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December 22, 2016
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June 6, 2008
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September 17, 1981
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Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7 ? ;COTE FOR: Director of Logistics Chien, Real state ~, Construction Division, Oi. STAT SUBJECT: 2450 E. Street Complex Safet~~ and 'H'ealth Survey 1. tidith reference to the response from John '~i~~ers regardil:g subject Safety and Health Survey of the 2430 E. Street complex, ~~~e have contacted T1r. I-lope, Director, BuildinSs ?~{anagemer.,t Division, ~l'~?'B) . ~~ir. Hope SeemeC} amenanle t0 ~~Orf:~7'i^ 'tilt}; ie Ager..C;' t0 Oil%e some of the problems in the Safety and Health report and has ac~,-ised t'r,at a i~ir. Ha,~kins, of his office, ~.~ill call of STAT the Field Engineering Branch, to schedule a joint GSA Agency meeting to outline plans for corrective measures. 2. It is not intended to prepare a formal reply to Mr. ?~Syers' memo of I7 September at: this time. STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7 A ., inistration R?Cicn W2~ir~gton, DC _.407 1 ? SEP 1?81 i~1r. James H. McDonald director of Logistics Central Intelligence Agency ~,'~:shington, DC 20505 ?0 EX SA C/~E:B ~,~FFngS Dear Jim: 2 2 SE:P i~31 Thank you for your letter of August 25, 1?3i, concerning a safety ~-~d health s~rv::~~~ of th= ?;30 E Street cc:~~:~`lex conducted by ?,~o~r -~~n~y per~onn~l. I am a~?.are of our obligation to abate hazardous conditions that Gre the responsibility of general Services :-.dministration (GSA). ~o~~~ever, in revie~~.ing the report it is difficult to differentiate bet~?,een Agency and GS,A responsibilities for numerous items. It is recommended that GSA and your safety personnel conduct an onsit~ survey to ascertain Agency and GSA areas of responsibilities, and which items constitute specific Occupational Safety and Meal th Adr:i ni S Lr at i on violations. lti'e will then proceed with our necessary corrective ?:~easures and provide you ~~.ith an abatement plan far ail ti,~ork t~~a_ cannot be accomplished within 30 days of the onsite survey. Please contact Mr. Hope, Director, Buildings I~lanagement Division (1;'PB), to schedule the survey. He can be reached on 472-1841. Sincerely, XO7tJ 7. t~Yr~-t? Assistant Pegional Administrator PUb11C vUl idlrl~S ~ervlCe Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7 2 5 AUG 1981 i~ir. John Ti . Ayers Assistant Regional Ac~miazistra.tor General Services Ads+ini:~tration 1ias2iin~,ton, D. C. 2J4~?7 The health asad saf~wt}~ ?f our employees is a ma j or u~ana 5e:nent concern at the Central Intelligence :~.,~;ency (CIA) . A recently conducted survey at the CIA cai~znlex located at 2430 "E" Street, Pr"4a7, Washington, D. C., cited aver 23U health and safety dei'icioncies. I have deer askad by the I3eput}~ Tirector of Central I~atelligc:nce to correct tl,ese~ daficioa~c:ies ms. ciuickly as possi~ale. the resident CIA 1+~~*isties officer at the "E'" Street Complex h~.s b~se:n working with file State l~apart Rent Groctp, Cer~cral Services Adaai~aistration, to Correct the cit~;c~ deficiencies, and through ti~e:ir joint effoxts pro~rass is being raadc. Additionally, I have Enclosed a copy of the health and s?~#c~ty s~srvey for .your review. Arsy further assistancethat you or your staff cars ~~rovide to alleviate this sftuatio7Y would be greatly appz?cciated. If you have any ciu+~stians concerning ti!ais raa ~ c: or if I can i/Q of any assistance, plezse c?nt~.ct Sae on STAT Sinc:~rely, /~/ Jam. I~. P~cDona ~d .l'ar~es rf.r~3cT~onald Director of Logistics cc: Director of Buildiisg Tdanagement General Services Administration Distribution: Orig - Addressee (~ - AEO/OL Officiaa I - OL Files 1 - EO/OL Chrono 1 - D/L Chrono AEO/UL: (25 Aug 81) STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP89-008748000100150040-7