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December 16, 2016
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October 8, 2003
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December 5, 1958
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Approved Forilpase 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89B00941,00400090002-0 sUMNA000, ACTIVITY 29 i;ct. 5 DO4# The following tests verde completed: T4 ? Autobalamce Purpose: determine if autobalance is neeueu. Conclusions autobalance is nee(Jed, occoruiag to the subeentroctor. Actually, the test proved only that the conligmration goes out of hatmace it there is no pitch autoisalaace. It did not ascer- tato if the cause oi imbalance could WA removed mot that the astehalaace was adequate to correct imbelameei T5 ? Position Servo Purpose: teat position servo over range 35 ? 110'i. Coaclusions performance satisfactory, according to H. Purpose: detonable it IMC command voltage is 6istorted, an iocats distortion cause Li existent. Coaclusion: IMC command voltaic is mot distorted, according to the subcoatrector. Actually, rev (Alta shows voltage diatertIosE the test methou was poor, and the satire test should be rerun. ' (A cheek La Groumd Ems fl shows distortion exists') Ti LITS Satire Vibe Drive Mechanism & System Purpose: learnt tor wear. ' ConclusiosW only the vacuum solenoid slug showed wear, mid this was *Light. At the present tine, the fits drive mo_loeser operates satiatec- tartly it throws a tile loop fsequemtly. The satire film drive was retested by the eubcoatraeter. 79, T15 & T16 - Shatters Purpose: tor three ditiereut shutter modifications, determine vihretion levels and frequencies, double exposure character and parts subject to wear. Conclusionas all modifications showed,simtlar characteristics. 30,000 cycles with few double exposures now is possible. Vi- lorstihh data needs comparisoa with previous dote. A modification is now being made to tour shutters so all, will be alike. CLASS. El "?''' "N? C 2(5 (f Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89B00980R0004i30090002-0 kcitt_riav:E\NER. 25X1 Approved Folpease 2004/05/13 : QA-RDP8913009.00400090002-0 T17 ? Ground Acoustics Porroses determine if scoustftatb 0049164 vigr t sigmlficeatly to observeu iniLht vibrations. Comclusioms accoustie exaltation creates negligible el vibretioa - Temperature Control Purposes learn how temperefince affects resolution and Local length. Conclusive: better test comdiamms are requirec to periorm this test. However, increasing configuration tanpersture while imaging teas temperature constant appears to *Lightly iSCUSOf food length; and increasing lens temperature while held1n. cemligurstion temperature constant greatiy increases Loge length. It Is apparent that good control. of the t000 barrel temperature is required. 121Vibration Purpoesti deteemise what causes 3u cps vibration in scannis LIst during programmer steps 8 6 1.1, and determine vibration transmie.. lion along axis of pitch stebilisationsoleneio. Conclusion; vacuum solemoid causes vibration in scanning ilat and its mount; mod an improved solenoio is needee. The pitch /texture transmits negligible vibration along axis of the plunger. 122 ? Autobelasse Malfunction Purposes deteemlme why autobalanose will not compensate ier at end low condition. Conclusion: potentianster R23 was accidentl sis-edjusted. 12.3 - Optical Elements Purpose; locate optical elements causing poor image as *widowed on photographic plates. Conclusion; poor image results true distortion at collbnated source because of air layering ago turbulence. Also, project collimators *Wald be tasted in sornal operettas position with an auxiliary flat, not by rotating eellbnator's own fist. 124 - Cages Purposes determime cause of eager solenoids failure to rsooao when configuration IA turned to standby. Coac1usio* a short circuit in instrumentation wiring bald power on the oolenoids. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Ford lipase 2004/05/13 :09A-RDP8913009411100400090002-0 T25 - Autocellinate coefiguration ' Purpose: ascertain syetem'e optical. quality. Coeclusion: image has flat* on hard core; entire image was approximately 204 (free 0 *parr* ot aPPro3tort#11Y 104). Optical limitation is weal oboes preeeet-iyatam pariorssiscs. - - T26 - Ground Run #1 Purpose: determine Li conageration operates for entirelnission; lure instrumentation required to ascertain if tomfigeration operates correctly. Coadusieee: conilguratiou did not operstseettectiy6 si.nce the pitch ilexere broke twice, the follow-up potentloweter in the oblique drive 40TVO broke dowel aed there is SOW variation in the 1PMC command voltage. Also, to photographically chock performance, a thuntfield,d.c. motor is seeded on the eollimator, sad the room should have a stable temperature, Alia should be about 65?Y if the lens barrel heaters are also checked. -(Two other check* were made; The modifiedAmmesum solenoid did not reduce transient vibrations La the SOOMMill fiat; and the date restore/1r wee in good focus.) T27 - Fitch Stabiliser Failure Purpose: determine cause of lack of output from stabiliser. Conclusions cleaning; comnections es printed circuit boards restores: operation. T26 - Files Drive Cheek Purpose: determine cause of tendency to throw loop an le it side. Conclusioa: looping caused by ose et mere of; faulty microswitch, imcorrect shimming, and gum on plates'. T29 4, Overload caused by shutter Purpose: determine why circuit breakers actmate when *batter is installed. Conclusion: massive short circuit in shutter, probably caused by careless rework of abutter. Oblique Drive Purposes determine why oblique drive goos to left limit stop without C commaed signal. Conclusion: there MOS an open circuit is the fellow up potentiometer, caused by a mechailtal breakage. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Foease 2004/05/13 :4:1-RDP8913009000400090002-0 Tbe folloving changes Isere complete*: C2 Sem lalamoe Purpose: balance scan ass about soon *z . C3 & C/2 Temperature Sensor en4 Control Purpo 2acksgo compouents and instal mew (proper) sensor La lens barrel. Putting the sensor in the Lens barrel has proven to be un- satisfactory. Tba control system will be return to its status ot August until an improve4 system can be prepsred and testae:. C5 - Focus Data Recorder Pinpoints ::occus data recorder properly. Optical Alignment Purpose: elign systen, square platen end locus. C7 C8 ? Noiny4owers Purposes dampen end ?tUfeu covers which are noisy. Cl( 6 CII - Shutters Purposes prepare two shutters for cooperative tests. One used steel beIvillospriags instead es brass; tbe other Used flexible drive shaft Instead of a gear train. C13 - Oblique Drive Motor Purpose: repair damaged ternivals an obliqne drive motor. (Termivall were broken in bandliug.) CI4 4 C19 - nesters Purpose: disconnect and remove the heaters between I mirror and platen, and en the ism rods. CI5 Relay K23 Purposes remove relay 123, which was sb.r$iag ground to erne side of phase A power during programmer steps 11, 1, 2, and 3. (Vete: Relay K23 wee supposedly not in active Circuitry.) C/6 ? Mitering Voter Shaft Purpose: replace broken flexible shaft mritb ama on. of same typo. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Fo ease 2004/05/13 ;,.9A-RDP8913009.00400090002-0 Cu7 tobei air- rposes adjust poten CIS - Levels r setting. Purpose: reset lave).* to proper iadiestian. s had been improperly adjusted in CS.) C Temperature Controller Purpose: imstall tet jacks to permit easy cal ration check. C2I Oblique Ink. Release Purpose: nve oblique brake release circuit, solace it prevented eager solenoids from Caging. C22 Proerammer Purpose: install programmer with properly adjusted tension on the off-normal contacts. 0-;. four supposedly adjusted programmers, only owe eas funetionel. The tonolning throe beim& sisadiustild. The adjustment requires a Graham Gage roblch has never bees pro- cured. C23 - Lens Darrel tsi,.ratur. control Purposes reimstall onstrol sensor used on PTTs 297 & 29$, since in attempt to improve the control was unsatisfactory, amd, perhaps, UU04444104117. C24 File Drive Power Supply sad Chopper Purposes install modified circuit in Genii C25 Take-up Motor Purpose: install now aetor. It vas considered possibl. that take-up motor was causing filo looping, C26 - Ms Drive Mieroevitehes Purposes replace faulty aicruowitebsa C27 Vi%CUM Solenoid Purpose: replete Lsalty solenoid. The sep solenoid was modified and installed without approval ol the prime eontractor. The action was Ulan because it ues'"easy to do at the time," end WWI intended to reduce the transient vibration is the scanning flat. result*. of the ground run (T26) indicate that the transient still exists. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Fo ase 2004/05/13 :..c1A-RDP8913009000400090002-0 CIS - .O3O Piste* Shims Purposes remove washers to improve film transport. Shutter Krieg Purpose: remove abort 4 wLrLi ud replace it with i, virisg. C30 & C34 - Pitch flexure Purposes replace the rolma pitek 4163tores4 Ths t flar.s broke L t different times during the source of groundrun fi. C32 Oblique Lave Servo Purpo: repisae the open circuited foltawoup po.*tic.eter. Tkis broke during tho course of ground rem 41. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved FoOpease 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP8913009.00400090002-0 It is proposed to embotitate a very thorough evaluation of reliability Lor th4 present inefficient program'. The ilroposed evaluation would be made with the combined emaimommims talents of the prime contractor sad the subcontractor. For raaaollus of ifti414acL both and financial, the work would be performed at tha prima contractor's faellity. It is estimated that the propoeed program will produce excater pvosress tiam the present program without inereaaint the c.xisting commitment. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Fo ease 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP891300941.00400090002-0 111 The vela achieving performance comps le to tbst obteleed ta August, La not sufficient.. It is apparent from recent work that the comfieration if capable of short periods of operation with performaeze compar- able to that obtained in August; but is also apparent that a complete mission without an electromechanical malfUnctiem is eatremely uel1147 until seme further work is doue. The proper objective at this time ist.* et the. C configuration operating rellebly. Lack of reliability arises fren two arms toproper-eomponemts, those basically incorrect for the intended -function; emd fallurO:Of demo PI:manta at tbe and of the normal service lifetime. We believe gimilt.rns Liability in the first area can be demonstrated by two successive, complete runs. Reliability in the seemed area can beischieved by determining end catalogime the normal service lifetime oi every companion is the comfigura tioew Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 25X1 Approved Foeease 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP8913009.00400090002-0 PUSOMMS4 AND GANISAL PLAN The premiss difficulties with the cemflpdrotion should be removed in the Will4 SIMUM4r that the vibration problem* wore removed - by an engineario4 evaluation and minor modification* ? state this is the most officio:tut and economical method. The list of.recoired personnel (see figure 1) show that severenintha of the opaimeering effort will he made by the prime contractor and that over miser, percent 0g the personae' are employed by the prime coetreetor. Wig obvious/4 more ecomomisal to coodect this evaluation in the prime aofttractoris plait since the require.. talaats are raaly available:as Aseeed (instead of as available to travel) and since a much seallertravel effort is 1114COSOLLgiAig. The prime contractor believes that VOID Qithe suhcoatractcr's personnel, 'should be available full time to pro- Vida tho benefit of their familiarity with the present and past statue of the coaliguratiom and its campooents. This should be extremist, villas able for the expeditious completion of the proposed program. flovevor, the prime aentrector can visualize no value in retentioa oi other sub.. eontraeter persenmal for this proposed program. .(The prime costractnV would, however, plan to procure modified shutters trim the anbcootrector, and also suck,othar components as tha subcontractor is qualified to ' provide.) Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved Foipease 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP8913009.00400090002-0 PI(POtEla ?LAS I. Modify existing contract tedLmt.1y. Implement tkt3 proposed plan. 2. Airlift the configuration and assotiared equipment free the Test Site to Isi4apert, Connucicut. 3. Unpick, the configuration La the exiagift laboletorY ;44QM at the prime contractor's plant. Establish am'oederly Isrvice life- time conerviA. Lot all parts. . Make those corrections presently known toi ws.usafl. 5. Critically examine tha eparatioual raguirements and cooaaL ia tach of ths major .unct.onal groups. (i.e ttabilizatiow-ro toning- IM)-Autobalatice C;blique Shutter, Zocus Control, PrugraimiL4074- and Optics). Trite examination would result 1u the removai of unreliable features by modifications, where needed, ant:. by determination of normal service lifetime where a unneeded. All components %meld have their aormal serviceiLa.tJae evaluated. Perform at leaot OA ground runs on the rocking table, two of which must be successive end complete. 6. hake all necessary preparations for flight testing. Return the con figuratien to toot site. Mahe ens complete ground rum. Condnet flight tests. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 A Approved For ease 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89B009800400090002-0 This program 4U cLezLy -result in saLLs' c reliability in tbnt ell improper Components will. he suitably meiiied.. Uowever, some eompommatsi 4sarpite the extensive testies pwcposmd herein, will not fail doting :test, so that their service 'iguana mill remain uuknowa. Until each component' s lifetime is known, reliability Will be less than 100%. Nevertheless, those compensate which do met Lail Lu these proposed tests will be gi normally low% lifetime, so that the coatisOratioU will Oa capable oi r.aisb14; operation, Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 ? Approved Foripase 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89B0098EN0400090002-0 With the money which is not yet expended under the present contract, this proposed pregram can run through January (or at least mid..Januery). Thie will parmit accomplishment of tteme 1, 21 3 and 4 in the plan. /tam 5 shoute be eaderveyo and poesibly complete. At this time, co*- co be given to the dostreebility cL roceeding further with this propop,ed program or with a modified program. Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 L,Ncs pax Al 414 glint ? prir 20116 3 *car g 7 X Prfr Ave VS Prrr a5. a* ifeive sg 0 r7./. ate, (nr.scosmv7-wej#csoffeit) Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 25X1 25X1 10 Ave t-eg Approved For(TaisgeMiNthillissfIlliaapapB009804400090024-rt-5' -3 im Planned Test To AcquireCOPY0Ft A m Additional Alternate Test Data If Planned Test Fails To Acquire Data TEST DAIS July 7 August 14 August I31 7 Operational Focus T A A A Resolution Capability At Best FOCUS T A Temperature Structure Of Vehicle's Bay T T , A Acoustic Spectrum In Vehicle's Bay T ' T A Vibration Levels On "C" And "C" Mounts T , T , T Pressure Stability In "C" Bag. T , T A Accuracy Of Position Servos , , T . T A . Accuracy Of Gyros T T A , Effectiveness Of Brake On Oblique Scan T A i,. Entire test program can be accomplished with throe operations on dates ahOun. Hammer, this assumes availability of vehicle NO. 343, adequate performance by vehicle operators, absence of serious malfunctions in "CI' system, and suitable weather. If any of these condition, are not satisfactory, an extension of the testprogram mould be recommendedt It is felt that test provram (if required) should be at the rate of one test per week. MDR:hmm 7/18/58 i? ;N CLASS. CI : DATE: _ REV;EWE.7R: Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0 25X1 Approved Forrill-i4cen2004/05/1___,3 ? CIA-RDP891300984000900 SYSTEM TEST PROGRAM = Planned Test To Acquire Data A= Additi If Planned Test Fails To Acquire Data COPY A' OF ens est TEST DATE 31 July 7 AOgust 4_ 14 August . ? Operational Focus T A A . A Resolution Capability At Best Focus T A Temperature Structure Of Vehicle's Bay T T A Acoustic Spectrum In Vehicle's Bay T T A Vibration Levels On "C" And "C" Mounts T , .T T Pressure Stability In "C" Bag T T _ . A.:. Accuracy Of Position Servos T T A Accuracy Of Gyros T T A Effectiveness Of Brake On Oblique Scan .1 T A . Entire test program can be accomplished with three operations on dates shown. However, this assumes availability of vehicle No. 343, adequate performance by vehicle operators, absence of serious malfunctions in "C" system, and suitable weather. If amy of these conditioni are not satisfactory, an extension of the tentprogram would be recuimanded. It is felt that an extension of the test program (if required) should be at the rate of one test per week. MDR: hem 7/18/58 Approved For Release 2004/05/13 : CIA-RDP89600980R000400090002-0