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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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June 5, 1972
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WAyid ii+ii.L J ores s5 JUN 1972 Approved For Release 2005/01/13: CIA-RDP88-01365R0 -LAN ASTER! BLOOD! SCORPIO! nt of Thf% Z; pme 1 Location shooting on "Scor' :pio," a United Artists spy film, , is in its second week here. By ELINOR HOROWITZ* Special to The Star A sunny afternoon in Georgetown. CrossingO Street, I glance incuriously to- ward a crowd gathered half a block 'away, and an elderly lady suddenly grabs me by the upper arm. "Burt Lancaster is going to be shot dead right in front of The Pineapple!" she 'shrieks. I tear up the street alongside her. t . A an with a British accent -and a megaphbne is crying out to ' the voyeuristic group of hips, squares, mommas, pop- pas, infants in prams,' and a man in' a wheelchair attended by a nurse. "Please. We have to work here. Just move down beyond this tree. You're in the line of the cameras." Salesladies and stock girls shamelessly shove each other in the front window of Dorothy Stead. The manikin totters. Two "director's" chairs have been set down on the brick --sidewalk, One says BURT LANCASTER, the other MI- CHAEL WINNER. The film crew moves about, adjusting huge silvery reflectors, camer- as, tape. recorders, lights and an awesome amount of impor- tant looking, totally unidentifi- able equipment. AND -- egad! -' there's ..Lancaster! (Jim Thorp! The Rain-Maker! Elmer Gantry! The Birdman of Alcatraz! Dressed In a tweed jacket, red tie and snap brim hat with small red feather in the band, he Is craggily handsome and militarily trim. Also, possibly the bag from a vertical to 'a - I ask excitedly. horizontal position. There is a ' "Ile doesn't. The guy he's tense, immobile instant. shooting is John Colicus." lie "Shoot," hisses Winner. Lan- points toward an.. impeccably caster shoots into the car groomed, villainous-looking through the bag. Then he man who is having?a smoke vy turns, slams the door, and the front steps of The Sheep walks off into the alley by The Shop. Pineapple, still carrying his "Back beyond the tree, gun concealed in the shopping folks," pleads the man with bag. Finish. the megaphone. "COOL," says a young lad LANCASTEIt -says to Win- standing near me. ' ner: "If you put some oil on "They've done that scene the barrel you'll get more five or six times already in the smoke." Someone arrives with past -hour," another fellow'ifi oil. The bottom has beon. forms us both, sounding bored. Oiling gun. corsetted and somewhat gray- er of hair and complexion than one remembered. He is lower- ing a gun equipped with a si- lencer into a large paper bag. Director Michael Winner, cherubic and ringletted,: crouches by the right front: door of the car. He looks sun- ward through a small some \ a- I l/- \ J~ C1 4 cO2SCd0~7t-&' sco:ro,\ o blown out of the bag and a fresh one is provided. Winner crouches by the car. "Action, sir." Lancaster walks to the car, flings open the door, rais- es the bag. His eyes glint blue in the sun. "Shoot." Bang. The gun smokes. He slams the door and walks toward the al- ley. "Later they're going to slurp blood around, and Colicus will fall' out of. the car," says the know-it-all. "Gross," says the boy, joy- ously. "The 'reason he's shooting him is he shot his'wife," says a plump woman. "They're both C.I.A. men, or maybe just Burt. And the reason it's called `Scorpio' ..." WINNER crouches. "Action, sir." The car door is opened. Lancaster's jaw juts firmly. Bang. Smoke. Slann. Two D.C. Fire Department ambulance attendants stand nearby., They look uneasy. "What we're supposed to do is pick up some guy who's sup- posed to be dead or something and put him in the ambu- lance," one says. "The ambu- lance is parked around the corner. I guess they'll tell us which one. We've never been in a movie." They both laugh. "It's him," says the authori- ty, pointing at Colicus. "They're going to put blood all over the curb," the boy adds.. Ing the . brown papeA b?A- KFi [[1 30 RO `ft1I... strides up to,the car. He flings. Approaching car. , . Der.oucinent