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September 13, 1985
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 osb ___ --._ ""` 17 SEPT 1985 TO Nam.. omc* symbol, room number, fldinsAgency/Pos) I. EXO/DDA Initials ate ACTING DDA 1 ] i.sd L DDA REGISTRY File Note and Return R For CNaance Per Convsrestlen RISM For Correction p& gq* pre n For Your Intownation See Me ment Invests to nature ination Jtusti FROM: (Name, org. symbol. Agency/Post) OPTIONAL FORM 41 (Rev. 7-76) b u.S.o.P0: 1983 -421-529/320 FAMMO (41 t:FR) 101-11.M Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT ROUTING SLIP M ACTION INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI X 2 DDCI X 3 EXDIR X 4 D/ICS 5 DDI X DDA X 7 DDO X 8 DDS&T 9 Chm/NIC 10 GC 11 IG 12 Compt 13 D/OLL X 14 D/PAO X 15 VC/NIC 16 MIS X 17 18 19 20 21 22 NLT 1400, 18 Sept. 85 Data Remarks To 13: Please have appropriate response prepared. STAT 16 Sept. 85 Date I 3637 (10.81) M Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 COMMITTEES PUBLIC WORKS AND TRANSPORTATION WASHINGTON OFFICE 1005 LONGWORTH HOUSE OFFICE BLDG. WASHINGTON, DC 20515 (202) 225-4501 CongreSS of the Mnitea 'tate5 gouge of tepregentatibeg September 13, 1985 William J. Casey Director, Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 Dear Bill, ,9;-3 Z2, q 6351 JoNESSCRO RGAD SUITE E MoRRow GA 30260 14041 968-32 `9 POST OFFICE BC. 848 GRIFFIN FEDERAi BUILDINo GRIFFIN GA 30224 1404) 228-0389 CARROLL COUNTY COUPTHOUSE CARROLLTON. GA 30117 (404) 834-6398 COUNTY OFFICE BUILDING 22 EAST BROAD STREET NEWNAN, GA 30263 (404) 253-8355 DODO Ift, LL~ Thank you again for breakfast. In addition to Afghanistan, I want to pursue the general issue of how we educate Members of Congress and the news media about the Soviet war against freedom. There is currently no place that links together activities during the week in such a way that they form a coherent pattern. The result is that Members read the New York Times and Washington Post stories about isolated incidents such as the KGB expulsion from Great Britain or the most recent major battle in Afghanistan, but there's no sense that it all fits together. Nor is there any systematic way to currently link all of this back to Leninist training, the writings of Lenin and the basic intellectual patterns of Soviet military/diplomatic/ political behavior. I've begun doing a series of special orders on Thursday afternoons on the House floor in which I try to knit together Soviet behavior. I'm enclosing a copy of my latest special order. We've been getting some help from the State Department in dveloping materials and our hope is eventually to have an 8:00a.m. Thursday meeting for Members only in which the executive branch on a de-classified basis tells us what happened the preceeding week and what it means in terms of the Soviet war against freedom and Soviet doctrine. However, as an interim step, I'm trying to pull together de-classified information that would normally be available to the State Department, CIA or the Defense Department public affairs offices to simply link together various events around the planet and tie them back into historical lessons. Is there someone in your public affairs who could work with us on simply delivering late on Wednesday de-classified information that they think ought to be linked together to explain the war against freedom? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88G00186R000901190036-7 If there is, please have them contact Anne Olsson in my office and I'd like to meet with them. Thank you. NG/ao Enclosure Newt Gingrich Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88G00186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 ?H.7460 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD- HOUSE September 11, 1985 Vietnamese Embassy. The Vietnamese swaddled In red tape and subject to Cl 1715 Embassy in Ottawa closed in 1981. surcharges, taxes, and theft. THE LESSONS OF GRENADA A Toronto company. Transsaigon Mr. Speaker, I hope all Members of Co.-owned by a member of the Union this body will take the time to under- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under General-ships parcels to Vietnam stand the seriousness of the issue dis- a previous order of the House, the gen- through laser express. The company cussed this evening. I am not necessar- tleman from Georgia LMr. GINGRICHI has satellites in Edmunton, Windsor, ily certain that my legislation Is in 1s recognized for 60 minutes. and other parts of Canada. The owner fact the appropriate response to the Mr. GINGRICIL Mr. Speak ,r? to- denies that he deals with the Vietnam- problem which I have outlined. There night I am going to renew i alking ese Government, is still plenty of doubt in my mind about the real news and what ' i hap- gave woridl Tb eon- The Federal Department of Employ- s ago, about the extent and nature of the peeing around the a 4 months ago, problem. cerns we hale to face with the war $20e the Union Union Generale a Smooth $20.000 grant. I do believe, however, that if some of against freedom being waged by the The Department of External Affairs these truly alarming stories have any Soviet Union and Its CommoMst auks. maw areas. and the Quebec Order of Pharmacists ring of truth, they represent a viola- I One is want to the focus ocus o on hew two ropaganr as. were both unaware of the companies' tion of human rights that go beyond Onslve, trying to set the stage and for activists and activities until contacted the standards of decent behavior on a Geneva. It an attempt to create ar by the Hamilton Spectator. very broad scale. I urge all my col' environment in which there will be The value of money and goods leagues to study not any the method- more pressure on President Reagan to shipped through Montreal is nearly ology contained in my legislation, but mo she Soviet Union than an there 100 times higher than the $19 million also take some time and explore the has been in any We Uni Rhin here statistics Canada estimates that issue for yourself. Talk to law enforce- Neville In any We went to Munfcir Canada exported to Vietnam last year. ment officers. Most importantly, dis- Neville Cham What the Hamilton Spectator re- cuss this issue with leaders in the Viet- in 1938. talking about the Gor- send is that refugees who attempt to namese communities. All of us owe it in addition what t think Is correct American I wane response think money, medicine, and packages to ourselves to discover whether or not ban n bachev tlk and s that face a difficult task. Much of the the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's the ad correct offensive to talk money is siphoned off in taxes by the, controlled economic exploitation propaganda developments in Central Vietnamese Government controlled scheme actually exists. Most impor- about recent dev al d clop particular ent the ways savings accounts. Some of the drugs tantly, we should try to learn just how which me and Nicaraguan Communists are may be seized. Most of the goods that it effects the lives of Vietnamese refu- the do get to designated recipients will be gees here in the United States. threatening Costa Rica. I also want to sold on the black market. The majors- talk about the ways in which as the El ty of the money that is sent back flows 01700 Salvadoran Communists find they are into the State Bank of the Socialist unable to win, they are reverting to Vietnam through wire transfers, couri- Mr. Speaker, perhaps we are a little terrorism in their efforts to defeat the ers and commercial credit. If a refugee bit more aware of this problem in my Government of El Salvador. sends money through the mail it is part of the country than in others be het me first talk about the Gorba- often stolen or lost in Vietnam. It can cause we have such a large number of chev peace offensive. The fact is that take as long as 3 months for a letter to these Southeast Asian refugees, and chev peace offensive. parties, in ct is t lat get to Vietnam from Canada. particularly these Vietnamese refu- Marxist-Leninist Lenin's own writings. ns,are year The articles also illustrated that gees, but in fact it is a national prob- led d by Len 's psychological, s. are very If the money is sent through Canadian lem. It is the height of irony, it is actu- oriented to ps think that words are banks it can take up to 8 months to get to ally the height of tragedy that the warfare. They think One of the are Vietnam and the Vietnamese Government very same Vietnamese Government very, very why Inmost Communist coua- only gives the Vietnamese relations a por- which drove these people from their tries there is a st-alnatlc increase ra- tion of the funds at an exchange rate 10 homeland. which required these education as soon as a Communist goo times lower than that offered through the people to exit in some of the most don- ednment takes over to because they Montreal by the operation v The rest in account of the money rous ways to leave their homeland education as the key to brain- that the Vietnamese need government per- to try to seek a little peace in the regshit6 the population. They believe mission to withdraw from. United States and elsewhere, should that brainwashing that teaches people Mr. Speaker, what the Hamilton now be taking advantage of these the right words is the key to control- Spectator uncovered is the fact that people who now, having reached free- Ung people in the long run. So it is the SRVN is resorting to tactics dom, are attempting to do nothing natural for a Communist government against people who are basically de- more than assist their relatives and to think that a psychological, political fenseless. Many refugees say they feel their friends who are left back in Viet- offensive is a part of warfare. Indeed, guilty about sending money by any nam. unlike the West, if you study Leninist route through which they believe the As I said, I am not certain that my warfare or Soviet warfare manuals, SRVN is benefiting. But each method proposal is the best proposal or the they have an entire section on psycho- by which they can send money or only proposal, but I am putting that logical, political, intellectual warfare, other essentials is fraught with prob- proposal out on the table so we can see In which they have invested very heav- lems. When a money order is sent whether or not it is possible for us to ily and in which they train a great through a local bank to Vietnam's For- create a set of conditions to allow the number of people. eign Trade Bank, the rate of exchange Vietnamese who live within our midst In the past I have cited from the of Vietnamese dong to the dollar is to do what any of us would want to do, Grenada documents, documents which only about half the rate of other and that is to help our neighbors, help were captured when we liberated the transfer methods, refugees say. Cur- our families, and help our friends who island of Grenada, documents that are rent evidence reveals that: are left back In their homeland and based on a Communist government Vietnamese who send money are who are suffering because of the ac- and a Communist party in Grenada. In forced to deal in U.S. funds and pay a tivities of the government that re- those documents I have quoted exam- service charge as high as 26 percent of quired us to leave. ples of the very serious planning that the amount they wish to send; Mr. Speaker, I ask, can we not try to goes into a Communist government In Vietnam the packages and mail create a set of circumstances which trying to mislead both the American allows them to have some comfort in people and the American news media sorred b by y the heavily e governments; oveilfered and cen- Packages that arrive at Tan Sam the thought that what they are doing an to the a refulzpa helrg w own icheople Nhat Airport In Ho Chi Minh city are is not in vain? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Septem6er.12, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE It Lit clear from the Grenada docu- ments that there is a serious long-term Communist effort to understand the American news media and to know how to manipulate It. An effort to un- derstand American church groups and to know how to manipulate them. In that setting. I think the Gorba- chev offensive is part of a long pattern of Soviet willingness to lie and deceive in order to try to communicate their values. . In the recent Time magazine inter- view with Gorbachev, there were two fascinating examples of the Soviet modern techniques of manipulation. The funWer of the two was a line where Gorbachev was quoted as saying. "God in His infinite. wisdom." I found it fascinating. Here you have the leader of the Communist govern- ment. an avowedly atheist movement, a man whose wife teaches Marxist phi- losophy at the University of Moscow, cheerfully for purposes of Western newsmen citing God. A God which technically he cannot believe exists if he believes the teachings of Lenin. but because he knows that we feel com- fortable with people who cite God, he is perfectly willing to make us feel more comfortable. Second. we had in the very same interview a reference which Gorba- chev said, "We would never start a war." Unfortunately, no one on the Time magazine editorial board saw fit to say to him, "What about Afghani- stan, where you are currently fighting a war? What about Czechoslovakia, which you Invaded in 1968? What about Hungary, which you invaded in 1956? What about the occupation of the army In Poland?" Instead. they passed over it, allowing a Communist leader with a totally straight face to say to them, "We, of course, would never start a war. I prontlse you that," One has to wonder how naive you must think Americans are if you can get away with that kind of bald-faced lie, stow he is in the middle of fight- ing a war in Afghanistan. The pattern of this offensive is very simple. We know from a variety of works` of which possibly John Bar- roe's books on the KGB are the best. Sherchenko's work on "Fleeing From Moscow" ad a Soviet senior official telling as the inside story is helpful and there have been a number of other studies We know from these works that the Soviet Government systematically and cooslstently goes after the penetration of Western news media. A recent novel, "The Spike," is an- other example of that. Its coauthor is Arnaud de Borchgrave, the editor of the Washington Times, a former senior columnist for Newsweek maga- zine. As you study these books, whether they are fiction or nonfiction, you ft learn that the KGB, the Soviet secret [ police, spends a great deal of money bribing some reporters, influencing some editors, establishing some aca- demic centers, setting up a framework of thought. It is I think fair to say that not since Adolf Hitler manipulated the Western news media in the late 1930's have we seen an offensive designed to convince, manipulate and dupe Western people as sophisticated as Gorbachev's cur- rent offensive. What then should the correct Amer- ican answer be? When the New York Times prints an ad paid for by the Soviet Embassy, as it did recently, should we censor that ad? I do not think so. When Gorbachev offers to be interviewed, should we stop the inter- view? I do not think so. It would be helpful if the news men were a little more tough minded, if they asked better questions, if they were more aggressive in cross-exami- nation. But basically, If we are going to be a free society, we have to allow people who are going to lie to us to tell their lies out in the open. And then we have to hope that our intellectuals, our news media, our politicians, our citizens, will pay attention and learn who is telling the truth and who is lying. Rather than talk about censorship. I would like to suggest just the opposite. We have an opportunity in the third week of October to lay out for the entire world to see who the Commu- nists are and what the system is. Rather than arguing with Gorbachev as a person or discussing whether or not his wife dresses well, it seems to me far more appropriate for us to look at the underlying question of the nature of the Soviet system, the nature of the Communist government. I think there is no better time to do that than the third week of October, which is the second anniversary of the liberation of Grenada. I think it is important for two rea- sons. First of all, the liberation of Gre- nada was the first time that a Commu- nist government was overthrown and people regained their freedom. In that sense the experience of the Grenadian people, now free, now with a free market, now with a democracy, now with a free press, now with freedom of religion, the lesson of Grenada in ceas- ing to be Communists offers hope to people all over the world. It offers hope to the Afghan freedom fighters It offers hope to the Nicaraguan free- dom fighters. It offers hope to the An- golan freedom fighters. It offers hope to people in Poland, in the Ukraine, in Estonia, in Latvia, in Lithuania, and throughout the Soviet Union. Second, in liberating Grenada and saving some 800 American students from possibly becoming hostages, we also captured 35,000 pounds of Com- munist documents, the records of the Communist government, the records of the Communist Party. So we know a great deal about Grenada. Unfortunately, because the Ameri- can intellectual community is largely leftwing. because it does not want to H 7461 learn about communism, because it does not want to study the Soviet Union In reality, very little has been done with those documents. Only a few books have been written, of which the most notable was edited by Ro- merstein and Ledeen and published by the State Department as the Grenada Documents. In addition, a book by Paul Seabury studies the Grenada Documents. But when one looks at all of the leftwing intellectual effort to discredit Tel Salvador, the Philippines, South Africa, Chile, and then you look and ask how many Ph.D.'s rush down to the National Archives to look at these documents? How many people have been busily studying and trying to tell us what we can learn about communism and the Grenada lesson? The answer. sadly, Is very few. Therefore, I think It Is very, very im- portant that we take the third week of October, the week of October 25, and we focus America on looking at the lessons of Grenada and asking our- selves, what do they tell us about today? What do we learn about com- munism in Grenada that teaches us about Gorbachev? Nothing could better prepare America for Geneva than to study the real nature of com- munism and look at the real lessons of the Grenada Documents. That is why I urge my colleagues to cosponsor House Resolution 313. which Congressman IKE SKELTON of Missouri and I have introduced as a bi- partisan resolution. It already has over 165 cosponsors. And it is designed to make the week of October 25 a week in which high schools, colleges, Sunday schools, synagogue classes, civic clubs, veterans groups, everyone who has an interest in understanding the world we live in and the nature of communism, might look at the lessons of Grenada. That is why I would urge every citizen to look at their own civic clubs, their own classes, their own op- portunities to study the lessons of Grenada. I think it helps to get the local news media to ask the question, what have we learned about commu- nism? By getting editorial writers before they interview Gorbachev to study the way in which Lenin has ? practiced the art of lying to Western news media, to look at the lessons of disinformation and deception as prac- ticed by the Soviet Union, I think that helps all of us. So I would urge all of my colleagues to cosponsor House Joint Resolution 313 and help us make the week of Oc- tober 25 a week to learn the lessons of the Grenada Documents. I would also urge every group around America that is interested in and concerned about communism or about the survival of freedom to take the opportunity that week to study the lessons of Grenada. I would urge those citizens whose Congressmen have not yet cospon- sored that resolution to contact their Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 H 7462 Congressmen and ask them to cospon- sor House Joint Resolution 313. In addition to handling propaganda as it relates to the Soviet Union. I think it is also interesting to look at what has been happening around the world that the American news media does not cover very aggressively. There is a tendency in the American news media if an American ally does something to put it on page 1, and if a Soviet puppet does something to either not print it at all or put it on page 30. Therefore, I have asked that we put together some major events and on a weekly basis on Thursday I am going to try to link together different news stories you may not have seen. I'm going to show how they relate to the war against freedom being waged by the Soviet Union and its Communist empire. Here are some examples. First, the Communists have been linked in Nicaragua to 700 Costa Ricans training in Cuba. At least 700 Costa Ricans linked to leftist groups have received military training in Cuba with assistance from the Com- munist Sandinista government of Nicaragua, according to Costa Rican Deputy Minister Johnny Campos. Notice that this is not a citation from an American source. This is the Deputy Security Minister of Costa Rica. He said in a recent interview in La Nacion: Campos broached the magnitude of local and foreign espionage in his country. He also stated that this training had been going on for 4 years. He divided the espionage ac- tivities into three groups which included the involvement of the Ortega-led Communist government of Nicaragua. The Deputy Min- ister described the situation as dangerous and he is very concerned about it. An example of what has been hap- pening around the world: The Commu- nist terrorists in El Salvador are changing their behavior. According to Radio Venceremos, the Communists in El Salvador have again bragged about their sabotage activities. For example, over the Fourth of July weekend, the Communist guerrillas "carried out important sabotage against power lines in this central area of the country. These power outages affected San Salvador and large parts of Central El Salvador." The broadcast also went on to boast that "on July 5, guerrilla units of the Julio Armando Climaca Detachment downed three high voltage power pylons in (Las Gorritas) Canton, San Jorges jurisdiction, San Miguel De- partment. "We continue with more activities to sabotage the war economy of Duarte's government. Sabotage is victory." I think every American needs to look at that and ask themselves, these are Communist guerrillas. They claim that they are for the people, yet their strategy as they grow weaker and are unable to field a military unit is to engage in terror and in sabotage. Imagine the nature of a group which would say that sabotage is victory. Sabotage Is destruction, the breaking up of the economy, the destroying of jobs, the wiping out of civilized amen- ities. Then when American reporters go to a major city and the power goes out because the guerrillas have suc- cessfully sabotaged the power lines, in- stead of reporting on guerrilla brutal- ity, on the senselessness of their cam- paign, of their unwillingness to vote. instead the reporter talks about how weak the government is. Let me suggest that if we had guer- rillas trying to knock out power lines around Washington, we could appreci- ate better the challenge to President Duarte. Not only his daughter kid- naped by terrorists, but he is faced with a guerrilla movement which, as It loses the main war against his army, reverts more and more to terrorist tac- tics and to guerrilla warfare. To the south of Nicaragua, Costa Rica finds Itself increasingly in diffi- culty. For example, Costa Rican Presi- dent Luis Alberto Monge has said defi- nitely that there will be no dialog be- tween Costa Rica and the Communist regime of Nicaragua because the Com- munist regime has refused to apolo- gize and give explanation for actions to Costa Rica concerning their aggres- sions directed against his government. Monge referred to three separate in- cidents in which Nicaragua waged un- provoked attacks over its border into Costa Rica: The events at Las Crucitas on May 31, when two Costa Rican civil guardsmen died; the July 3 incident in the same area when Communist troops attacked the Costa Rican guardsmen who were trying to recover the body of one of the slain guards- men: and the July 26 incident at Barra del Colorado, when three Communist air force planes entered Costa Rica's airspace and dropped bombs. 0 1730 The point I want to make here is that of all of the countries in Central America, Costa Rica is the most peace- ful, the most democratic, the most open. Costa Rica disbanded its army In the late 1940's. It literally has no army anymore. It has been observed by one expert on Central America that Costa Rica is the greatest danger to Nicara- gua precisely because it is a democrat- ic country with a free market and a free press. That means that every pos- sible younger Nicaraguan will flee to Costa Rica, just like in Western Europe we see people flee from East Germany to West Germany, from Czechoslovakia to Austria, from Hun- gary to Austria, and so forth. The point this expert had made was that as long as Costa Rica is alive, as long as it is a free country, as long as it is a better place to live than Nicara- gua, It will be an active threat to the Communist government of Nicaragua precisely because it drains away people. Here we have the President of Costa Rica, it country which does not even September 12, 1985 have an army, reporting on three inci- dents in which the Communist govern- ment of Nicaragua entered Costa Rican territory. The Costa Ricans are concerned in part because, as they look to the north toward El Salvador, they have some sense of how a coun- try can be torn to pie"es by Commu- nist guerrillas. Communist guerrill t commander Joaquin Villalobos, in a statement con- cerning the increased tt rrorists' use of land mines and urban terrorism, has threatened more violence on the people of El Salvador. "Our aim is to convert every road into a river of blood with mines ? ? -' each stone into a mine and every heli- copter into a coffin," Villalobos said in a recent rebel radio broadcast. . The Farabundo Marti Liberation Front (FMLN], the Communist ter- riorist organization bent on destroying the democratically elected government of President Duarte, is increasing its activities due to decreased support in their insurgency efforts over the past year. "The subversives have planted a lot of mines in the last few months be- cause they can no longer confront army units directly," said Maj. Omar Vaquerano, an infantry battalion com- mander. "The mines are a demonstra- tion of the subversives' weakness." The increase in the effectiveness of the government's efforts against the Communists' activities has broken up the terrorists into small pockets ? of subversives, taking much of their sup- port base, supplied by the Masas. The point I want to make is this: Here we have Communists in El Salva- dor saying that we are going to rely on sabotage. I quoted earlier, "sabotage Is victory." They have said here, we have them saying their aim is to convert every road into a river of blood with mines, each stone Into a mine and every helicopter into a coffin. Imagine you were living in democra- tic Costa Rica, that you were looking up the road to El Salvador, that you saw that kind of bloody, visclous anti- civilian guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and terrorism going on. You can ap- preciate why the Costa Rican Govern- ment, the most democratic, most open and decent government in Central America, is increasingly angry with the Nicaraguans, because it sees in Nicaragua a country which is support- ing guerrilla warfare with Communists In El Salvador. A country which is Itself a Communist dictatorship. And Costa Rica sees an Increasing willing- ness to launch raids against them. President Monge, In an August 13 letter to Daniel Ortega, the Commu- nist dictator of Nicaragua, said that Costa Rica was a "peaceful people" and blamed "Nicaragua's warmonger- ing attitude" for the border crisis. Let me emphasize this. This is the President of Costa Rica, the neighbor of Nicaragua, a democratic country which does not even have an army. His Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 September 12, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE attitude toward the Communist Gov- ernment of Nicaragua, he said it was "a warrnon`ering attitude." This is not Ronald Reagan talking; this is not some rightwing Republican. This is the democratically elected, free President of Costa Rica. He went on to say that we Costa Ricans "are a peaceful people and have never attacked anyone." The Costa Rican President stated that if there Is no peace in Nicaragua, then his nation Is affected by this. "However," Monge stated. "Costa Rica is not responsible for Nicaragua's peace; Costa Rica cannot achieve or impose peace in Nicaragua." In clear reference to the unprovoked border aggressions launched by the Marxist-Leninist regime, Mange said that- The vaiious border incidents on Costa Rica's northern border, specifically the painful Incident at Las Cractas and the vio- lation of our national airspace by your gov- ernnsent's military forces, can be protested as acts of aggression we will not tolerate and which. if repeated. will force us to defend ourselves. We demand a satisfactory explanation because these incidents are the result of Nicaragua's warmongering attitude and of the lack of peace In Nicaragua. which is an issue that your government cannot evade. "Therefore, steps toward peace, both inside and outside Nicaragua, should be taken by your government," Monge said. He also stated that he considered Nicaragua's "international propaganda aimed at tarnishing Costa Rica's real position in relation to the Nicaraguan conflict unjust and ill-Intentioned." So again we have on August 13 the President of the democratic, demilita- rized. free Costa Rica complaining, saying to the Nicaraguan Communists to "Let us alone, quit trying to pro- voke us." Yet what happened? On August 25, a Communist army patrol from Nicaragua was spotted by Civil Guard units inside Costa Rican territory in the Boca de San Carlos region, marking the third unprovoked border Incident within a week against this democracy. According to the Panama City ACAN report from the northern region of Costa Rica, the Sandinist People's Army CEPS] patrol fired at the civil guardsmen with their rifles and the civil guardsmen fired back. Area residents told reporters that apparently tht Communists had seized a farm but then abandoned it after the clash with the Costa Rican public forces. Public Security Minister Benjamin Piza Carranza has explained that a police patrol discovered the Commu- nist group in Costa Rican territory and, for this reason, obeyed the order to fire at them. Costa Rica has no standing army. He said that the Civil Guard remains on alert in the border area, which has been the site of recent unprovoked and illegal attacks launched by the Marxist-Leninist regime. This Is the third incursion the Com- munist forces have carried out on Costa Rican soil in I week, according to official reports issued by the gov- ernment of President Luis Alberto Monge. On August 22, five Communist. air- craft violated Costa Rican airspace and fired shots. only 24 hours after the Costa Rican Government de- nounced an attack by the Nicaraguan Communist forces on the Boca de San Carlos police post. These events have been unfolding during the Nicaraguan so-called peace dialog propaganda campaign. In other words. where the Nicara- guans are publicly in Interviews with American television. talking to Ameri- can church groups. they pretend they favor peace. There are three times in I week in late August that the Nicara- guan Communists violated Costa Rica and attacked Costa Rica. In fact, things have gotten bad enough that Costa Rican Foreign Minister Carlos Jose Gutierrez said that the Inter- American Reciprocal Treaty [TIAR] might be requested if unprovoked Communist border attacks continue, citing that regime's "expansionist ob- jectives" as a possible cause for these incidents. "I think that, if these aggressions continue, we may resort to the TIAR. Costa Rica has not done so thus far because it believes the aggressions do not melt it," Gutierrez said in a tele- phone interview with Radio Cadena National. Nevertheless, he noted that "their frequency and constant repeti- tion might lead Costa Rica to resort to a step of that nature." Gutierrez said that the Communist attacks on Costa Rica could have vari- ous explanations, among them that the Communist regime may be trying to intimidate the Costa Rican people. "This could be one of the reasons," he said. He explained that "perhaps the attacks seek to prevent Costa Ricans living in the border area from continu- ing to express support for the anti- Sandinista. "Second, It might be that the at- tacks are the result of the arrogance of the Sandinist Army, which wants to show Its military might to its neigh. bors," Gutierrez added. "We also think the attacks could be part of the expan- sionist objectives of the Nicaraguan Government, which does not hide its aggressive intentions with regard to the countries that border Nicaragua." Let me make this point for all of our friends who belong to church groups that say why can there not be peace In Central America. Here he is, the for- eign minister of Costa Rica, a country which is a democracy. A country which is free, a country which does not even have an army. All it has is a border patrol and a civil police, and now what is the foreign minister of Costa Rica saying? He said that the Government of Nicaragua has, and I quote: "Expanionist objectives," and "does not hide Its aggressive intentions H 7163 with regard to the countries that border Nicaragua." In other words, the foreign minister of Costa Rica is trying to say to all of the world, you cannot deal with the Communist Government of Nicaragua because it Is trying- to expand itself. Nicaragua Is an enemy to Its neigh. bors, and It is supporting guerrilla war. What do the people of Costa Rica think? In a poll conducted by as affiliate of the international Gallup organisation, it was found that 89 percent of the Costs Rican population eondde' the Marxist-Leninist regime of Nicaragua a threat to peace in the regic i The poll, which was published In the San Jose daily Ls Nadon, she ibmld that 87 percent of the popelstfen have an unfavorable opinion of She Comnnu- nist government. In addition, U per- cent said that neutrality ought not to apply if Nicaragua violated the Costa Rican sovereignty. According to the results of the survey, most Costa Ricans approve of the way President Mange is handling the Nicaraguan crisis, but are dis- pleased with the way the Contadora group is resolving the problems be- tween the two nations. Also, 83 per- cent of the Costa Ricans polled said they were confident the United States would help defend Costa Rica If they were Invaded. On a similar subject. Oscar Aguilar, Presidential candidate of the National Union Party, has said that in view of the new Communist attacks against Costa Rican territory, which were con- firmed by the Costa Rican Govern- ment, the country should break diplo- matic ties with the Marxist-Lealalst regime, if only temporarily. His state- ment. which was on San Jose Radio Reloj on August 22, also explained that "firmness does not mean aggres- sion but that the country cannot con- tinue to defend the national sovereign- ty with protest notes that no one pays attention to." I think there are two messages here for Americans. First of all, the next time someone says to you: "But why do you think the Nicaraguan Commu- nists are dangerous." ask them If 89 percent of the free people of Costa Rica are scared of their neighbor, should that not worry you. If the folks who are down there, who are natives, who are local, and who speak Spanish, who have friends In Nicaragua, If 89 percent of them are scared of the Communist next door, should not that be a sign to us that maybe they know more than the local politician or your local reporter who once spent 2 days there on a trip? Second, what would our friends on the left do to save Costa Rica If, In fact, the Communists in Nicaragua are violating Costa Rican sovereignty? I have just Indicated there were three times in 1 week in August that the Nicaraguan Communists were occupy. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 -11746-1 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE September 12, 1985 ing part or acting on parts of Costa Rican territory. What would we do? Are our neighbors, in fact, the Costa Ricans, right when 83 percent of them say we would help them if they were attacked by Communists, or are they wrong? I wonder. I wonder in this House how many of our more leftwing members would, in fact, find some excuse for explaining away Commu- nist aggression, some way of indicating that it was really caused by Costa Rica, even though Costa Rica is un- armed, has no army, and could not attack anyone. In fact, the Costa Rican Govern- ment is considering seriously breaking relations with Nicaragua. Costa Rican Foreign Minister Carlos Jose Gutierrez has said that President Monge and his administration has not ruled out a break in relations with Nicaragua. "On various occasions and in view of repeated attacks and violations of the Sandinist Army, we have been on the verge of breaking relations with Nica- ragua but the situation has always been reconsidered," the foreign minis- ter said. Government sources say that the possibility remains, considering recent territorial violations and the air attack August 21. "We now have to think of more drastic measures," Gu- tierrez said. He went on to say: "The conditions for signing the peace docu- ment do not exist," and added that the tension mentioned by Mexican For- eign Secretary Bernardo Sepulveda "is not the result of the position adopted by Costa Rica, which is willing to sign the document if it includes all the as- pects necessary to achieve peace. "It is not a matter of signing the peace document but of fulfilling all its provisions. If this is not done, the ef- forts would have been useless. Each country that signs the peace document must comply with its provisions. It is not a matter of simply signing the doc- ument so as to form part of a group of countries that will subsequently not comply with it," the foreign minister concluded. I began tonight talking about the propaganda offensive of Gorbachev and of the Soviet Union and that there is a parallel propaganda offen- sive by the Nicaraguan Communists. 0 1745 One of the comforting systematic natures of communism that does not seem to change over time, you can count on it, is that they can lie with a straight face. They can tell you they are for law and order while picking your pocket. So it is not at all uncom- mon for a Communist government like Nicaragua, in a peace offensive, have their President giving peace speeches while their army and air force are vio- lating Costa Rican territory. Here we have the Costa Rican Government telling us about the event. Again, the Costa Ricans are worried in part because of Nicaraguan Commu- nist direct activity, and they are wor- ried in part about what they see just up the road in El Salvador. As recently as late August we have seen examples of the kind of Commu- nist terrorism in El Salvador which frightens the democratic. disarmed country of Costa Rica. According to an August 24 San Sal- vador La Prensa Grafica report, new acts of vandalism and terror have re- cently been carried out by subversive groups of the Communist FMLN-FDR terrorist insurgency organization. On the highways to Santa Ana, Ati- quizaya, Sesuntepeque, Tejutla, Usul- tan. Ilobasco, and other places the ter- rorist groups attacked buses, injuring at least 20 civilians. In another unprovoked attack, offi- cial reports say that on August 23 the Communist extremists machine- gunned a bus, truck, and pick-up truck in Delicias de Concepcion Canton, San Juan. According to the report, several passengers were wounded and all were taken to hospitals in that capital and Zacatecoluca. As the Communist subversives were preparing to set the vehicle on fire, a military patrol arrived and the rebels immediately opened fire and fled from the army. The Communist terrorists organiza- tion's goal is to overthrow the demo- cratically elected government and re- place it with a Marxist-Leninist regime similar to those currently in control in Cuba and Nicaragua Now, notice the style here. Now that the Communist guerrillas in El Salva- dor cannot stand up to the army, what do they do? They shoot the civilians, they machinegun a bus, they machine- gun a pickup truck. This is the kind of banditry which can break down a free society but which is very hard for us to fight. Where are our freinds on the left, those who are upset because the CIA mined Nicaraguan harbors; those who talked about atrocities from the right? Where is anyone from the left In this body standing up and saying it is wrong for Communist guerrillas to shoot innocent civilians? We have not heard a single person from the left in this House complaining about Commu- nist guerrillas. Yet we recognize that there are all sorts of terrorists from the left who are engaged throughout Central America in trying to destroy pro-American and pro-Western gov- ernments. There is one final point I would like to make tonight about events in Cen- tral America. And that is that there is some evidence that Nicaragua is work- ing in concert with drug trafficking. There has been considerable evidence that Cuba works with drug traffickers. But there has been a recent report worth looking at in terms of the Nica- raguan Communists. An agreement that allowed Colombi- an coccalne lords to process and ship narcotics through Nicaragua was de- scribed July 31 by a pilot working un- dercover for U.S. authorities. Adler Barry man Seal described an April 8, 1984. meeting at the Colombi- an mountaintop home of Jorge Ochoa attended by several members of the Ochoa smuggling cartel: "They had struck a deal with some [officials] In the Sandinista govern- ment in Nicaragua " Seal said. "We're not Communists. V e don't agree with their philosophy, I ut they serve our means and we sen, theirs-then they made gestures Indic ting money." Seal, 45, said he was initially worried about being arrested If he landed in a plane full of cocaine in a Communist country, but he said he was assured that there would be no problems with Nicaraguan officials. United States authorities concluded that the operation had at least the tacit approval of high-level Sandinista officials. The point that I think really ties to- gether drug trade, terrorism, the prop- aganda offensive, and Nicaragua's at- tacks on its neighbors in Costa Rica Is that from a Communist standpoint all of this fits together. Gorbachev, as a Communist leader, sees the United States as the enemy. The Soviet Union and Its Marxist-Leninist leaders are very open in saying that we are the enemy. Anyone who has studied the Grenada documents can find the then- Communist leader of Grenada, Mau- rice Bishop, saying in a secret speech: Of course we are Communists, of course this is a dictatorship, of course we are against the Americans, but if we told them the truth then they will know what we are doing. So we are going to lie to them. It is amazing, since 1917 we have had an opportunity to study what Lenin wrote In creating the Soviet state, to study how Stalin behaved as a dicta- tor, or to look at what now is almost 70 years of systematic warfare against the West. It Is remarkable to see them spy against us, to have Americans who are arrested as spies, to see West Germans who turn out to be spies, to recognize that the British are expelling spies right this very day, to see that all over the world Gorbachev Is Involved in country after country, in systematical- ly spying to try to undermine the West. Similarly, we see, as we look around the world, a Communist offensive. There are Russian troops in Afghani- stan killing free Afghans this evening as I speak. There are Cuban troops In Ethiopia, In Angola, in Mozambique killing people who want to be free. There is a Communist Government in Nicaragua trying to Impose a dicta-' torship on its people. There is a Com- munist army from Vietnam in Cambo- dia trying to impose a Communist gov- ernment on its people. There Is a Com- munist army holding down the people of Poland. In the middle of all this, Gorbachev appears on the cover of Time maga- zine and explains that he Is really a Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7 September 12, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE H 7465 called peace offensive. Sometimes you have to ask yourself how naive is the American and European news media, how naive are our intellectual elite. how easy it seems to be for the Com- munists, almost by the flick of a wrist, to change and say: "Oh. please forget everything we are doing in Afghani- stan, ignore the people we are killing, the men, women, and children who are being butchered, the villages that are being bombed, the atrocities that are being committed, we really mean well. Please ignore the spies that you are uncovering in your- country that we send there. We really mean well. Why don't you come to Geneva and just talk to us in a pleasant way?" I believe the President should go to Geneva. I agree with Winston Church- ill who once said: "Jaw, Jaw, Jaw is better than war, war, war." Still, we should recognize what is going on. Neville Chamberlain went to Munich in 1938 thinking if you could appease a dictator somehow things would get better. Neville Chamberlain might have given up radar in order to make Adolph Hitler happy. And the British would have lost the battle of London. The President has the 21st century equivalent of radar, the strategic de- fense initiative. It is vitally important that all of us in America, and in Europe, and in Japan, and all of the free countries recognize who is going to Geneva. On the one side, there is a Commu- nist empire, there is a man whose armies are currently trying to conquer Afghanistan, there is a man who is spying against all of us, who is sup- porting terrorism and who represents the dark forces of the secret police, the Gulag Archipelago and the con- centration camps of political prisoners. That is Gorbachev. We should recognize that, we should remember it, and we should go to those negotiations starting with a question, since this is a man who will lie with a straight face, who will quote God even though he is an atheistic Communist, who would tell us he would never start a war even whole he h as 120,000 troops fighting in Afghani- stan. Let us be clear what is happen- ing. It is vitally important the American President talk with the Communist leader. It is equally important that the American President not try to appease the Communist leader. If we can reach reasonable agreements that are en- forceable, that is worth doing. I hope that on the week of October 25, we will study the lessons of the Grenada documents and we will celebrate, for free people everywhere and people ho would like to be free everywhere, the fact that for the first time a Com- mtmist nation has become free again. As we look at the lessons of that second anniversary, it is my hope that across America and through the U.S. Information Agency across the world, the people who are free will be able to look once again at the lessons of com- munism and the nature of communism and what really was happening in Gre- nada, and that that will give us a much more sober, a much more realis- tic, a much more reasonable balance as we move toward Geneva. It is vitally important that Geneva occur, but it is equally important that Geneva not become another Munich. While Ronald Reagan is a Churchil- lian figure, a man of great resolution, a man who understands communism, a man who, as a former labor union president, knows how to negotiate. It is very important that he not have Nev- ille Chamberlain's style news media, Neville Chamberlain's style elite, Nev- ille Chamberlain's style advisers. Nev- We Chamberlain's pressure from his own public to make unwise conces- sions. BY asking Your Congressman to cosponsor House Joint Resolution 313, to help us look at the lessons of the Grenada documents, by asking your civic club, your Sunday school, or your synagogue group, your high school, or college class to take time that week to look at the lessons of Grenada. I think it is possible to educate ourselves, and I think that in the long run an educat- ed, free people will survive despite the threats of dictatorship and that we can achieve peace through knowledge and through information. I thank the Speaker. The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the gen- tleman from Iowa [Mr. LEecxl is rec- ognized for 30 minutes. [Mr. LEACH of Iowa addressed the House. His remarks will appear hereaf- ter in the Extensions of Remarks.] GENERAL LEAVE Mr. McCOLLUM. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that all Members be permitted 5 legislative days in which to extend their remarks and to include therein extraneous material on the bill. H.R. 7, which was consid- ered today. The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Florida? There was no objection. KIDNAPING OF PRESIDENT DUARTE'S DAUGHTER The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the gen- tleman from Florida [Mr. McCOLLVMI is recognized for 30 minutes. (Mr. McCOLLUM asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. McCOLLUM. Mr. Speaker, I would like to speak today about Mrs. Ines Guadalupe Duarte Duran, the eldest daughter of El Salvador's Presi- dent, Jose Napoleon Duarte. Both Mrs. Duran and a female friend were kidnaped yesterday and in the process, a young man guarding Mrs. Duran was murdered. No guerrilla group or organization has yet to claim responsibility for the kidnaping. The clandestine rebel radio station, Radio Venceremos, did not mention the kidnaping during Its Sep- tember 10 broadcast: However, it seems to me that this Is another signal that urban warfare in El Salvador is a reality and the Com- munist guerrillas mean what they say. The June 19, 1985, murder of four U.S. marines In the city of San Salva- dor is still fresh on our minds. Only three of the suspected rebels responsi- ble for this attack have been appre- hended to date. Shortly after this murder, the Communists announced they would continue to hunt down Sal- vadoran and American officials In the cities. The clandestine radio station of the Marxist-led insurgents, Radio Vencere- mos, announced yesterday, September 11, 1985, that their goal to "annihilate American advisers" in El Salvador is still a very high priority. It is crystal clear to anyone who pays attention and who keeps his eyes and ears open as to what kind of crimi- nal we are dealing with in El Salvador and Central America. The Salvadoran intelligence forces recently reported that they have received information that Salvadoran and American offi- cials remain the targets of the Com- munist rebels. The crimes and threats of the Com- munist rebels in El Salvador are not merely directed at the Duarte govern- ment or American advisers or officials. These acts are designed to intimidate the Salvadoran population and desta- bilize that country in order to allow the Communists to abort democracy in El Salvador and Central America as a whole. We must not make any mistake about the actual purposes Involved in this series of terrorist acts that they are now engaged in. As the speaker before me made the point in his presentation, the rebel forces at this time in Central America are conducting terrorist activities in order to bring about a change in the freedom that does exist in the few countries around the area where they now hold control in Nicaragua. The United States, as a result, In order to protect its own citizens and In order to protect the officials of the democratic countries In Central America, especial- ly in El Salvador, and in order to pro- tect the glimmering hope of democra- cy that is flaming now In those areas down there, the American Govern- ment, the United States, us, this Con- gress must expedite the money, mate- rials, and support already authorized to El Salvador to counter the Commu- nist urban offensive going on. Just before the August recess, we passed a Foreign Assistance Act that contained authority for the United States to pro- vide training and equipment to the police and internal security forces of Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/24: CIA-RDP88GO0186R000901190036-7