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December 20, 2016
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May 24, 2007
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June 25, 1984
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP88B00443R000100240003-5 June 25, 1984 Central America: Recent Events Recent actions of Nicaragua (since the June 1 visit of Secretary Shultz) -- Nicaragua increased its hostile rhetoric and actions. -- June 2 Foreign Minister D'Escoto called the visit a "propaganda stunt." -- June 6 Ortega said Nicaragua to be placed on a "war footing" because the "US was going to invade." -- June 9 Ortega said Nicaragua has a right and need to have jet fighter aircraft (NIO/USSR says evidence exists that a third country ship might be used to bring-in South Yemen MIG-17s). -- June ? Ortega visits with Fidel Castro in Havana. Cubans provide Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs to counsel Nicaragua on talks with US 25X1 -- June 18 Ortega meets with Chernenko in Moscow and visits other Soviet bloc countries, presumably seeking additional weapons. -- Continuing Nicaraguan offensive against ARDE forces in Southern Nicaragua following the likely Sandinista responsibility for the May 30 assassination attempt against ARDE leader Pastora. -- No slowdown in the increased pace of Nicaraguan airfield construction; 3 may be ready for limited fighter operations by Sept/Oct 1984 June 1984 warning report to 25X1 DCI) . Cuban/Nicaraguan efforts to use negotiations to neutralize countries in Central America -- Consistent intelligence community findings since 1982 that "Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Salvadoran guerrillas... will continue to float negotiations schemes... these will be largely for tactical political use" (including). -- "To create or aggravate divisions within the governing coalitions in each target country and sow distrust between these governments and the United States." (SNIE 1982.) -- We saw this in March 1982 when Secretary Haig publicly met with the Mexican Foreign Minister on Central America. Cuba and Nicaragua used their agents of influence to immediately spread the word that the US was getting ready for a sell out. The Hondurans and Salvadorans told the US that if we were going to make a separate deal they would make their own SE DE ua Ulm ocvi 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP88B00443R000100240003-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP88B00443R000100240003-5 SECRET 2 Honduras--since the autumn of 1979 a continuing Cuban and Nicaraguan effort to entice or intimidate Honduras into neutrality including: -- late 81/early 82 Cuban efforts to persuade the Honduran military to become neutral; -- recent intelligence shows the Sandinistas are now-making similar overtures to the Honduran military -- many Nicaraguan military incurs Honduras starting late 1979; most recent was last week; -- covert action to train and insert Honduran terrorists. Costa Rica--a similar pattern by Cuba and Nicaragua to entice or intimidate into neutrality: -- July 1982 Nicaraguan agents behind terrorist bombings plus many other examples and various assassination efforts against ARDE; -- a number of military incursions; most recently in May 1984; -- covert penetration of elements of the Costa Rican government including our concern that the Minister of Interior and the Vice President are cooperating with Cuba/Nicaragua; -- e.g., intelligence report on early May 84 meeting among those and other Costa Rican officials, Sandinistas, and Salvadoran guerrillas with the purpose being "improve the relations with Nicaragua" and "undermine" pro-Costa Rican officials 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP88B00443R000100240003-5