(Classified) (MISSIONS 1035-1036)

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November 17, 2016
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July 26, 1999
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October 26, 1956
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Approved For Release 2000/04/18,_,..q A RD:P DISPATCH NO - COPY 1 OF ' COPIES ')GVIA 91, f., i^4 y. lQcA TO: FROM: SUBJECT:. (MISSIONS 1035-1036) Cf.? x'JM'C ? 3 Ito. ____15 144 CH C;: ?'W MgSZ. 0 0 DACLi;~?f??.I CLASS, C4?A M D TS: TS & C ?atXT REVIEW GATE: 7--3-1-06 AUTH: RR 7u.? DATE S____: .REViEwfru_ /O 36 25X1A 1. This is for missions 1035 and 1036, flown on 24 October 1956. Duration of mission 1035 was 7:36; distance was 3105 nautical miles. Duration of mission 1036 was 7:37; distance was 3125 nautical miles. Based on a crew capability standpoint both missions were considered highly successful, although the overall effort was de- graded by partial camera malfunctions and adverse weather in the target areas. During letdown to home base mission 1035 experienced a flame out but did get an air start prior to entering the landing pattern. 2. During this mission it was readily seen that a maximum time of 12 hours is required for essential staff flight planning and briefing upon receipt of mission plan. The preparation of adequate complete mission materials and preparation of briefing to insure successful com- pletion of the mission requires considerable time. It is recommended that consideration be given to forwarding mission plans 16 hours prior to desired take-off time. Another lesson learned is the necessity or scheduling missions not to exceed 2900 nautical miles with the J-57 P37 engine. This condition is caused by the fact flame outs are most pre- velant with this engine if flown above base plus 15 thousand feet. By flying reduced altitudes, fuel consumption is increased and any mission exceedin00 miles returns the article over the home station with a critical fuel reserve. 3. These were very uneventful missions and required no assistance from air rescue facilities. 4. Rigid internal security was maintained on all aspects of these missions. 5. Existing base facilities, target intelligence information, and supply support were considered excellent in support of these missions. 6. No coordination with Air Defense Command was required on these missions. 7. Camera maintenance continues to be a problem with this detachment. This is attributable to the fact no "C Detachment" camera equipment had been assigned at the time of these missions. Consequently it has been impossible to thoroughly inspect and shake down the equipment that will be utilized by this detachment in subsequent operations. 1 1 07y & - 4-provedtor-fil lease J2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP89B00551 R000500540001-6 Ts= ! S, Cy._1_?f. ).__ Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP89B00551R000500540001-6 8. Adverse weather in the target areas caused the loss of two targets on mission 1036. 9. Navigation on these missions was considered superior. 10. I am highly pleased with the quality of flight planning pro- duced by the detachment staff. The information and In-Flight aids they produced aided greatly in the accurate execution of assigned missions 11. Flight following was easily accomplished through the receipt of position reports that were relayed by Flight Service. 12. As on previous missions the only tactic employed on this miss- ion was that of reducing flight altitude below maximum attainable in order to reduce the possibility of flame outs. 13. This detachment is continuing to operate under a serious han- dicap in not having required camera equipment assigned. The present equipment has been subjected to numerous test programs and modifications, and has been marginal to date. I would rate the overall quality of our photographic equipment as marginal. However when the equipment assigned to this detachment arrives, I am confident that I will be able to change my evaluation to superior. No doubt exists in my mind as to the high degree of proficiency attained by the air and ground crews assigned to this detachment. 25X1A T,'S DET ~- ~; ( O QI~ Copy Pssr Approved For Release 2000/04/18 Pm-RDA9b 000500540001-6 r a_.