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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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May 30, 1972
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IJ AY 1972 Approved For Release 2005/d/3 -c CIA-RDP88-01365R00030'D21 e \ - ^ M,ton BerIner "T h ere aren't too many who spent r i h 'T h , nne e Michael W available during t 1 several weeks scouting loca anes but that's been, lions here for his latest film, "Scorpio pronounced Wash- worked out," Winner said. ington the "most beautiful city few of the Washington in- in America." He dismissed teriors in "Scorpio" will ac- San Francisco, which usually tually be clone in London, the gets the nod, with. a wave of major one being the recrea- the hand. lion of the Central Intelligence "If you love trees, and I Agency headquarters in Lan- love trees, this, is the place," gle , Va. taken an enormous he said, looking out of the pie buildin in the Greenbelt area g lure window of his huge Wat- Hotel suite at Virginia ergate shore greenery across the Po- tomac. Ike said that half of "Scor- p i o ," an international spy movie, is set in Washington (a. 10-day shooting schedule be- gan last Saturday) and the other half. in London, Vienna -and Paris. Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield, Alain Delon are in it as well as John Colicos abd Gayle Hunnicutt. All ex- cept Delon will. be 'working here. "The film," he said, will show the- Washington that's lived, in, not just what the tourists see. We'll be shooting here in 10 or 12 residential areas from rich to poor, a couple of supermarkets, a tre- mendous skating rink, a ceme- tery and at some monuments, but I'm not concentrating on them. Also a gymnasium in a black area, Union Station, the Greyhound bus station and 0- st in Georgetown. lam amazed that the Georgetown area has not been used to any extent in movies. It's quite marvelous. We have a scene In which someone is killed Winner said that he has had an office here for 16 weeks rounding up all the necessary permits. "I've been very struck," he .said, "with how helpful not only the police have been but -all government authorities as Well. "I spent- yesterday (Thurs- day) seeing a lot .of people. We expect to use 300 or 400 in just outside London," Winner said." It matches the CIA Net- ter than any building we found in Washington. We will also be shooting a' Washington scene in a modern London apart- ment house. I regret to say those buildings are the same the world over." Winner, who will discuss his film "The Joker" after a showing at the American Film Institute Theater next Sunday evening, said he was a little surprised at the excellent box office response in this country to "Chatow?'s Land" which he also directed. "We knew it would do well abroad because Charlie Bron- son is an,enornious star there," he said. "But in Wash- ington where it opened first (at RKO Keith's) it did terrifi- cally well. It says 'A.Michael not a draw nor is co-star Jack Palance so it must be Bron-: son. "The funny thing here is that this was Charlie Bron- son's first picture all made in English, and he has only 10 lines in it. And all except sev- en words are in Apache. All he says in English is: 'Stand back, 'lawman' and 'The Mexi- can is good.' "In England and Europe 'Chatow' got an X rating, but here they wanted a PG so we took a hell of a lot out of it. Tor example, where Chatow's wife is raped we originally shot her naked and she was naked when tied to the stake. Of course, an X in England Michael Winner Winner has another Bronson filth coming out after Christ- mas - "The Mechanic." It's about the Mafia as is a film Bronson has just completed in Rome, "The Valachi Papers.': "The Mafia seems to be in these. days," W i n n.e r said. "But I think 'The Mechanic. is different because you never. see the whole family. It's Ma- fi5i, all right, but it deals with only one employee who trains himself to a pitch to be the very best killer in the busi- ness. But as the film begins he has trained himself to such a point that he is beginning to crack up but continues to take assignments." -the film. One or two are kind doesn't carry the pornograph- of semi-local actors who will ' is stigma it does here. An X have lines." film in England is frequently Only" problem so far, he one of some intelligence but a said, was g e t t i n g enough bit strong. In England, you planes for scenes at National can be refused even an X, and Dulles airports Aippr6Ved Fb1' 6 F@ , ~ 2O~~/@141 ter after Transp '72). sho+vn at al