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December 21, 2016
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November 6, 2008
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February 29, 1984
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Approved For Release 2008/11/06: CIA-RDP89B00236R000200240023-1 98TH CONGRESS S*774 . 2D SESSION IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FEBRUARY 29, 1984 Referred to the Committee on Government Operations AN ACT ? ? Entitled "The Freedom of Information Reform Act". 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 2 tines of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 FEES AND WAIVERS 4 SECTION. 1. Paragraph (4)(A) of section 552(a) of title 5 5, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: 6 "(4)(A)(i) In order to carry out the provisions of this 7 section, each agency shall promulgate regulations, pursuant 8 to notice and receipt of public comment, specifying the sched- 9 ule of fees applicable to the processing of requests under this 10 section and establishing procedures and guidelines for deter- Approved For Release 2008/11/06: CIA-RDP89B00236R000200240023-1 Approved For Release 2008/11/06: CIA-RDP89B00236R000200240023-1 8&2UfO9oc) Hi'8@ ? 1 mining when such fe; sT out i be,ived or redhce 8Such 2 schedules shall conform to the guidelines which shall be pro- 3 mulgated, pursuant to notice and receipt of public comment, 4 by the ~l0 iced of ~A ar ag~e~ ent~F~a d'+Bti~dget Wd"lwUeh shall 5 provide for a uniform ' 'cheul9Vifee's for all agencies. Such aPGidsTEsgO +frt+r'i7iovoO uo ~3~DIFtr1'ri; O Nrif of b i I3.lI 6 regulations- 7 "(a) shall provide for the payment of all costs rea- 8 sonably and =di,,rectly tril utta to responding to the 11 9 request, which shall__ include reasonable standard h ~o mo.b &- ty SSiT ?3'tL:ii; [ 10 charges for the costs of services by agency personnel in 11 search, duplication, and other processing of the re- t 85USfr92G,w ~Z"~+~SC~a ~-.i 41^t ;:DS ! ~O ~~ J a ~j tc ~j J 1`,~ ~O %Sa's? 12 quest. The term `processing' does not include services `t CIVIA 8L 13 !1 of agency personnel in((}} resolving issues of law and a1 !J '0 not")Or to (11)(I'?) i~N lSS YA: JI. .. .Y11f t i~ll 14 policy of general applicability which may be raised by : wcI1o . 8,P I).C3Jai cif J.1,3 -7r ,)fiaP, 2, i j)I o ~ ) aJz ~D9Jafij av 15 a request, but does include services involved in exam- `:ifiJ 7G uri~'~*iu~ivo q Sri i u Si 9 T3 ?iQ C[.n ()(~)~ 1aa 16 fining records for possible withholding or deletions to i ~' .1r `wq q?r.C0i3ithr ?a ,~o ~i:Jrno C rfdi'ri~ Yv~D!'rs a `{; t o PsT1 i 3;3U' ~~ 17 carry out determinations of law or policy. Such regula- -b ;Iou 3'?l,t `ft1Y.['j~r;;~E;f.? e~ IOff1C.'.iv') `Ji ' IJC. 13 ; l~io n bnc `')`Dijoq 01 8 18 tions may also provide for standardized charges for cat- f i&t -IaL tL a?uaitper ire grlisaoco-ccf cr1I oj rld, ~ilq _w Goal Io aln 0, 19 egories of requests having similar processing costs, -`Lads, 'IOI r"ft !i t ()ft1 rcD 1rJ 9c0iJ i[ ::r c ':i% noiJJoe^, 01 20 "(b) shall provide that no fee is to be charged by 21 any agency with respect to any request or series of re- 22 lated requests whenever the costs of routine collection 23 and processing of the fee are likely to equal or exceed 24 the amount of the fee, and ? ? Approved For Release 2008/11/06: CIA-RDP89B00236R000200240023-1 Approved For Release 2008/11/06: CIA-RDP89B00236R000200240023-1 3 k 1 "(c) in the ease, of an request or . series of related 5~.?:I~~ ;fir Y. Sff1fltd` r 0.CI u; z ~' (3I~t' )iJfl '$o .,h'.~ft r _,_ai He tfi'; lo 2 equests,. foronrecords containing ~ commercially valuable 3 technological information which was generated or pro- ?':i'~"~_i :f' ~Ji '. li; ei?. e,~1?!. ~`~`~~fv e12~ .,~ ~~7i~~~'f u~. ~.(~.~, ~ 1?/ t !~"f JJe. i+ ? ? 4 cured by the, Government at substantial cost to the o 5I io f ::_.'i.:" ?i'..`.E fY C~ ~u;J1..19 .1E 1J3'I'q J r 5 public, is likely to be used for a .commercial purpose, 6 .and will deprive then ,Governmentof,~its ..~commercial =_ElI.::~?c: G.. 'Io Till )~~S a .. 0y anst fop zi i: fff., 7 val e, may provide .for the charging of a fair, value fee, a t r C a C 0 7 r `2, V1511 '9 '??fjifi`,) 1.~(:. ,`1.. \rLl si.~ ?f;..,?;!. ~u il.ofie: 8 ",1rea in~additiionto or in lieu of any rrocessing~ fees ,other- 9 w ise chargeableb making into account~~ uc1. factors as Ffj 10 the estimated commercial value of the technological in- rfi ' i s ~2,p ;:~ J`~el 31 ^Y_3!:~'` ?ifli ai DI11 u 11 formation,] its costs to the Government,^ and p,nv. public -f)