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December 22, 2016
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June 6, 2008
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January 1, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP89-00874R000100150009-2 0 NOTE FOR: Deputy Director for Administration VIA: Acting Director of Logistics FROM: Chief, Real Estate & Construction Division CIL SUBJECT: GSA Support Meeting - 7 May 1982 1. We met Friday, 7 May 1982, with the advance party from the General Services Administration (GSA) in preparation for your forthcoming meeting with.Mr. Charles S. Davis, the GSA Associate Administrator for Policy and Management. 2. Mr. Henry J. Husmann, although new to GSA, is the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Public Buildings Service (PBS) and expressed confidence that things are going to get better if we give them a chance to improve. 3. Mr. Ted Leininger is an old GSA regional man who is now Deputy Commissioner of PBS National Capital Region. With tine departure of Mr. John 114yers, maintaining confidence at this level is important. 4. Mr. Stanley Langfeld is the Program Control Officer, Immediate Office of the Administrator (Central Office). He stated that Mr. Carmen is extremely sympathetic to the needs of the Agency and has instructed him to "make it happen." Sion, OI., acting for the Dir? Office of Secur STAT ;ct.or of STAT . ;;y , STAT Rea]. Estate 5i S- T- Construction Division, OL, and the undersigned. The meeting was cordial, and I believe constructive in the direction we are attempting to proceed. The attached list of "bullets" is intended to reflect the flavor of the meeting. S. In addition to Logistics, we had Messr Logistics Services Divi Attachment As Stated ILLSTAT ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP89-00874R000100150009-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP89-00874R000100150009-2 0- Issues Discussed at GSA/CIA Meeting of 7 May 1082 ? Agreed SLUC operations, maintenance, and housekeeping, while not perfect, did show enough improvement to omit from Mr. Carmen's attention. ? Agreed cafeteria and vending machine situation to be acceptable but would like to explore clearing some money from the capital equipment fund for improvements at Headquarters. 0 Agreed supply and procurement issues of such acceptability as to not warrant Mr. Carmen's attention. ? Agreed that transfer ofl to CIA responsibility STAT is at such a stage of mutual agreement that discussion is not necessary. ? Agreed that the protective services provided are adequate and seem to be improving from problems of manpower shortages observed previously. Found that a RIF is upcoming and that a. temporary hiring freeze will be effected while the bumping process goes on. ? I-lad more trouble with getting agreement to increase lease authority above 5,000 square feet. Although Mr. Husmann admitted to diffi- culties in the past, he was confident of improvement in the future with a 200-day maximum turnaround to be expected. This based on setting aside of many contractural impediments imposed under Admiral Freemen to reduce corruption and increase in the local approval contract thresholds to $100K. We agreed to provide GSA a list of our primary problem areas, and Mr. Husmann requested "another strike at the plate." 0 Agreed that some of the above impediments also affected turn- around time of important reimbursable projects. Whereas, Dan mentioned Director's special authority, he alluded to our reluctance to utilize it under other than the most extra- ordinary circumstances. GSA reluctant to give carte blanche approval but requested list of our most serious problems. (Note: this is classic response and usually gets temporary improvement on items identified at expense of other work in the queue.) 0 Discussed ramifications of GSA Evaluation Report on 2430 E Street especially the stark finding that only $142K had been spent for maintenance and alteration in the last five years and of that over 62% was on handicap accessibility. Also discussed elevator problem at 1724 F Street. Discussed degree of urgency to improve maintenance and reliability of Headquarters Powerplant and its absolutely critical role in the Agency's ability to function. Mr. Leininger appeared willing to allow serious consideration of the Agency assuming operational control of that facility. Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP89-00874R000100150009-2