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March 7, 2011
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November 10, 1983
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Approved For Release 2011/03/07: CIA-RDP89-00066R000300010022-7 r1 t,, rat,. dyuri,na. 111. r,rt THE WAS11INGTON POST onferees Consider New Retirement Plitt Federal and postal workers hired next year would pay into the Social Security;; system-and only make. token payments toAhe 'civil service retirement fund that currently cov- ers ~ U.S. employes under a plan Senate-House cotifereesore expected to approve shortly. . Under the proposal, all feds hired after this year would be treated like most: other American workers. They would-have to-pay7the full Social Se- curity tax of. 6.7' percent of salary. That'. amount would rise. in 1985 when the tax goes to 7 percent. But unlike. current federal -workers, who must put 7 percent of their gross sal- ary into the civil service retirement fund; the new hires would pay only 1.3 percent into the fund. Current. federal employes; . includ- ing'anyone hired through the end of this year, would continue to put 7 percent of their salary into the civil se. yice,retirement plan.. They do not pay, the full Social Security tax and .are required to pay only 1.3 percent for, Medicare coverage. ;Benefits due current employes and retirees would not be changed by this legislation. Federal agencies would, continue to make matching: payments of 1.3'. percent (for Medicare) and 7 percent (for, the civil service retirement fund) for current workers. . ;: -For. new workers-the government estimates 385,000. will, he hired in 1984' and 1985 agencies. would match their full Social Security con- tributions. Agencies also would put 7 percent of salary. into the civil ser-' vice retirement fund for each of the new hires. ' . . To make up for the shortfall, which would result from reduced re- .tirement contributions, the Treasury .would make direct payments-equal to 7 percent of salary to the federal retirement fund. The dual system of civil service. retirement -and Social- Security cov- erage for new feds would be in effect. until January 1986 or until Congress comes up with a supplemental pro- gram for new workers and those hired in the future. Any new plan setup would ,proh 'ably be. modeled after plans in the private sector, plans, that are usually..; not as generous as the civil service ;retirement program. Benefits under the.newplan, like those in most pri= vate companies; would be designed to dovetail with Social Security. Many: federal officials anticipate that many people will rush to join,. the 'government before the end of this year to he eligible to participate in the ; current federal retirement program. The Reagan administration earlier this year proposed to change the fed- eral. retirement system. It wanted to' ;make feds work an extra 10 years (to. . age 65) for full- benefits`in crease the, amount of money employ es kick into' the retirement program.,` But opposition to. the plan was so great-it also would' have cut ben efits for members of Congress-that the proposal was-shelved: The retirement'. "reforms" proba- bly will come back next year but, be- cause it is an election year, -chances are they will not go anywhere. Elizabeth A. Kinney- :.a . career employe, has been named an assist- ant general . counsel at the National Labor Relations Board. . Jobs:. Agency for International Development in Rosslyn. is looking for.. clerk-typists ' and secretaries,. Grades 4/5/6. Call Adam Appleby at 235-1984. Internal Revenue Service has sev- eral openings at the GS 12/13 level for procurement analysts and con= tract specialists (ADP experience).' Must have civil service status., Call TEMPERATURES ABROAD YESTERDAY- Observations made at Noon GMT City Weather TimeTemp. A--erdeen ' - - Amsterdam Cloudy ' 1 p.m.6 5 Ankara :',Rain 2p.m. 47 Athens -Cloudy 2,p.m. 60 Auckland. Cloudy 12 a.m. ' 58 Beirut Plcldy 2 p.m.. 71 Berlin. - Haze ' 1 p.m. ' 53 Bonn Clear I p.m. 57 Brussels Clear 1 p.m. ' 6-1 Cairo Clear 2 p.m.. 74 Casablanca Rain Noon 60- 48 Copenhagen Cloudy I p.m.'.i:81 Dakar Cloudy Noon Dublin Cloudy Noon 54. Geneva Cloudy 1 p.m. 44. Hong Kong Clear 8 p.m. 74 Jerusalem Clear 3 p.m: 65 Lisbon Rain Noon 60 London Plcldy Noon 60 Madrid ' Cloudy it a.m. 62 Manila .. Clear 8 P.M. 76 Mcscow Cloudy 3 p.m. 42' Nairobi Clear 3p.m. 71' New Dehli Clear 5 P.M. 75 Nice Clear 1 p.m. 66 Oslo Cloudy 1 p.m.. -44 Paris ' ' Ptcidy 1 p.m.' 63 Peking Cloudy : 8 p.m. . 49 Pretoria Tstrms 2 p.m. 70. Riyadh::; .' Clear. 3p.m. 90 Rome,,,.' : Clear 1 p.m. 67 Secut`"' Cloudy 9 p.m. 52 Sofia Clear 2 p.m. 50 Stcckholnr .. Cloudy T.p.m. 41 Sydne+ Clear ? 10 p.m. 71 Tckvo . Rain . 9 p.m; 56 Vienna Cloudy ' 1 p.m...; .Warsas,i Clear I mm. 52 . WESTERN HEMISPHERE TEMPERATURES City =- Weather " High' Low`s Acapulco Cloudy 78 71 Barbados Fair 86 77 Bermuda Cloudy 77 68 Bogota - ' Cloudy ' :66' 46 Buenos Aires Cloudy 81.:. 59 Calgary Snow. ' 27 24 Caracas Cloudy 82' 63 Edmonton.... Cloudy - . ' 27 24 Havana Fair .. "'85;.` 72 Lima Clear 72, .,: 60 Me;:ico City Cloudy 64. 52 Montreal Cloudy ` 50 44 Nassau Ptcldv ' 84 71 Ottawa Cioudv _ 50 43 Regina Cloudy ' . 42;'. 24 Rio Clear 91 ; 64 San Juan Fair 86 76 Toronto Cloudy 61 47 Vancouver. Cloudy . 53 41 Winnipeg' Clear ` 37 17 ALMANAC DATA SUN, MOON & PLANETS.. New First - Full Lost Deco . Nov.13 Noy.20 Nov.?? Thursday, November 10 Sun rises 6:45 a.m., sets 4:49 p.m. . Moon rises 12:13 a.m., sets 9:44 p.m. rterwrv - rises 7:20 a m., sets 7:14 or... V -' s - rises ?53 a.m., sets 3.02 O.M. Mars -rises 2:24 a m., sets T.'.a em. Loiter - rises 8:58 a.m., sets 6:30 e.m. San rn - rises 5:57 am., sets 4;11 p.m. Uranus - rises 8:29 am..sets 6as a m. Facets rise in t.e east 4:?d set in the west. nea(n~ng I'rdr h:c est mist ;n 1Fe nerth-Seuth r, 0c c an midww t?tween fre r'thre; of 6sirg,ti;0 FORECAST FOR 7 A.M. EST TOD 0 Cleor ? Partly Cloudy 0 Cloud TP'v Cold Front.i.-aWarmFront i The National Weather Service Forecast for it lower Mississippi Valley to the southern Allantil Ohio Valley to the middle and northern Atlantic, hall of the Pacific Coast to the northern Rockie, southern Plains to the southwestern deserts..Te Coast states through the central Gulf Coast slat spread from southern California to south centre. below 50 degrees from the northern Plateau all The Nation Yesterday, A storm centered over Minnesota and Mwa. Snowfall totals ranged trot and western towa.'to three inches at Duluth, M traited5seuthw4rd from the tow over Missouri. ! Sunny skies prevailed acro ss the southern High Strong northerly winds were ushering much col AREA FORECAST.' WASHINGTON: Cool with rain through tonig 60, low 50-51 Easterly winds around 15 mph. Fr windy with rain ending id the afternoon, high S6-t WASHINGTON DATA THROUGH 6 P.M. YE! RECORD HIGH FOR TODAY: 77 degrees in It RECORD LOW FOR TODAY: 26 degrees in 19 HIGH TEMPERATURE: 70 degrees at 2:41 p.R LOW TEMPERATURE: 42 degrees at 6a.m. RELATIVE HUMIDITY: maximum, 89 percent minimum; 41 percent at 3 p.m. EXCESS OF PRECIPITATION SINCE JANUi 7.29 inches: ' , DEFICIENCY OF PRECIPITATION SINCE t1 1983:.58 inches. 24 HOUR PRECIPITATION: None. HIGHEST WIND SINCE 1 a.m.: 8 mph from Iht PEAK GUST SINCE 7 a.m.: 10 mph from the SAIR QUALITY INDEX 9 a.m.: 70 for carbon EXTENDED AREA FORECAST for Satur. Monday: Partly cloudy through the period with a Highs in the SOS Salurday warming to the 60s Mc the 40s. Temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler in fh MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA: Cool with ra west to the-60s east, lows around 40 west to 50s t Rain ending and becoming windy, highs in Ihe'40. around 60 east. WEST VIRGINIA: Periods of rain through F today in the mid 50s to tower 60s cooling Friday : 40s in the mountains to the upper SOs in the easte lows tonight in. the upper 30s to mid 405. ' LOWER POTOMAC/CHESAPEAKE BAl tonight, visibilities S miles or more lowering to 1-: Winds easterly 10-IS knots becoming southerly I tonight. Waves 1-2 feet. FORECAST FOR WASHINGTON AND VICItf 936.1212. WEATHER INFORMATION, DIAL: LONG RANGE FORECAST, DIAL 899-3240. CHESAPEAKE. BAY BOATING FORECAST. Approved For Release 2011/03/07: CIA-RDP89-00066R000300010022-7 19 tion. Under election (B), the individual participates fully in the ap- propriate covered retirement system and pays the social security tax plus a full retirement contribution. An election may be made at any time. If no election is made, the individual will continue not to participate in a covered retirement system, will not be subject to the other provisions of the conference agreement, and will be cov- ered by social security. The conference agreement provides that an election must be sub mitted to the official by whom the electing individual is paid, and that if an individual elects to terminate participation in a covered retirement system, the individual is entitled-to receive a refund of contributions in accordance with the applicable provisions of law concerning the particular covered retirement system. The final modifications relate to the deficiency contribution. This contribution represents the amount not paid by employees because 'f the reduction of their retirement contributions to 1.3 percent. .ic Senate amendment provides that an amount equal to the defi- ciency shall be paid to the covered retirement systems by the Treasury of the United States and that those payments shall be amortized over 30 years. The conference agreement provides the deficiency payments shall be made at the close of fiscal years 1984, 1955, and 198G rather than amortized over 30 years. The conferees believe the amounts involved are not significant enough to warrant the administrative attention which amortization would require. In addition, the conference agreement provides the deficiency contri- bution shall include, interest that the retirement contributions would have earned had they been made by employees during the fiscal years involved. This ensures that the covered retirement sys- tems' funds will, in fact, be made whole. WILLIAM D. FORD, Mo UDALL, MARY ROSE OAKAR, GENE TAYLOR, BENJAMIN A. GILMAN, Managers on the Part of the House. TEI) STEVENS, CHARLES McC. MATHIAS, Jr., JErv I3INGAMAN, Managers on the Part of the Senate,' O Approved For Release 2011/03/07: CIA-RDP89-00066R000300010022-7