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April 21, 1984
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/20: CIA-RDP90-00552R000100890029-4 Arh YO K T.D-CS 21 April 19 L Both Senators are members of Con gressional committees that deal with e nat r~ y Central American matters. They Duarte called for continued United States sup- avoS forces of l Salvador and Honduras. as .r, well as a flow of arms to rebels fighting Nicaragua I al'- KS il'On Wednesday United States Army By B. DR UMMON'D AYRES Jr. Special w The New York Time; ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md., April 20 - Two United States Senators said today that Jose Napoleon Duane, who is running for the presi- dency of El Salvador, told them he would seek negotiations with Nicara- gua if he was elected. Reagan Administration officials have accused Nicaragua of seeking the overthrow of the Salvadoran Govern- ment through its support of rebels in! that country. Much of the support is be- lieved to be in the form of clandestine shipments of ammunition. t Lo,asiana and Lawton Chiles of Fior- ida, both Democ-ats, .said that when they visited Nicaragua after seeing -W:-.Duarte, officials there were non-- committal. when told about Mr. Duarte's negotiating offer. But the Nicaraguans had "nothing disparaging to say about Duarte," Senator Chiles said. "although they ex- pressed concern that the right in EI Sal- valor would permit him to do that." Mr. Chiles said Mr. Duarte did not specify precisely what he would dis- cuss in any negotiations with Nicara- gua. The Senator added, however, that ff at this point specifics were not as im- portarit as the fact that negotiations in general were being proposed. We want to be ready to test the Nicaraguans," Senator Chiles said. "It's a great opportunity." The Senators said they had talked at length with Mr. Duarte during their six-day visit to the region and were en. couraged about El Salvador's future. Mr. Duarte, the Christian Demo. cratic Parry candidate, is running against Roberto d'Aubuisson of the far. right Nationalist Republican Alliance in a runoff May 6. "Our message is one of hope and op- timism," Senator Johnston said. "The United States simply cannot walk away from Central Ameri ca. Our policy is beginning to pay off." helicopter in which the two Senators were passengers was hit by fire near the Honduran border. Salavdoran rebels said the aircraft and a second UH-1H helicopter was on a reconais- sance mission. United States diplomats in El Salvador denied the accusation. "We've been through the valley of the shadow and come out unscathed," Senator Johnston said this afternoon, moments after landing here. "A lot of people are dying down there and we're lucky not to be among them." Senators Back Duarte Senator Chiles said he had gone to Central America "very pessimistic" but had returned "very optimistic..' Besides El Salvador, the Senators' visited Honduras, Panama and Nicara- gua. Both expressed the hope that Mr. Duarte would win the Salvadoran eleo. The Senators, J. Bennett Johnston of "We believe he can control the army. I tile death squads and the guerrillas - withour help," Senator Johnston said. Both Senator Johnston and Senator Chiles have been supporters of Reagan con- tinue wr a policy, including covert ent intelligence Agency or a so-caRed Cotrtra er- n as w o are tm the Sandinista Crovernment in icara e tras are a very strop card for the U.S. to av nator onnston sat . . Chiles said the incident on Wednes av in which the Senators' heli- copter was hit near the El Salvador- Honduras border had "heightened our awareness that there's a war down' there and people get shot at everyday." No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred when the two Senators arrived to visit a Honduran refugee camp, and the aircraft, after putting down briefly for a quick inspection by its American crew, took off again. Asked whether the incident took place over El Salvador or Honduras, Senator Childs replied, "It was rebel territory, wherever the heck we were." STAT STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/20: CIA-RDP90-00552R000100890029-4