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December 22, 2016
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July 6, 2010
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November 28, 1982
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000201270033-5 STAT A,,.T CLE APF&AR UJ PAGE THE NATION 28 November 1982 06 APPOINTMENT WITH CONTAERAS . incriminating inform Connection Letelier case will be t Colonel Contreras' .us by Kevin Mulcah, working for Wilson, . -Mulcahy's account o by documents drawn SAUL.LANDAU AND JOHN DINGES;.... n the - early' summer of 1976;-Col,NIanuel Contreras, and Firearms., -We were shown invoices and bills of sale head_of DINA, Chile's secret police; -launched -art'., drawn up by one of Wilson and Terpil's companies. The operation to assassinate exiled Chilean leader Orlando'-.. purchaser was identified as a DINA front organization tew days of setting that plovin motion, Contreras made a .?At the time of the Contreras-Terpil meeting in'Washing- seciervisit to-Washington, D.C.,'where he met with officials `ton, Mulcahy was president of Inter-Technology Inc:, an of the- Central Intelligent Agency and also negotiated the arms trading firm established by Wilson-and Terpil "It was purchase-o# illegal weapons and electronic spying equipment 'Frank's meeting," Mulcahy recalled, and it took place on with'a-firm run by former C.I.A. officers Edwin Wilson and a rainy Friday, afternoon in early July. Terpil directed FrankiTerpil. Mulcahy and another American,"a former Navy intelligence 'Wilsorr and Terpil gained notoriety after a Federal grand ' ?? officer who was in' charge of Latin- American operations for jury accused them of exporting terrorist goods: and services Wilson, to a?nondescri pt.two-story. residence on the 1700 to Col-.,Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, -whose `regime is block` of R Street in northwest Washington. "It looked like high on' :1rhe-`Reagan Administration's, enemies. list [see ',-,a typical C.LA. safe houseMulcahy said: Murray Viias's article on page 568). By 1978, the Federal- -There, - in .-a second-floor' office; Terpil .. introduced Bureau of'Investigation had. established that DINA agents Mulcahy to two Chileans. One. of them was a "heavy-set killed Letelteron U.S. territory. That evidence;. combined man in his: mid-40s with drooping eyelids and a kind of with the- newly - revealed materials showing that former benevolent. look on' his face" known as -"Manny" Con- C. I: A: officials cooperated with-other DINA covert opera-treras, Mulcahy recalled. Although he was'weari_ng civilian tions in the United States; would seem to compromise the .`clothes, the DINA chief nevertheless exuded a` "clearly Administration's -efforts to''rehabilitate Chile's military.''..military aura.". The other Chilean; whose name Mulcahy. dictatorship as an anti-Communist ally has forgotten, served as an interpreter. Mulcahy said that The information about DINA's dealings with the Wilson- _Terpil was "deferential" toward Contreras: "I. had seen Terpil firm is based on the accounts of one of those present::.;' Frank slap heads of state on the back, but with this guy he- at the meeting with Contreras in early,July-1976, and on was downright respectful, and kept his voice down." sales documents obtained by Federal investigators. This ,;, Contreras's'.reputation had obviously preceded him: To ieport will examine DINA's purchase of weapons and so , both his enemies.and fellow intelligence officers Contreras phisticated electronic equipment t that meeting in violation was known as-the most efficient and ruthless-secret olice . p of a Congressional -ban on=such sales to Chile . '' ` chief: in the - Americas. He had,vwithin. the space of two The new information can be placed with startling results ~;_ years, ,:virtually eliminated political opposition ?to Chile's into the complex framework: of evidence already : compiled "' military dictator, Gen. AugustoFinochet by the. F . B. I.:inthe five-year-old Letelier case,`and_it helps Mulcahy. recalled that after Terpil opened the meeting explain many... previously unresolved questions,; especially "we talked with Contreras- about the details of an in- -those regarding the C.I.A.'s behavior: Earlier- evidence of tegrated security system." (Mulcahy described this to us as a DINA's operations, supplemented by this new information %.. variety of devices that might be used to secure an embassy or about the three months pr6ceding_Letelier's murder on a like: facility:) The system included card readers;- pinhole September 21, 1976, amounts to a compelling case that the .',cameras, telephone, tapping: equipment, digital scanners to C.I.A. was involved in arranging Wilson and Terpil's arms monitor.'telex. traffic and-. other'-sophisticated. electronic and equipment sales to DINA. Furthermore, involving the `_ ::. gear. Contreras purchased some of this equipment. The pur- 1 agency in the violation of U.S. laws may have made it possi- chase orders -shown to us by investigators list - "trans- ble for DINA. to '?`graymail"the C.I.A. into withholdingh ceivers," `-wireless inductor 'earphones" and "micro-mini icrophones.> ; . ~ . Saul Landau,. a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, The next itegi on the agenda was a large quantity of Colt and John Dinges, a Washington, D.C., writer; conducted a;,' Cobras, which Contreras had expressed interest in buying: lengthy investigation-of the.-Letelier-Moffitt, murders, the The Cobra, a .38-caliber handgun; is used by many police results of which appear in -their book;; Assassination on :agencies because. it is a standardized weapon "with inter- ErnbassvR Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000201270033-5 efficient. crime. The evident