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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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September 1, 1959
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PDF icon CIA-RDP89B00551R000900170001-3.pdf1.45 MB
proved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89B00551 R000900170001-3 u LI 111 0 El L NAVY PIC/JMCS-8/59 SEPTEMBER 1959 WARNING: HANDLE VIA TALENT CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY Li No. Pages : 9 V. TOP SEEaV JOINT MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY MISSION C 6028 15 MAY 1959 COORDINATED, PUBLISHED, AND DISSEMINATED BY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE CENTER This document contains information usable only within the TALENT CONTROL SYSTEM. It is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction Is prohibited union 'approved by the originator. TOP SECRET pproved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89B00551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89BOO551 R00090017000i -3' This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Sees. 793 and 794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89B00551 R0009001700041 Approved For Release 20W09W'e1A-0P?i1300551 R000900170001-3 PIC/JMCS - 8/59 September 1959 JOINT MISSION COVERAGE SUMMARY Mission C 6028 1.5 May 1959 Summary of Coverage Mission C 6028, flown 1.5 May 1959, covered parts of Burma, China, India, and Tibet. The Myitkyina area of Burma, the vicinity of Chang-tu in Tibet, and small portions of the road system in Eastern Tibet and Western China were covered. Quality Quality of the photography for photo interpretation is generally poor. Cloud cover and haze appears in 75 percent of the photography. A malfunction- ing of Camera 9 occurred early in the mission. Map References USAF World Aeronautical Charts, 1, 1, 000, 000 332 Koko Lake 435 Amne Machin Range 436 Ipi Pass 437 Kyi River 554 Brahmaputra River 555 Lake Erh Categories Information is listed by categories, as shown in. the Table of Contents Arrangement, within categories is as follows, Airfields and Urban. Areas-- alphabetically by (1) country and (2) city or installation; all other categories -- by (1) country, (2) WAC number, and (3) degree square. An index of geographic names concludes the report.. Arcuracy of Locations In Tibet and adjacent portions of Western China there is frequent lack of correspondence between photographs and available maps, therefor coordinates of points away from recognized landmarks are only approximate. Approved For Release 2'8/0V' E61)W89l300551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 1 AR&E.TC 891300551 R000900170001-3 PIC /JMCS-8/59 TABLE OF CONTENTS Airfields Military Installations Transportation Urban Areas Miscellaneous Geographic Index Page No, Approved For Release 2 b0$ !I ' IA15?9B00551 R000900170001-3 kAE COUNTRY COORDINATE STALLATION IN E.E.NLIMSER WAC TARGET ELDS- - BURM 2522N 09728 MYITKYINA EAST AFLD 055 4 NM ESE OF MYITKYINA. UNSERVICEABLE. COVERED WITH VEGETATION. 25X1 D 25X1 BURM 2525N 09724 MYITKYINA NORTH AFLD 055 ON IRRAWADDY R 2 NM N OF MYITKYINA. HAZE LIMITS INTERPRETATION. 25X1 D BURM 2523N 09721 '~ MYITKYINA SOUTH AFLD l 05515 25X1 2 NM W OF MYITKYINA. NW/SE RUNWAY 64000 X 150 FT ASPHALT, ASPHALT PARKING APRON. HANGAR. ACTT-~?NONE 25X1D 25X1~A BURM 2521N 09718E NAMPONMAO AFLD 10555 { 7 NM SW OF MYITKYINA. PROB OVERGROWNs NOT OPERATIONAL. 25X1 D TIBT 3032N 09112 LHASA AFLD 0437 APPROX 55 NM N OF LHASA9 BETWEEN LHA CHU R & TSINGHAI-TIBET ROAD. 2 NATURAL-SURFACE RUNWAYS NE/SW & ENE/WSW IN V PLAN, EACH OVER 109000 FT LONG. 25X1 D MILITARY INSTALLATIONS- TIBT 3109N 09714 " CHANG?TU SOUTH MILITARY AREA 0436 ON W BANK OF MEKONG R9 0.5 NM DOWNSTREAM FROM CHANG-TU. 2. WALLED COMPOUNDS9 UNWALLED MOTOR POOL AREA WITH TOTAL OF 10 SMALL BARRACKS- TYPE BLDGS9 HQ BLDG9 10 MISC BLDGS9 2 TENTS. 14 VEHICLES9 2 1/2 TON TYPE. 25X1D TIBT 31ION 09713: / CHANG?TU WEST BARRACKS AREA 0436 ON W BANK OF NGOM CHU R OPPOSITE CHANG-TU. 16 WALLED COMPOUNDS, INTERCONNECTING, WITH Approved For Release 2PWOSBOR~1 M89BOO551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release f O'49E61 O,9B00551 R000900 -000-L:__ __ Approved For Release 26 09' JQFCTAq 9B00551 R000900170001-3 B. E. NUMBER 2 MULTISTORY BLDG5, 41 BARRACKS, 14 POSS OFFICERS QUARTERS, 55 MISC SHEDS & SMALL BLDGS, 15 TENTS. OPEN STORAGE N OF COMPOUND WALL, LARGE VOLUME OF GRAVEL, LUMBER, OTHER CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. 25X1 D 1-1 CHANG-TU CENTRAL BARRACKS AREA ON CHANG-TU PROMONTORY, ON VILLAGE SIDE OF MEKONG R. 28 BARRACKS-TYPE BLDGS ARRANGED IN COMPOUNDS, 3 HQ BLDGS, 26 OTHER BLDGS. "wiimwk ON TYPE, IN AREA. 25X1 D CHANG-TU EAST BARRACKS AREA ON E BANK OF MEKONG R OPPOSITE CHANG-TU. 93 BLDGS IN SERIES OF INTERCONNECTED WALLED COM- POUNDS. APPROX 20 TENTS, 13 POSS FIELD ARTY PIECES, 40 TRUCKS. 25X1 D CHANG-TU NW MILITARY HO & WAREHOUSE AREA ON E BANK OF NGOM CHU R APPROX 1 NM UPSTREAM FROM CHANG-TU. LARGE WALLED COMPOUND WITH LARGE U-SHAPED MULTISTORY BLDG, 3 CONNECTING MULTISTORY BLDGS, 8 SHED-TYPE BLDGS, APPROX 20 MISC SMALL BLDGS, 4 TENTS, 25X1 D 0431{ I A ON W BANK OF MEKONG R, 0.8 NM N OF CHANG-TU. 3 SHED-TYPE BLDGS, 25 TENTS, IN WALLED COM- . TPOUND UCKS 1/2 TON TYPE. . 25X1 D ON E BANK OF MEKONG R 1 NM N OF CHANG-TU. 10 BARRACKS, 6 OTHER BLDGS, IN COMPOUND. NO VEHICLES. 25X1D CHIN 13640N 099551 TSINGHAI-TIBET ROAD OBSERVED FROM APPROX 20 NM SE OF LAKE CHING HAI (KOKO NOR) TO S SHORE OF LAKE AT APPROX i 9955E* PR B GO iwiih"w D ALL-WEATHER 2-LANE HWY 25X1 D e 2 Approved For Release Mp/0, jEcl4 R 9800551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 06 ? ?El P89B00551 ROOOAOO17OOn1 B E NUMBER 33N 097'12E 107N 09653E 25X1 D 110N 09706E 25X1 D 110N 09714E 25X1 D 11ON 09715E 25X1 D ION 09716E HWY BRIDGE ACROSS AY CHU R 436 NM S OF CHOMA PASS, HWY S FROM CHANG-TU. ECK-TYPE. ITH MOST DIFFICULT STRETCHES BEING WORKED ON 25X1 D ROAD NW FROM CHANG-TU ORT I ON COVERED U/C CHANG-TU TO NEAR KARUNGKA HWY BRIDGE ACROSS NGOM CHU R. T JALIN, APPROX 8 NM UPSTREAM FROM CHANG-TU. INGLE-SPAN DECK-TYPE, SINGLE LANE, PROB OF ECENT CONSTRUCTION. HWY BRIDGE ACROSS NGOM CHU R (. 436 PPROX 600 FT ABOVE CONFLUENCE WITH MEKONG R. PPROX 250 FT LONG, DECK-TYPES 2 LANES.. HWY BRIDGE ACROSS MEKONG R 436 PPROX 0,5 NM ABOVE CONFLUENCE WITH NGOM CHU 5-SPAN DECK-TYPE, PROB MASONRY PIERS, ROAD S FROM CHANG-TU 1436 IA WANA & CHOMA PASSES. ALL-WEATHER ROAD. TENANCE AREAS AT REGULAR INTERVALS 25X1 D ROAD E FROM CHANG-TU 436 IA TAMA PASS, JAPE PASS, TOBA, JAM PASS, & HUNTONCHON. ALL-WEATHER ROAD. REST & MAIN- ENANCE AREAS AT REGULAR INTERVALS, HUTS OR SZECHWAN-TIBET ROAD 25X1 D ROM LHASA (2939N 09107E) ENE FOR APPROX 17 M, CONTINUING ALONG S BANK OF KYI CHU R. OOD ALL-WEATHER SURFACE, PROB 2-LANE. 25X1D Approved For Release 7QW/ 3 GRECILWI M9B00551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 2c Wk9A1C1 IAA 1PB00551 R000900170001-3 25X1 D 2 STRETCHES N & NW OF LHASA. STRETCH APPROX 37 NM LONG FROM APPROX 25 NM ESE OF LAKE NAM TSO (TENGRI NOR) TO APPROX 16 NM SW OF LHASA AFLD, CROSSING DAM CHU R AT 3036N 9129E9 PROCEEDING ALONG S BANK OF DAM CHU TO APPROX 1 NM SW OF LHASA AFLD9 CROSSING DAM CHU, & PROCEEDING ALONG NW BANK OF LHA CHU R. STRETCH APPROX 50 NM LONG FROM 5 NM NE OF GORENG (3014N 9037E) TO LHASA9 ON SE BANK OF U/I RIVER, TURNING FROM SW TO SE NEAR MOUTH OF U/I RIVER9 CONTINUING ALONG NE BANK OF GYA CHU R & TOBING CHU R9 TURNING E TO LHASA. PROB GOOD ALL-WEATHER 2-LANE ROAD. LARGE VILLAGE WITH SEVERAL LARGE BARRACKS COMPOUNDS PROB NEW. REPORTED THIRD LARGEST URBAN AREA IN TIBET. 25X1 D LHASA 10437 25X1 D -MISCELLANEOUS- CHING HAI (KOKO NOR) LAKE 25X1 D e w t Approved For Release /V E f I,LARW89B00551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 2000F6P145f6k?x`00551 R000900170001-3 GEOGRAPHIC INDEX AY CHU R CHANG-TU (CHAMDO) CHING HAT LAKE (KOKO CHOMA PASS CHUNTONCHON DAM CHU R GORENG GYA CHU R IRRAWADDY R JA L I N JAM PASS JAPE PASS KARUNGKA KYI CHU R LHA CHU R LHASA LHASA AFLD NOR) MEKONG ? MYATKYINA MYITKYINA EAST A=LD MYITKYINA NORTH AFLO MYITKYINA SOUTH AFLO NAMPONMAO AFLD NAM TSO LAKE (TENGR I NOR) NGOM CHU R SZECHWAN-TIBET ROAD TAMA PASS TOGA TOB I NG CHU R TS INGHA I-T IBET ROAD WANA PASS Approved For Release 2gp/ Eq1t-fj9BOO551 R000900170001-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89B00551 R000900170001-3 TOP SECRET TOP SECRET v cy Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP89B0p 1-3