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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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May 28, 1972
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W.t }ii }GTGid ST}'1R gRY Approved For Release 2005/'OT11 M3'A Cl1q 1 - P88-01365R00030021b20L2 1 ,v _.. "MOVIE ABOUT VA OR% on %~apitol Hg* By KIKI LEVATIIES "STEPHEN," said Uiner to thing that has not impressed him star staff writer his personal assistant, "a ci- in Washington so far is A group of tourists walked gar." Winner rose from his the food. "It is abominable down the steps of the Library chair and took off his jacket, everywhere and poorly and of Congress yesterday toting glancing down at his slightly pompously. To help matters, cameras and pointing to the protruding stomach. "That he carries his own English Capitol across the street. Be- chocolate ice cream sundae I marmalade. tween them dashed a woman had last night didn't do any Winner said he is surprised in a- sleeveless white linen good at all, at all . . . damn, that young people in America, dress, followed, a few seconds this chair is the wrong color think the CIA shouldn't exist. .later by a woman in a pink blue. The Cambridge colors "They seem to think that it is some unfair snort of the estab-. This uneventful scene was witnessed by 50 people and :filmed over 12 times by British director Michael Winner for a new United Artists spy thriller called "Scorpio." The movie stars Burt Lan- caster, an aging CIA agent suspected of .treason who is pursued in the film by Alain Delon, a French agent hired by the CIA to kill him, and Paul Scofield, a Russian agent. The two women who emerged from the library on the first day of shooting were Joanne Linville (in white) and (his alma mater) are a lighter shade. This is the Oxford col- lishment," he said, "Outside or. But I don't suppose anyone` America, spying is lust consid- here will notice. ... What Bred part of statehood from its lens are you using? beginnings." "Twenty-five, Sir," replied Asked if "Scorpio" was pro- the cameraman. or anti-CIA, Winner replied, "All right, ready, every- "If you admire the CIA, I sup- body? Action." pose you ii;ould think that it is Capitol police and public re- an anti-CIA film. If- you hate lations officers from the it, you would say it is pro-CIA. Library of Congress stood I think that the film will be a nearby smiling at the perform- fairly accurate portrait.. ance of actors and director. "The a g e n t s themselves Extras waited excitedly to be have been helpful and im- called onto the set. Each re- ' mensely cheerful." ceived $25 for a day of running After Washington, the re- up and down the steps-more maining eight weeks of filming than most of the film crew will take. place in London, Vi- Gayle Hunnicutt (in pink),. the were making on English sale- female leads: According to the ries. script, they had just ex- Winner, his film crew and changed an important bit of band of secret agents will be secret information. in Washington for the next two "THIS IS a key scene in the weeks with filming at the Lin- movie," said Winner, "that coln Memorial, the White will be projected and analyzed House, Union Station and resi-< in the film by the agents." dential areas throughout the' It is, so to speak, a film city. within a film. WINNER, who directed the Before the shooting began; successful comedy "The Jok Winner 'carefully paced Miss ers" in 1966, and more recent- Hunnicutt through the action ly "The Nightcomers" and land personally brushed out "Chato's Land," has often her well-coiffed hair. ("In the said, "Life is lived in real 50s, Hollywood actresses al- places, not film studios.". ways had perfect hair," he Whenever possible and regard- said. "It is unnatural and I less of considerable cost, he hate it.") avoids studios. For the last "Everyone move when I say five weeks an office has been the word, action," said Win- operating in Washington to 'ner, returning ; to his blue work out the details of casting director's chair. and shooting. "ACTION." "Outsiders think that Wash- The group began to move ington is just white marble down the steps. and monuments," W i n n e r Winner watched the action said. "It really has a very intensely. "Cut," he yelled. warm lived-in feeling and I "I'm terribly sorry, sir," think it is the most beautiful said the still-life cameraman, city in the country." Bob Ross, who had unknowing- The 36-year-old director and Ay gotten himself into the plc- his entourage are staying at lure, Ile slunk back; cursing the Watergate in a suite over- h-'O'n 0 Aft u nuiv, a ~icen enna and Paris. FVinner will then personally do the editing. "Scorpio" is scheduled for re- lease sometime next year.- S C7 .c7 t . '-r Sec, /' . ~? himself_ ] t the P Th on~i i4pprovedFor Re'~ase ibb*1/13:CIA-RDP88-01365R000300210020-2