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December 12, 2016
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December 4, 2001
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January 1, 1965
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&ffig:2l(~Yl :cC1k^05~1b~1~~5($-7 1st Session AAY44~rew CIA Committee -Representatives 11 January 1965 Senate Armed Services & DOD Sub of Senate Appropriations Mc Cone Carter Cline Helms Congressmen Subject Iayden General World Ellender Briefing Hill / Mc Ciellan Robertson-*' Stennis Pastore.-e Jackson Cannon Byrd ~r.e` Young eta, Inouye McIntyre Breyvster Russel f Saltonstall.,t Mundt/ Young 'Smith .,Allott Kuc'hel Case ::v ''hurmond, Hruska Lausche Approved For Release 2002/01/04 QPNJ9 0,05AZR000100050007-7 1965 Page 1 26 January 1965 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 re.~r Senate Foreign. Relations CIA Representatives Congressmen Fulbright,-' Sparkman Gore Lausche-' Church,/ Symington` DoddV Clark`` Gen Alva R. Pell ,' Fitch Hickenlooper1 Kenneth M. Lemley Aiken' Carlson Case's Subject Soviet Military Posture and Economic Situation in the Soviet Marcy Holt ) Com Henderson) Staff St. Claire) 28 January 1905 Joint Committee on Atomic McCone ,lner gy Chamberlain Hickenlooper V Annual- Briefing 'Pastore' Bennett/ Jackson,-/ Aiken v Holifield Morris 'Rep Anderson1 Pri er Approved For Release 2002101104; `CIA-1 DP89B00652R000106050007-7 Page 2 TiANM1'L Vir1_ Page Date I Committee 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 2 Feb 1965 House Arme 3 Feb 65 Services Approved For Release 200210 104,.-,c 7k?QP~8QB00552R000100050007-7 iii ut.U icyj 4 Feb 65 ; Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Congressmen Subject CIA Representatives McCone R. J. Smith All except Soviet Military Byrne & Posture Polanco-Abreu Gore Anderson Jacks on Price Hiclcenlooper Hosmer Ax en Morris McCone Chamberlain Lundahl Approved For Release 200210114IA?Rp,P89 BOQ552R000100050007-7 Atomic Energy 25X1A 14ANOL VIA CONTROL SYSTEM ON''( Approved For Release 2002101IQ4;.CIA-RQP89B00552R000100050007-7 jr* CIA Date Committee Representatives Congressmen Subject page 8 Feb 65 Defense Subcommittee of McCone Mahon S. Vietnam House Appropriations R. J. Smith Sikes Whitten Andrews 4r Minshall Flood LRMouston. Bow Lipscomb' 7;1tC-nt);v 9Fe b65 Same as above - Mahon Add Sikes Soviet -Military Maj Gen Robert laylor Flood Posture DIA Andrews Minshall Lipscomb Bow 10 Feb 65 Approved For Release 2002101104: cIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 25X1A bfANOL VIA CONTROL. SYSTEM ONLY Approved For Release 2002/01/04 :,CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 18 Marc? 1965 CLa Sub of House Appropriations -Mc Cone Bross McMillan - DOD Brown - DOD McMillan - DOD Brown - DOD 19 March 1965 JT Sub of Senate Armed McCone Stennis Services & Senate Bross Salton-stall Appropriations Hayden Milton Young 22 March 1965 Sub on Far East & the Pacific of House Foreign Affairs 'At the Agency) 22 March 1965 CIA Sub of 'rouse Armed Ser vices A t&&UEJos FBt Zq jJ,04 Mahon Briefin on Lipscomb BLACK ~ Budget Zablocki Sino-SovewRift Maii1iard "Thomson McDowell Murphy Cameron slami ton Kirkpatrick Rivers "Black" Bud et Bross Bates 25X1A HANDLE VA~ CONTROL 4urT~r, ONLY Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP.?9BpO5552R000100050007-7 'J i 25X1A 25 March 1965 CIA Sub of House McCone Rivers General Briefing Armed Services Kirkpatrick Philbin Cline Hebert Helms Price Hardy Bennett Bates Arends O'Konski Bray 25 March 1965 CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services and Appropriations McCone Stennis Helms Saltonstall Young 29 March 1965 Inter=American Affairs Cline Rub of House Foreign Affairs General Briefing Selden . Co:unism in Burleson Latin America Monagan Cameron Roybal McVicker Mailliard W.11a1ley Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 CONTROL SYSr ONLY Approved For Release 2002101104; L10552ROO0100050007-7 9 April 1965 CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services & Appropriations McCone Cline Stennis Sa'tonstall Hayden Young Vietnam 9 April 1965 Senate Aeronautical & Wheelon Clint P S a S i on . Anderson Soviet Space p ce c ences Carl Duckett Margaret Chase SmithProgram 13 April 1965 CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services & Appropriations DCI Raborn Helms Stennis Saltonstall To introduce Raborn and brief on Vietnam 15 April 1965 CIA Sub of House Appropriations DCI Raborn Kirkpatrick Cline Mahon Bow Lipscomb Budget &enexal 22 April 1965 Senate Armed Services Raborn Stennis Confirmat'on of Helms et a1 Raborn & '.~?elms !~Ouston 26 April 1965 CIA Sub of Senate Armed S1. en;- s Se j/s~laysia r;nd Services Saltonstall Approved For Release 2002IOi1O4 qlA-R,Qp~42BQ0552R000100050007-7 25X1A HANG k V; CON T R: L SM_ P pro Retease-2003f94H~4 r~` ''0415 B,OIIQIQnn5D09-7 11 May 1965 CIA Sub of House Armed Raborn Services Cline Philbin Hebert Hardy B ennett Bates Arends O'Konski Bray 14 May 1965 CIA Sub of House Raborn Mahon Appropriations Cline Lipscomb Robert Michaels Staff Assistant 20 May 1965 CIA Subs of Senate' Armed Services & Appropriations Stennis Hayden Young bln%~- IL 1 , 41 t- 21 May 1965 CIA Sub of House Appropriations Mahon Lipscomb Approved For Release 2002/01104 E;IA F DP8.9B0 S5 000100050007-7 FIArCyZ V14 Co-,pot. sY Approved For Release 2002/01/04 LCIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 ?9 Apr;1196- CIA Sub of House Armed Raborn Rirs Services (Breakfast Mtg) Kirkpatrick Phi'bin u,d~Nc~v~ Cline e 'r e rt I~ t-(,-f~'r~,'?'jVY.vr Price Wheel o? Hardy Houston Bennett Bates Are.nds B ray 30 April 1965 CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services and Appropriations John Blandford, Chief Counsel 3 May 1965 CIA Sub of House Raborn. Appropriations Cline Stennis Dominic an Hayden Republican Salton stall 5r Ma"zon Dominican. ,w Republic Lipscomb A.c.;r ews Bob Mi;haeis, Staff Asst, Approved For Release 2002101104ibIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 PANOLti tONT_ Approved For Release 2002101104.0 JI3 RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 CIA Reps Congressmen 27 May 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Appropriations Raborn Houston 3 June 1965 Chairman, CIA Subcommittee Raborn House Armed Services Houston 4 June 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Raborn Appropriations Houston ii June 1965 CIA Subcommittees of Senate Armed Services and Senate Appropriations Raborn Houston Mahon Bow Lipscomb Mahon Lipscomb Michael s Stenn is Saltonstall Young Darden Approved For Release 2002/01/04 :CIA. -RDP89B005ZR000100050007-7 Subject South Gina Military Situation Vietnam Bolivia Dominican Republic Russian Photographic Satellite Vietnam Bolivia Dominican Republic Uruguary Vietnam Dominican Republic 25X1A HANDLE v CONTRO: SV' Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 Committee CIA Reps Congressmen Subject 6 June 1965 1 CIA Subcommittee of House 16 June 1965 Armed Services Joint Committee on Atomic Raborn Rivers Philbin Price Hardy Bennett Bates Blandford, Europe & Soviet Aircraft Chief Counsel Energy Chamberlain Annual Briefing Hickenlooper Bennett Holifield Price Hosm- er Morris Bates Anderson (Rep.) McCulloch 21 June 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Appropriations 1 July 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Armed Services Raborn Raborn Houston Mahon Lipscomb Robert L. MichaB:.S Rivers Phil-bin Hebert Price Fisher ~zr;dy Benz .tt Bates Arent;s Cray oved For Release 2002101104: CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 Vietnam Soviet Military Aircraft Soviet Aircraft Algeria Vietnam, Dominican Republic Soviet Military Develop ? ents Algeria Indonesia Venn, , Bolivia, Peru. Ecuador, Bulgaria, Yc-cr' Cyprus, Congo Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RIP-8-_ 5.2RQOQ100050007-7 Date Committee CIA Reps Congressmen 9 July 1965 CIA Subcommittee of Helms House Appropriations Houston 9 July 1965 CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services & Senate Helms Appropriations Houston 19 July 1965 Senate Foreign Relations Raborr. Committee FitzGerald Mahon Andrews Lipscomb Stennis Saltonstall Young Braswell Fulbright Clark Mansfield Morse Lausche Symington McCarthy Hickenlooper George D. Aiken Karl E. Mundt Clifford Case Approved For Release 2002/01/04 CI140069$00552R000100050007-7 Subject Agency Personnel changes H R 6277 Acquisition of Russian Manual South Vietnam. North Vie'.nam Colombia Per,u Dominican Republic Vietnam Acquisition of Russian Manual Dominican, Republic Colombia Ecuador Peru Dbm,ditcu?.% Congo Lebaanon-Is el Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA- 9BQ0552R000100050007-7 Committee CIA Representatives 26 July 1965 House Science and Astronautics 2.9 July 1965 CIA Sub of House Armed Services Congressmen Subject Miller Briefing of Selected Teague (Tex.) Congressmen on Soviet Kurth S,?ace Program Heckler Daddario Fulton Mosher Rivers Vic;tnam Philbin Dominican Republic Hebert Price Hardy Bennett Bates Arends Bray 2 August 1965 Senate Aeronautical & Space Dr, Wheelon Sciences Committee Carl Duckett Anderson, Soviet Space Pr ogran; Magnuson ington Margaret 14 Margaret Chase Smith Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA=RDR$0RQ0552Fk000100050007-7 Approved For Release 2002/01104: CiA~f.TE3P$9Bd,965iRb00100050007-7 6 Aug 1965 11 Aug 6 5 25X1A 12 Aug 65 25X1A CIA Subs of Senate Armed Services $; Senate Appropriations CIA Reps Raborn Col White John Clarke CIA Sub of House Appropriations Raborn CIA Sub of House Armed Services 23 Aug 1965 Special Sub on Nuclear Safegua of Senate Armed Services &. 25X1A Sub Qn i liilitary Applications of JCAF, ds Raborn Chamberlain Congressmen .Stennis Saltonstall Young 'Darden Subject Mahon Andrews Bow Lipscomb Michaels Vietnam Laos Chile Rivers Arends Vietnam Philbin Hardy Domnican Republic Hebert Price Cuba Fisher Bennett Sovir:t Economy Bray Kas,:mir Bates Blandford Congo Yein n Malaysia/Singapore Greece Jackson Stennis Symington' Cannon; lickenlooper Bennett Price Morris Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89B00556100050007-7 ViDo= Rep !~ } GS.C: L..~ cuado- Nucl ar t elections Approved For Release 2002/01/04: l) -RDP $BQ $ 2 000100050007-7 26 August 1965" CIA Sub of House Appropriations Raborn Mahon Bow Lipscomb Michaels Sal+a~c i S. Vietnam N. Vietnam SEAs? a T Kashmir Yemen Peru 33reece Communist Chin;, 25X1A. CIA 14 Sept 65 Senate/Subs of Armed Services and Appropriations Houston 15 Sept 65 CIA Sub of House Armed Services Russell Stennis Hayden Young Darden Rivers Philbin Bates B ray Bennett Price Hardy Fisher India-Pakistan Vietnam Dominican Repat,lic Bolivia Colombia Chile Argentina 311Y1e.i U'lcv^a~ Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89B00552R000100050007-7 25X1A q:~ ^~ .A Approved For Release 2002/01/04 clA RDP8 8005 2 000100050007-7 Zi September 1965 CIA Sub of House Appropriations 8 October 1965 Senate Preparedness Investigat Subcommittee 19 October 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Appropriations 25X1A 25X1A Zl October 1965 CIA Subcommittee of House Raborn A=-:,-red Services 25X1A Mahon B ow Lipscomb Robert Michaels agency Budget Stennis Communist Militay Posture Jackson :indor_esia Symington .,South Vi etnarx Saltonstall :North Vietnam Cannon Congo Darninicar, Republic Mahon Vietnam Bow Communist Military Posture Lipscomb Indonesia Michaels India-Pakistan Congo ;Dominican Republic Communist Mili:ary Indonesia India=Pakistan h South Vietna' North `ie1 -- Congo )o=in, can Re ?ublic Cuba Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP89130055-28000100050007-7