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December 16, 2016
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October 27, 2004
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March 9, 1971
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Approved For Release 2Q O.5 .a1/1 :: CJ *RDP88-0136t5R00 3.0U25O.005 51 s1 IVl}li~ iJr' o l --1 'I t 1 p'' y 1 i[~ 1 i(~ tl f ~ r+v ttC( f/'1 ~~/~"~M1l i. ),y JUDY )hACJ . C:OI If you like your presidents eking like college professors .or Richard Vfidrnark), your s n'lors . flamboyant and ~outhcrn and your mysteries cat, can'pl:ct and political, L,C/\V'1tAL-TV's mantrnotli -Vanished'' leaves nothing to desired. They say it is based on ,letcher Knebel's novel, but: Lis, this reviewer has read 'letcher Knebcl's novel, or at ast as hutch of it as site -0uld get thryu.;;h before an nearthly mlgraine possessed zor, and it bears only a story- rte resethmbI rote to the ors i- aC If ;we can go by -last night's _rspense[ul. opener.-the sec- -id and last segment airs to- -igl!t--"Vanished" is one of o:se superpolitical thrillers gat borrows from the same nuse. as "Advise and Con- cnt" (the book, not tire mov- c) or "Seven Days In May" ditto). It is slier;, It is highly tuprobable, it forces the view- r to suspend his sense of hu- cor and it'is wonderful fun in no way that only American irillers.can be wonderful fun. Very, Very Seriously The British are always mak- ig fun of themselves in their vvio,us mysteries, but the Illerican.s take. everything very, very seriously. "Van- islhcd," true to form, has only superheroes and villaninous type,., The superheroes fall into two categories: the Rich- ard WidmarI, I-Am-`1'he-Presi- dent-With-The -,Grayi rgr - Tem- ples category and the James Fal'l'^tino-young-brash-idealist category. The villains, by far the most endearing, are either stuffy philosophers who happen to he CIA directors (B. G. Mar- shall) or the perennially use- ful flamboyant Southern sera- for (Robert Young, surprising- ly enough): "Vanished," predictably enough, takes its ' title from ,what happens an awful lot throt!g hout the film. Everyone has the cep':nraabie habit of ei- ther turning up decd (which is sort of vanishing in a way, I suppose) or disappearing. First a 'Red Chinese sailor's body is found on the beach outside President W-Yidmark's summer mansion and next the. president's top adviser and close friend (played by Arthur hill) disappears. This is a little disconcerting because the top adviser had access to a lot of nuclear se- crets and anyv;ay, who wants to lose a close frienc!d? The flamboyant Southern senator, portrayed with astonishing RICHARD WIDNlARK clan by the normally goody- goody Robert Young. is posi- tively gleeful at the prospect of deriving political mileage out of the event. Press Secretary Gossip tears throu`gh' _ the capital at a fast clip and a lot of naughty reporters plague the president's press secre- tary (I'arentino) to confirm or deny some naughty rumors. And for a v;hiic, things don't look too good. For one thing, the top adviser and close friend, although he may have looked to you and to me like the kind of guy with uutirn- pcachable credentials for 'graying temple-doni, turns out to be 'a homosexual who tales off from hi lush of a wife to rendezvous with a math pro- fessor in e. motel room. . And for anetl;er, rite presi dent , doesn't seem exactly Ira tie to rursae flit chorea bouts of Lis friend. Iic asgt s the c;is_ to the Y BI, but f:+_hids the CIA to in- vestiga~tc. ham. G. Marshall isn't his bosom brr:idly , but this scents is t: c:.rrying in fi id log a little far. And that's the news right up to the present, as they say. At the !zlon.ent, L. G. is acting very self-righteous and ex- trealcly peeved. Robert Young is gel;avlr: perfectly vicious in a very delightful, niagno lia-tree l:i:ld of way. The vaul- ished friend's wife (Eleanor Parker) has just- tried to do herself in. And the polls look grins for.l';idmark. The movie has flaws, of course (I 'ow you didn't expect a completely glowing review, did you?). Richard Widmark doesn't seem quite as con- cerned as he should be, what with his campaign contribu- tions dropping off and the elections coming up in Novem- ber-gad that should give us all an unhealthy clue into what tomorrow portends. And Approved For Release 2005/01/13 :'CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250005-5 there are certain uninteatio ally hilarious and ludicroih. mom-cnts. E. G. Marshall cal' an intelligence meeting, for i; stance, and addresses all h colleagues not by,their? Chri: than' urines, but as "FPI,' "Air Force Intelligence, "ARC," F-tc. (as in "Nation. Security A ency, wha's do y think?"). But so ttihat? This is a srii,histieated add intricate [:, tic thriller; an epic conceive, in glamour and executed wit some taste and intelligent, The aching is uniformly dece