Once again they're making a movie with our town as the background, only this time thor are some differ- ences. It's not the usual monumental scenes we're ? seeing, but back alidys. And here in this back al:? ey, they're making scenes for Scorpio. The star of it is that power house of a star,, Burt Lanca_stor0 (FILM CLIP). Burt, you've certainly been making movies all over the globe. This is a new thing, isn't it? BURT LANCASTER: Well, no, I started doing that many years ago, virtually every sunnier. When I was first startia~g in films I would find some occasion to do a :# .J.ri abroad., so I could take my family with me. And I've travelled, outside of the actual, out- side of the orient proper, I've been in mlaost parts of the world making films. RICHARD L. COE: It would seem -- then there's a kind of boring quality that you have to put up with in case of all. this. For instance were sitting around here even now. BURT LANCASTER: Yes, yes. RICHARD L. COE: Then the movie world is really stand up and wait, it's like the army? BURT LANCASTER: Yes, exactly, exactly. As a matter of Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300210016-7 Approved For Release 2005/0193 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300210016-7 fact, T:al:incg m vies p^mple keep 4 Cds?.deri P haw you Reop doinq th.e s iaa thing over and aver. The 'Ean .' as . woer. ing with now, M:-F. aae l Winter, edits all his own films he doesn't Pn7a~3' an editor pro pe:r. 6'e likes to . :.e three shots of everythir;*, _: c ' when he likes it he will r; i.nt ' three tf.-;.os, and use the three shots. He ke -pr them in his cult n.g room So he does.-alt ha z to send out for a reprint, tlh.e nest day, or ':tor a ou 18AUi , a.--l get what they cell a dupe back, he uses iGlao;? actuz l th:t oe f:: ..ri s. And you will, often (7.0 a :filet so$ie 3 t ca, y s~` e a { T si r". ce way' S running up and down this a 3.ley >n a r_ea . at fu t l sped :and b ck:.n it up 'I nd demon, screech .n ; o rakes a..n).d a?.l this stua f, alla fightir, the cro:ad.s :.hat, when they realizedd a rmovie vas bein made, io e all over the place. e didn `t iave enough officers , wwe didn't have enough barriers , and it 'was a mad day , to say thh,e lea Dt. And 1 did some scenes over eleven times bec use people. would be In t.Aae cr4I,-ad and the shot wouldn't be any good. They'd poke their noses n the gray and th.e_i:- handy and things and that. k ind o r RIC -LARD L. CbE: Well then this Is soi tithing th.e t the. general public.' when they loo at ? movie P.1h.at take. , Say, One gee, ore. minute, they don't realize th t it really is days 1TJ1 UJICASiER: Wt'e shot tit 5:he ft bona. Airport the first daay of shooting, the first cd,Gy 2?r e:', fior fiyre hours :CoOr exactly thirty seconds of f .lma. (CHUC LL;k ~) . 3ut hat's :hat ` s the natir a oh' the game. . RICHARD L. CCE : So here we a?Y e in a back: ..cloy i S o o. Wash.ing`ton, sxaith Burt Lancaste3t rAa.>.an J a scene; fror, This is Richard L . Coo , news 4 , Fia.:a~ rid; ? on. Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300210016-7