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August 6, 1982
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/01 : CIA-RDP90-00552R000201040040-2 ARTICLE A_`';.' F:'.D ON PAGE - By Ronald,_ Yates Cnicego Tribune Press Service CHICAGO TRIBUNE 6 AUGUST 1982 Mystery still liii Qit: Marilyn Mbnr~ LOS ANGELES-Ever since Marilyn Monroe's nude body was found sprawled on the bed of her fashionable home 20 years ago in. Brentwood,. Calif:, there .have been questions'-...* Did she .really-die of a ? self-ingested vverdose.of barblttarates;,as'stated in the coroner's official report?. Or was she murdered, injected.with"the lethal drugs against her-will;?as severab-investigators have since insisted? Wednesday, the 20th anniversary of the death of Hollywood's platinum blond sex symbol, -a''Los ;Angeles private inves- tigator-who has spent more than a de- cade probing the case said the answers are in Marilyn Monroe's so-called "red" diary, missing since her body was ex- amined in the Los Angeles :.-coroner's office. "THIS DIARY names names," said Milo Speriglio, director of the 76-year-old Nick Harris detective :agency in Van Nuys, Calif. "It may tell us who killed Marilyn Monroe. Speriglio is so confident the diary con- tains incriminating murder evidence that he is offering a $10,000'reward for it. "We know it still exists," said Sperig- lio, who also has demanded that au= thorities reopen the Monroe case and bold an inquest. "I got acall from a New York attorney who told me his client had the book, but would turn it over only to a living blood relative of Miss Monroe's." Monroe's-.only;.living .. relative .is her tnother, who has spent the last several years as a patient in a mental institution,. Speriglio said. There is also a half-sister.' SEVERAL BOOKS written after Mon roe's death have linked her romantically with both former President John F. Ken- nedy and one of his brothers, the late U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy. According to Speriglio, the missing diary details those affairs and also con- tains information about a CIA plot to kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. "Miss Monroe was murdered to keep her from talking about her relationship with the Kennedy brothers, the CIA plot and her association with certain San: Diego Mafia figures," Speriglio said. . Just who may have murdered Monroe is still a matter of conjecture and the wide range of theories have kept the public supplied with an almost inexhaust- ible flow of biographies and counter- biographies. One theory is that Kennedy loyalists in ; the Department of Justice or the Central Intelligence Agency killed Monroe with a lethal dose of barbiturates in order to protect the Kennedy brothers from, scandal. WRITER TONY Sciacca, in his 1976 book "Who Killed Marilyn?" insists that neither Robert nor J.F.K. was involved. or knew anything about the murder al- legedly committed on their behalf. Robert Slatzer, another .writer and close friend of the actress, said in. an earlier book that Monroe had been upset over Robert Kennedy's attempts to break off their alleged affair and was angry; because she couldn't reach the then attor- ,ney general at the Justice Department. 'If he (Robert Kennedy) keeps avoiding' me, I might just call a press conference and tell them about it .. . and my' future plans," Slatzer said Mon- roe told him a few days before her death. Slatzer, who came to Speriglio with his information several years ago, asserts in his book that Robert Kennedy visited .Monroe the . day before her death. "There was definitely a cover-up in Miss Monroe's death," Speriglio said. "Some famous people were protected." JACK CLEMMONS, the Los Angeles Police Department homicide investigator who was the first policeman to-arrive at the- dead actress' house, agrees. "She was murdered by needla injection by someone she knew and probably trusted,". Clemmons told reporters. "This was the cover-up crime of the century-a' matter of the Los Angeles Police Depart. ment and other officials here protecting a famous-political family-of the East who had good reasons to shut : Monroe's mouth,", said Clemmons, who has since' retired- from the force.. Deputy Coroner Lionel Grandison, who signed :the death certificate, has since said he did so under duress. "The whole thing was organized to hide the truth," he said. "An original autopsy file vanished,'a scrawled note that Mari- lyn Monroe wrote and which did not speak of suicide also vanished and so did the first police report. I was told to sign the official report-or I'd find myself in a position I couldn't get out -of. IT IS THE CORONER'S report that is at, the center of the controversy, Speriglio said. Though it says death was caused by the in gestion of barbiturates, there was no trace of pills in the stomach or duodenum when the coroner examined the body., . ; _ Indeed,- .'-A showed barbiturates only in the blood and liver- an"indication .that the drugs were not taken.orally,.,gut rather were in- jectec, ,4 ": -_Deputy Medical Examic er Thomas Noguchi ? who pow holds . ; the same posi tien as-lie did to .1962 when he performed the-autopsy on Monroe, flatly denies as- sertions that there was a cover-up in the star's death. "There is nothing new about this talk and nothing new I know. of about. how Marilyn Monroe-died," said Noguchi, the recently demoted "coroner of the stars." "The case has been investigated, again and again. The autopsy records are pub-: lie information." Noguchi also insisted that no samples were taken from Monroe's stomach because in the early 1960s it was standard practice to rely on blood tests only to determine the presence of drugs. Theodore Curfee,. the Los Angeles County coroner.;wben"?Monroe--died; who has since retired, is sisfs `the- case is closed. , ..: "If someone doesn't-believe it was Sul-' tide, it's z zee'-country,". he recently told a Los Angles newspaper. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/01: CIA-RDP90-00552R000201040040-2