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December 16, 2016
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October 27, 2004
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October 5, 1970
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Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-5R000300250012-7 5 October 1970 MEMORANDUM FOR: The Director SUBJECT: VANISHED Dick: 1. The film script of the movie VANISHED has the DCI as the villain of the piece. He is described by President Roudebush as follows: "Don't let that surface charm fool you. He's a man-eating shark. Of course he's our man-eating shark and thoroughly dedicated to his job. " 2. The theme of the movie is a threat of nuclear war with Red China. The first episode concerning the DCI is a charge by an AEC official that CIA is subverting young scientists in AEC by paying them a bonus through a dummy foundation. Arthur Ingram, the DCI, admits this to the President, who orders him to knock it off. The purpose of the bonus is not very clear, although Ingram indicates it has something to do with penetrating the Red Chinese scientific community. He agrees to terminate the bonus, however. 3. The President's good friend and confidant, Arnold Greer, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Investiga- tion is assigned to the FBI. Their traces indicate Greer may have been a homosexual and may have defected to Russia or Red China. Ingram suggests that CIA go all out, but the President directs him specifically to stay clear of the Greer situation. Unknown to the President, Ingram continues the investigation. He gratu- ibusly insults the Director of the FBI over the matter. He then approaches Senator Gannon, who is the Chairman of the CIA Senate Subcommittee and is also the chief supporter of President Roudebush's opponent in the approaching Presidential election, and tells the Senator his suspicions about Greer. The Senator Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250012-7 Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250012-7 then publicly states t'- suspicions, thereby endangering Presi- dent Roudebush's chz: s in the election. There are also leaks from the Presidentia' :~.rters which are traced to the roommate of the secretary to tb, ',-esidential press secretary, the room- mate being an employ,- of CIA. 4. As things get worse for President Roudebush because he will not speak out on the Greer case, Senator Gannon suggests to Ingram that he resign because Roudebush is endangering the national security. Of course, Gannon promises that he will be reappointed when Roudebush's opponent wins the election. 5. The head of NSA withholds important information from Ingram because he suspects something is going on. At the, critical political moment, Ingram resigns even though the President tells him that Greer has been operating with his consent and knowl- edge from the outset. He tells Ingram that he would have told him earlier except he had learned that for two years Ingram had been monitoring his offices via the roommate. Thereupon it turns out , that President Roudebush had sent Greer on a private mission to meet with Russian, Chinese, and other nuclear scientists and ?high officials to cope with the Red Chinese nuclear threat, and an agreement for world peace had been worked out, thereby, of course, making Roudebush the great hero just before the election and Ingram the goat. LAWRENCE R. HOUS, ON General Counsel cc: Asst to DCI-Mr, Goodwin OLC Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250012-7 Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250012-7 Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01365R000300250012-7