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December 23, 2016
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March 13, 2013
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June 9, 1987
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10: CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6 / AIRTEL JUN 9 1987 Acting Director, FBI PERSONAL ATTENTION All SACs All LEGATs SPECIAL AGENT TRANSFER POLICY The Director has recently approved several recommendations for changes in transfer policy. These changes have been the result of lengthy studies at FBIHQ and included input from the general Agent population. Based upon this approval, the following transfer policy changes are being implemented: A) Agents will now be afforded a single office of preference (OP) transfer during their career. This has been a long-standing request of Agents in the field. This will minimize the waiting period for those Agents who have yet to receive an OP transfer and will permit a greater number of Agents to be assi4ned to offices of their preference. This change is retroactive and applies to those Agents who have previously received an OP transfer. Exceptions to this policy must demon- strate good cause and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Director's approval is necessary for a -second OP transfer. Any Agent who carried a top-12 office as his/her OP with the intent to state top-12 preference and who was then transferred to that office generally will not be deemed to have received an OP transfer (i.e., "10/1/69 Group" and first-office Agent rotations). B) Agents will be allowed to change OP choices in January and July of each calendar year. This will allow Agents to maintain their position on an OP list and discourage frequent changing of OP designations. Implementation of this change will require all requests for OP changes (Form FD-314) be submitted during the authorized months and should be received at FBIHQ no later than the tenth day of the following month (February and August). Strict adherence to the above policy is necessary and OP changes will be processed only during the designated months. It is understood, however, that due to personal and/or Exec AD lov. /investigative reasons, it may be necessary for an Agent to remove EsmeADArier.�e his/her name from anigF.-list rather than risk incurring the Estee AD LES // ../Mandatory two-year,penCliy for declining to accept an OP Asst. Dir.: Ade. Sores transfer. This can be done only by formal request through it is, Uses 1 - Each EAD ' � II ? Mr. Ryan 1 - Each AD -.,. 1 - Mt. Rarity Lidoimrierf Legol Com 1 - Mr. Collingwooldz-`-� 1 - Mrs. Fitzsinuaons me. a anp. 1 - Mr. Prillaman 1 - OLIA Rec. M1.t LJM: an (166) 1 - Manuals Desk See note page 4. Tie& Urn /A Trokriog ii Public M4s. OW _ Tideplimie R.. Director's Secy _ MAIL ROOM Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10: CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10: CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6 Airtel to All SACs and LEGATs Re: Special Agent Transfer Policy the Special Agent Transfer Unit (SATU), FBIHQ. Agents are reminded that they are obligated to keep their listed OP current and should ensure that their designated OP is their actual preference. An OP book will be made available to each SAC and Assistant Director on a biannual basis, rather than on a monthly basis. Consistent with current policy, only Agents actually appearing in the OP book at the time of the OP selection process will be considered for an OP transfer. C) Only those Agents who have an overall adjective rating of "Fully Successful" or above on his/her most recent performance appraisal will be considered for an OP transfer, or any type of preferential transfer. Generally, the Agent must have been rated at least "Fully Successful" on each of the individual critical elements on his/her annual performance appraisals. D) In the event an Agent is censured and placed on probation, that Agent will be ineligible for an OP transfer as long as that Agent is on probation. In aggravated situations invorving any disciplinary matter where administrative action is warranted, an evaluation will be made on a case-by-case basis to determine if the circumstances warrant exclusion from consideration for an OP transfer. E) Agents assigned to New York will be given an additional two-year add-on following completion of ten continuous years in New York. New York Agents currently receive a two-year add-on after they have completed five years of continuous serv- ice in the New York Office. Therefore, for OP purposes, New York Agents will accrue four years' OP seniority for ten continuous years of service in New York. Once the Agent is transferred from the New York Office, the add-on no longer applies. It should be noted that the Director also approved a recommendation relative to a select group of Agents in New York. First-office Agents assigned to New York under the pilot program instituted in 1974 will receive an OP transfer to their respec- tive OPs where possible, consistent with budgetary considera- tions, competing staffing needs, and vacancies in the desired offices. These Agents have been assigned to New York in excess of ten years and currently carry an office other than New York as their OP. All other Agents will be governed by current OP policy and given OP add-ons as noted above. -2 npciassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10: CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10 : CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6 Airtel to All SACs and LEGATs Re: Special Agent Transfer Policy For the information of all offices, new Agents completing training school at Quantico will continue to be assigned to all field offices, including top-12 offices. Generally, however, new Agents will not be assigned to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Juan. SATU currently has limited computer capability. In cooperation with the Technical Services Division, SATU has taken steps to more fully automate the unit in an effort to enhance the transfer process, to include planning and forecasting. Automated capabilities will include access to appropriate computerized personnel information, Agent specialties, and staffing levels of all field offices. SATU will also continue to coordinate with the Resource Management and Allocation Group and affected FBIHQ divisions to equitably staff the field offices with special needs. Manual changes to follow. 3 npriassified and Approved For Release 2014/04/10: CIA-RDP90-00530R000701800005-6