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December 12, 2016
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November 6, 2001
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August 14, 1979
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Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R0003' 1090041-O 14 AUG V V9 ~;*puty Mractor of Central Intelligence 'Tarry V. Fitzwater Director of Personnel triter-Dir rate Rr tatic nal Assi is as a PrertKjuislte for Pwtion to Supergra& T e ;. Ts mwwwAm is in response to C which discusses the fasibil.ity of phasing in ar *riod % rq,rw requiring aapl ees to serve at lees{,. si nt in. another Directorate befc being promote posit at -16. Taco .tom that rotational essi n rents b fi both the or m d the employee, the Tl.rectorates h established programs of their own. The ant of these proms is reflected in figures fry the PP which show t .at in FY 79 there were a rcxi ately 200 loyees {(S-13 and above) on rotation in positions outside of their own Career Service. In addition, the icy inaugurated in T ID79 a formal inter-Directorate rotational assignment profit the orgzatiion and maintenance of rich is a current Office of Personnel ' objective. in general, fiver, participation in t tese various rotatinyal a-ssi a is ly as the referent proposal s uld do. been specifically linked with career advancmnt and pr ot1 as 3. Staff Position: Our detailed a ination or this proposal resulted JjTW'J&nTMcattor, or a variety of argaa is in favor of rotationalll, assigewnts but also revealed that practical, ac iristrative obstacles wmdd +t st in the ianpleL entation of such a prQg'.a . The five- ye ar Owe-in period bas no Txpact on the broad problers foresee. ; These !m's and con's are briefly prized below l e rotatims serve an educational purpose broadening the per's uaderst tirg of the . problem end activities of other organizational elements. Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R000300090041-0 Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R000300090041-0 A crud test of the a ployee's capabili be cdcted y Observing his or her perfor=ce in a lew and different work envirorment. c. The hest cca xents benefit frm the fresh perspectives of the n rs. mowing the significance of the rotational assist for f rture c ent, can assess his or her contimw-d capacity and/or interest for a career at a senior nanage ent level Con's The con's are concerned with the nwJera of people and positions OW10yea the itior* of.atory rernts which are aanls- tered agent . outside the control of the eaaployee. be- To avoid charges of proa~electian which could in conflict with ; gufc'~eUnes, rotational assig, - a tits might have to be made available to all e 'lcrwes in the super grade feeder grow (GS-13 - (-1S) who desire them. . The =Ater of rotational assigments which could be and which would provide the required atal exposure mould probably exceeded -- -- $. aaarsy ties aver by the size of the pool of candi.da in the progre:. 'Phis iajance could well delay per. on to (S-16 of mny otherwise qualified ea loyfes chile they waited for an aassigraient to rotational position. In the worst cases, certain iplo s night per receive a rotational assi erst in the corrvetition for these ScaTM positions. it shoidd be noted here that the forecast of the success rate to s r grade level per grarie ten years after promotion to M-l3, 14, and 15 is St, 10%, and 20% restively. This ratio makes a mandatory requ#rewnt, If it could be atcc .fated, a rotation for rotation's sake p - rather than one de'siwd with a firm focus on the utilisation of experience. 4. DscusstOn; The matter of MMC0WbDdSt1ngZ, the large tsu" of ass t tints, within a rem. nable time ire of suitable, gm". Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R000300090041-0 Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R000300090041-0 lticxet, poses serious practical -re 1 . Sim it is possibly tho possess file suergrede r. a ;o nt potential, but are late in the develop t press, + ld find it difficult t qualifying experience for pro ti.on, the Agency ;end the choice of selection by instituting a mandatory r+uqui.?t additional. factor for consideration before making a dot that the SIB Task Force will be looking at the rec than for fi cation of positions ami. perse l In three career tracks _ - i /prnfessi+r , anal executive/p ray. 7 of the review r identify clear career tracks which e!lcrees could elect to follow at a aid-cater level of CS-13 or x-i . Whom a rotational e; perience is desired for the particular track, the pool of candidates wotlt be defined by teelpyee option and n :nt . s selection criteria wie i iould be based on the employee's proven reocorc'. It is probable the feeder grotelw for the track a ould be of a size ich could be pwavided with the required de lopmental assignments. It is also feasible that given a more defined position roster and a re lit itea. f es loyeaes, the rotatiomal assign t can be progrweed after the e lly a ces3fal results. tiona a. ucause of the lexity of the proposal and the potential for creating mandktory limits on choices available to both rya -ant e Zloyees In the area of a tvo d to nt, it is re t not be nwx%torr, but that rotation be encot b. Because the V WP developing the proposal for the esubl.ish- t of a senior es tive ser'v'ice is also addressing the issue of an executive c vele ent pmt for S ES mothers, it is Y wed that the proposal, as modified by the discussion points herein, be inciudc as part of their overall stir. IiQTTT E. fitt tE'ier 'ry E. Fitter Distribution: Orig MCI 2 - A/DIn STATINTL 2 - D/Pers I - OP/PNPS ?P/ /'P a (9 Aug 79) Approved For Release 2002/01/08 : CIA-RDP89-01114R000300090041-0