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December 22, 2016
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August 6, 2010
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March 29, 1981
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000302750015-0 STAT Al TICL A=P oS PAG3__j_____.. Life and'artso imitate each other in British spy secretl in 1964 and ublic __: = --? Y in Y -. 979 P d stories that_the"borders -between fact-.and fiction are . , A. thoughtful American. would wonder at possible' easily:penetrated: Nowhere' eLse is treason so devel- American dimensions to all this..rtiterall, American oped an art form, nor the spy story so intellectualized. ;.;.and. English establishments- have always, intertwined.; None of which helps one-fathom what the public has,'.,;"- learned- ;'The most significant new public information, as it hap. that i'useful from the revelations in the new pens, is. on this point. It comes from Robert A. E rland- book.by the veteran Fleet Street security,reporter, son's telephone .' interview with- M chael Whitney Chapman Pincher, rStraight in .Thursday's Sun .? ThatSuBager.Hollls,,head of tiff 5, the counter-in- _Mr. Straight, scion of a wealthy American family, telligence agency,, was -..suspected- of.-being -a'Sov~et told how: he was. recruited while-a student. at Cam agent-That_Charles. Howard (Dick) Ellis,'a top man in-'- bridge in the Thirties into the Communist spy ring of intelligence,; *as thought to have served Nazi.and'Sovi- Messrs, Blunt and Burgess,-:It was as emotional com et masters. That Tom Driberg; the homosexual Labor=>':::.mitment, apparently, after?his best friend died-in the` Member of Parliament,' tattled. on his colleagues' of Spanish,Civil War. Mr. Straight was hocked; he inti fairs to KGB and MI-5'alike.. That Bernard Floud, a'-La- }hated to Mr. Erlandson, so he gave lousy. information bor MP., killed himself. on. being confronted with accu until he :was dropped, and .he he. his career.. away sations of havingrecruitedspies for the Russians.. from state secrets, albeit in liberal. opinion making. It What-have these men in common? Members of "the was hey be said, who provided the tip in 1963 that un-, establishment," Is the answer from anyone schooled in masked Blunt, after President Kennedy had invited these mattes.-Yes, .of. course,'but one thing more- , *-him to head the National Endowment for the Arts. Each of thertr. you. see, i, dead Ergo, dead men are .What-Mr. Straight.. told. Mr...Erlandson:'brings thin suspect, or, dead men don'tsue ~`- story closer to Americans..Any- temptation to snicker. The statement to Parliament by Prune Minister -' ' at British discomfort has vanished. We don't know how; Margaret Thatcher confirms that Sir Roger Hollis was much further this thing goes. in-British society, or suspected andsomewhat less than conclusively exoner .- American. That is the beauty of it fcr a noveliest, the atad._ That's all . Mm-; Pincher. said, if less than he dismal horror of it fora citizen, More Will come out implied. be- Certainly the, notion is strengthened-con--. ... fore everyone concerned has died, but the one thing we ;armed would bertoo strong a ?word-that the spy ring can never ever know is whether the outer limits of con went further than?Anthony Blunt, who-was unmasked.:: spiracyhave been exposed THE BALTIMORE SUN 29 March 1981 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000302750015-0