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December 19, 2016
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December 21, 2005
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April 9, 1958
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Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8 No. Pages:, a TOP SECRET MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY MISSION C 1725 9 APRIL 1.958 HTA/MCS-15/58 14 JULY 1958 WARNING: HANDLE VIA TALENT CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY T CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE CENTER This document contains information usable only within the TALENT CONTROL SYSTEM. It is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the originator. TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8 `....id `....I 6..d i... 6.i i...rri 6..d T`.. Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8 WARNING This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and 794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8 Approved For Release i 0 CRE A-ff 00551 R000400410013-8 MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Mission No. C 1725 Report No.. Dote of Photography 9 April 1958 Date of Report HTA-MCS-15-58 14 July 1958 Country' WAC Lat. Long. O q= 0 Exp. Cam. aa. } a Description (Foi ar.rai gement o entries ee note n, page 5.) 25X1 D AIR IEL DS 25X1 Indonesia 982 6-54S 07-35E Husien Sastranegara A/F 2 parallel runways WNW/ESE, one prob asphalt runway 6,400 ! x 150!, one prob sod runway 3,4001 x 275', asphalt loop taxiway; 14 hangars, sod-_= dispersal area SW and NE of run- ways; a/c: 3 Convair CV-340, 12 C-47, 10 prob B-25, 18 pons liaison type, 2 PBY, 1 prob PBY, 1 u/i twin engine, approx 16 u/i single engine fighters 25X1 D Kalibanteng-lor A/F Indonesi 982 6-59S 110-23E two asphalt runways 4, 600' x 150' NW/SE and 3, 500' x 150' N/S; a/c: 1 Convair R47-1 type preparing to take off (cloud cover precludes further inter- pretation) 25X1 D Indonesia 982 6-33S 107.40E Kalidjati A/F 2 prob sod runways; 1 double hangar: a/c: 11 u/i single engine (cloud cover precludes further interpretation) 25X1 D Indonesi 982 6-58S 107-33E Margahaju A/F sod runway 3, 300' x 125', NNE/SSW; sod dispersial areas along both sides of run- way; no a/c observed Indonesia 982 6-41S 108-15E Sutawangi A/F; 2 poss asphalt runways; a/c: 1 poss liaison (cloud cover precludes further interpretation) 25X1 D Indonesi 979 3-27S 114-45E Ulin A/F prob gravel runway approx 5, 600' x 150' E/W; no a/c observed (cloud cover precludes further interpretation) 25X1 D Indorn.esi 978 2-13S 1:15-26E Warukin A/F ; no a/c observed (cloud cover precludes interpretation) SPB Form iu /Apr.58 Page 1 of 5 Airfields Approved For Release 204 /'lECMkL 551 R000400410013-8 Approved For Release T?p106ECRETA4800551 R000400410013-8 MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Mission No. C 1725 Report No. HTA-MCS-15-58 Dote of Photography 9 April 1958 Date of Report 14 July 1958 Country WAC Lot. Long. Exp. Cam. c O a 0. v Description IND JSTRY q ltnesia 982. 6-525 07-37E Hydroelectric power plant 3 nm NNE of Bandung; reservoir with control house 0.5 nm NE of generator station; spillway and penstock system between reservoir and generating station; 2 bldgs Indonesia 982 6-56S 08-59E Poss food-processing plant approx , 4 nm SW of Brebes; 2 tall stacks, several large bldgs, rail-served storage yard Indonesia 982 6-55S 110-09E Sugar mill at Tjepiring; 2 large bldgs, tall stack, several small bldgs; rail served Indonesia 982 6-57S 110-15E Poss food-processing plant at Kaliwoengoe; 1 tall stack; 3 large bldgs, several small bldgs; open storage LIQUID FUELS 21Xconesi 979 3-205 114-35E POL storage 1 nm W of Bandjermasin; one large tank, 3 small tanks Indonesia 982 6-57S. l10-26E POL storage adjacent to port at Semarang; 2 large storage tanks Indonesia 982 6-57S 110-27E POL storage area on E edge of Semarang; .12 storage tanks of various sizes MIL ITARY INS AL A IONS 2 Indonesi 978 2-56S 115-08E Poss military camp approx 2 nm NE of Rantau; 19 large rectangular bldgs; open storage Indonesi a. 979 3-27S 114-52E Pass military camp 3 nm SE of Martapoera; 4 large H-shape bldgs; approx 40 large rectangu- lar bldgs, several small bldgs Indonesi a 979 3-27S 114-44E Poss military camp approx 3 nm W of Min A/F; approx 30 barracks SPB Form IA /Apr.58 Page ? of Industddryy~ ll Military Installations Approved For Release 20(TOR/' -2CfB ~g b004&64f0013-8 Approved For Release 1FJp/0JC 1'R&TA@R00551 R000400410013-8 .Mission No. MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Q...1725 Report No. HTA-MCS-15-58 Date of Photography 9 Aril 1958 Date of Report 1July 1958 Country 'WAC Lat.. Long. Exp. Cam? i a Description Indonesia 982 6-315 1 07-26E Poss military camp approx 1 nm SSE of Sadang; 75 barracks 25X1 D Indonesia 982 6-54S 07-36E Military headquarters and barracks area just ; E of Bandung; approx 100 barrack-type bldgs; perimeter fence 25X1 D 6 arsenal in E Arm Indonesia 982 6-54S E 107-3 y section of Bandung, immediately S of military hq; approx 50 bldgs; perimeter fence Indonesi 982 6-585 110-23E Poss military camp on SE edge of Ka,libanteng; 15 barracks P RTS ND 'HAR O S 2qrAhonesi 979 3-20S 114-35E Bandjermasin; port facilities: large quay area with adjacent warehouse storage; numerous small craft; several small piers; one large crane; extensive storage area on both banks of Barito River S of Bandjermasin (cloud cover precludes further interpretation) Indonesia 982 6-57S 110-26E Semarang port facilities; several warehouses (cloud cover precludes further interpretation) TRANS OR AT I N 25X1 Indonesi a 982 6-17S 107-16E RR bridge at landjoengpoera; through-type, approx 620? long Indonesi 982 6-17S 107-16E Highway bridge at Tandjoengpoera, poss through- type approx 6201 long Indonesi 982 6-18S 107-17E Classification yard at Krawang; approx 150 units of rolling stock Indonesi 982 6-25S 107-27E Classification yard and repair shop at Tjikampek; approx 150 units of rolling stock Indonesi a 982 7-01S 108-59E Wooden deck RR trestle approx 7501 long across Pamali River approx 9 nm SSW of Brebes SPB Form 10 /Apr.5$ Approved For Release 20G4/' @kT Page -of_.~_ Military Installations Transportation 1 l _ 0Ab%41 ~'5 3-8 Approved For Release MP/0 2R&TAOR00551 R000400410013-8 Mission No. MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Report No. HTA-MCS-15-58 Date of Photography 9 April 1958 Date of Report 14 July 1958 Country WAC Lat. Long. Exp. Cam ,?0 .o a o~ a Description 25X1 D Indonesia 982 6-57S 110-26E Classification yards at Semarang; numerous RR cars, RR repair facilities URBAN AREAS 25X1D 2onesi 982 6-54S 107-36E andung (Bandoeng) Indonesia 982 6-555 109-45E atang Indonesia 982 6-52S 09--02E reties 25X1 D Indonesia 982 6-42S 108-34E heribon (Tjirebonf Indonesia 978 2-47S 115-17E andangan Indonesia 981 5-30S 104-38E otaagoeng Indonesia 982 6-18S 107-17E rawang Indonesia 979 3-25S 114-51E artapoera Indonesia 981 5-04S 104-23E egerikapajoengan Indonesia 982 6-43S 111-21E emba.ng Indonesia 982 6-105 107-17E engasdengklok Indonesia 982 6-57S 110 -26E Semarang Indonesia 982 7-34.S 110-50E Soerakarta Indonesia 982 6-51S 109-08E Tegal Indonesia 982 6-25S 107-27E Tjikampek MISCE LA EO S 2` 1ionesi 978 2-025 116-12E New camp u/c; 3 large bldgs, several small bldgs; new road SPB Form 10 /Apr.58 Page 4 of 5 Transportation Urban Areas Approved For Release 20I QN,6TR0d60551 R0004004 9,001;?j ~ r ~, ~ Approved For Release 1e91/0SR&A00551 R000400410013-8 MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Mission No. C 1725 Date of Photography 9 April 1958 Report No. . Date of Report HTA-MCS-15-58 Country WAC Lat. Long. Exp. Cam. r o g Description a. a. car u/c approx 3/4 nm long connecting camp area to river 25X1 Indonesia 979 3-25S 114-51E Mining activity near Martapoera;. scattered patches of strip mining Indonesi 982 6-16S 107-OOE Reservoir 1 nm S of Bekasi Indonesi 982 6-24S 107-21E Control dam for canal system on Tjitaroem River approx 6 nm ESE of Tjikampek Indonesia 982 6-31S 107-24E Prob construction along Tjitaroem River approx 1 nm ; 3 obandoen f T ik g a j SW o housing areas; 2 areas completed and one area u/c with two units . completed and 32 u/c; 2 prob storage areas g one area consist- ing of 13 warehouse-type bldgs and the other area consisting of 7 bldgs with numerous vehicles present; much track activity throughout area (cloud cover precludes further interpre- tation) NOT Item in this r port are arrange by ca tegori es,. Within categories items are arra ged a s follows: airfield and urb n are as -- alph abetically; all other categories -- (1) b WA a (2) bye posure n amber. SPB Form tO /Apr..58 Page 5 of Approved For Release 200QXI/SE( E-TROdES60551R000400410013-8 Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8 TOP SECRET TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000400410013-8