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December 22, 2016
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June 17, 2009
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July 15, 1946
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Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 PROGRAM SCHEDULE 15 July 1.946 Station Langua e Content AM 1201-1215 Guatemala Guatemala Spanish News 1201-1215 "Mfosc ow Domestic Russian Newspaper Editorials 1201-1245 Mexico City Mexico Spanish News/commentary 1245-0100 Moscow USSR Russian News (Highly Irreg.) 1230-0100 Moscow Spain Spanish News/C omtry. 1245-0245 Khabarovsk USSR Russian News (Lict. to Press 0015-0030 Melbourne W.N.A. English News 0030-0045 New Delhi Afr.-Far East English Newvs 0100-0140 Melbourne Tahiti French News 0130-0145 New Delhi Afr.-Far East English Nevis *0200-0230 Fk8aa Noumea,N.Cal. Pacific French News 0215-0230 Me lb ourne British Isles English Commentary 0230-0245 Melbourne British Isles English News 0300-0315 Khabarovsk USSR Russian Nevis 0300-0315 Melbourne British Isles English C ommentary 0310-0340 Melbourne N. Caledonia French Pegs, C ommentary 0330-0345 Petropavlovsk USSR Russian News 0400-0415 Melbourne Aust.,Brit. & Al- English News lied Frcs.,Pac/ * 0400-0415 Chungking Japan/Asia Aust., Oceania English New 0400-0410 Brisbane A.H.S. English s National News 0400-0410 Melbourne A.H.S. English National News 0400-0415 Saigon 0415-0430 Brisbane French News 0415-0430 Perth A.H.S. English English C ommentary C ommentary 0430-0440 'v7ellington Pacific English News 0430-0445 Moscow Domestic Russ ian Press Review Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Pro:rram Schedule - 2 Station 15 July 46 Beam Lan^uade Content 0430-0445 Australian, Bri- English Nuns, Dictation speed tish - Allied forces Japan/AsLa 0445-0515 robs c ow d A R N rmy cr e avy 0500-0515 Saigon English 0500-0530 C olon:ia Spanish 0530-0540 Melbourne Asia English 0530-0630 i+4aracaibo Venezula Spanish 0540-0545 Melbourne Asia English C OTT! t&ry o6on-o605 National. ws n600-0610 Aust.O?rit.Allied English Fees. Pac; Jap;Asia News 0600-0615 Uru-uay Svanish dews 0600-0615 Red '.rm~ Navy ?ve s 0605-0615 English omm'' ntsry. 0630-0700 Valparaiso Chili News -0630-0645 N-w Delhi Africa,..Asia Engli_ 0630-0700 S ant sago Ch`li ranish News 0645-0655 New Delhi ", 1_ca, 'ici,a 7n-11sh Cccr- ntary 0630-0700 Buenos Aires Lrz /l rxl Ar 7ti 'r , ;r n; 0700 0715 Kh b k . - a arovs ~, i.cna__ ,,..s 0645-0715 Buenos Aires Lryl ~1r er. ina Spanish Nvcc 0700-0730 Saigon Domestic 7 re nc h n70-')-0730 Quito 1' c or J anish C'ews *0700-0720 Chungking Asic. French 0700-0730 Panama City Panama 0700-0715 Melbourne . r, anFl a ^ ng 1 isle t ows 0720-0820 v, OS e071 Ncrt~ A ' nica English Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Program ci;er.',a~le - 3 Time at=,ticn :15 July 46 Beam Lan uage C ontent 0720-0730 rv"e lb ourne U.S.& Cana(-,a; l . Eng. ish G orrr ent: r;, !- at 0730-0745 Melbourne ~:sia English rNe~Rs 0730-07 5 Manila Domestic :nglish Netas 073, 0 -074x., M os c o'-"J Doe estjc s ian Article 0740-0800 tie lb ourne ,J CanuC:a English uomrent. ry 074_5-0750 Melbourne Asia English Cmtr y :. i-.e.. t 0800-0815 I ie lb ourne U.S. ,P? Canada English Ae oe :ev;s ~.t 0800-081.5 Chungking North Ane rice. English News sun t1ee 0830-090-, 0aigon aA orld English News 0830-0900 C hung';: ing North America English Di: t. News (sum! er time 0830-0845 Santiago Chile n L ..~ra_nia~1 ;dews 0830-0900 Panama City Panama .) ar'_ h News 0030-0845 Nontevidec Uruguay S-anish r!ews 0900-091.5 Sir: apore Far Bast English r; ews 0900-0915 Hermosilla Mexico .3j-ari h Nevis 0915-0930 Rangoon , sia English News 0915-0920 Melbourne Asia Enelisk Cnitry Re r. t 0930-0945 New Delhi East East Ne S 1000-1015 C hung k :ing Asia Bey iish 0930-0945 Allied Fces, in E. asia;shortwave listeners India English 1000-1230 Khabarovsk U1, Sr) Russian r.. s: 1000-1030 Moscow I7`;;It arss.ian ied r~r ;y avy 1010-1015 Rangoon. Asia lish `Jews, He!-.d' in.`s 1015-1030 Melbourne British Isles E rglish dews, re eat 1030-1045 Me lb ourne British isles ish Cm try. rereat 1030-1100 Moscow SSR Russian Peasant T i cur Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Approved For Release 2009/06/17: CIA-RDP89-00642R000200150038-6 Program :ehedule - 4 15 July 4.6 Time Station Beam Lan, uaLe C on t,-nt 1030-1040 New Delhi Far East English News 1100-1115 Melbourne W.N.A. English New s - repeat 1100-1115 M 0S c ow USSR Russian News 1100-1120 Mosc ow USSR Yiddish News A,A Talk (Tues. 1115-1125 Ye lboume i.N.A. English only) 11 mtry. rrt. 1245-1300 Ankara North Am(- rica English 1400-1500 Hermosill.a Mexico Sranish *1445-1500 Lorenco ;:argues Africa, Portugal English 1500-1700 Montevideo Uruguay Spanish *1515-1530 Lorenco Marques Africa, Fe.rt,ugal English C entry 1530-1600 Moscow Domestic Russian 1600-1615 Buenos Aires Argentina Spanish 1615-1630 Khabarovsk IISSR Russian ?ens or talks 1600-1615 San Jose Costa Rica Spanish 1630-1645 Ankara British Isles English N~sas C.:or..Thur~. ) 1700-1730 Panama City Panama Sranish 1730-1800 11 os c ow Domestic Russian News (;en, rpt 1530) 1730-2000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Portuguese 1800-2100 Khabarovsk USSR Russian News or articles (' ict. to Press) 1730-1800 Espana Ind ire nd ie me Spanish *1815-1830 Saigon Far East French News 1825-1.930 dt'