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December 22, 2016
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July 21, 2010
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July 15, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/21 : CIA-RDP90-00552R000302770002-2 y STAT WASHINGTON, D. C. AFRO-AMERICAN 15 JULY 1980 -mytholl& which the slain . California congressman co-authored. A preliminary inquiry was recently begun by the intelligence committee, and a report is ex- pected soon, but it is doubtful Lyon ciae -aiscounts a o & Ming the MK.'UTLTRA program,- Holsinget said, ,the.?CIA- simply: shifted-its programs from public institutions (to - private - organizations. '.The experimentation ? into-, - mind controL.Was previously. -done -in federal' and. state penitentiaries and -in :'-some-- government;run hospitals. f? : n : ? ., ae mirnstrative assistant, outlined at goyernment.was.toppled: our government had constructed At -least two information which he says, in,, and passed along a carefully persons the close to dicates the existence of a covert fabricated version of Jonestown Jones, Richard Dwyer, tdeputy Cent~ntelligence = Agency to the news inedia,'t he said, chief of mission in Guyana at the opera rt onin. Guyaifa-Iiawt had not=' "That .version has come tq be Phisillip Blakey, of who massacre, rv d ,George been..reported., to congressional -accepted - as 'fact' by the Phwho served as a oversight committees. American people," mercenary recruiter in Angola for Further, Holsinger said he now Holsinger, in speaking to _a UNITA, have been; identified as believes- in the "horrifying ! group of black psychologists and CIA operatives. possibility" that ,Jonestown---was :sociologists last May, said he ryas Holsinger said his belief that 'part. of a "mass mind control `troubled by tha_ general public Jxpertown t was a CIA backed experiment" by the CIA as part of . impression :'left., over from experiment that was destroyed in its MK' ULTRA= program, which Jonestown, which is that of a order to prevent its exposure is i was supposedly terminated in the large group of disturbed and supported, he says, by the chief p p turnQd medical examiner in Guyana, Dr. early 1970s. fgglish black people yyho r. MK ULTRA was the secret 66de Y Leslie ? an 700 who reported that their backs on this county= and more than 700 of the bodies found '-name for .,research- the,:-CIA then killed theyiiselves sq gogd at, Jonestown were not suicide organized' in the;':.early 1950s: to rlddaneer" 'f victims, but were murdered. search .for ways to. control the , 'he House Foreign Affairs.. "itiIy acquaintanceship with human' mind. That research :in ?Uoml }ittee last year.cond.ucted a black families and my sense of the cluded experiments.-using various six month f ryvestiga tign into the love that flows from black arents mind control- tec.",piques and foprtestoWn settlement.but said it. Q P ~?drugs,and in ;most ;;cases was und ,no ey;dente of CIA in to their children make it : im- "conducted unknowingly velllei}t t Yol possible for me to believe that the on here 'Jonestown: mass-suicides ='could American citize;is $t!t the cgtxymittee later or have happened as reportted," 'Former. CIA Director Richard dered another investigation to he Holsinger said Helms.told-a Senate committee in done by ;the : house intelligence Holsinger: also hinted at t ,'1974;-;.?however,'.that._ the mind .Committee:,after:._aIlegations: he control -experiments had been pe silted that thg -agelicy had i possibility that Ryan, because of discontinued by the-'agency and conducted the illegal operation ip { his interest in. Jonestown, "had that all records ertainin . to it Yiolatign of t o ldu hes , been led into, or allowed tg fall had been destroyed g^ g. - llYan Agt into, a. deattl trap " . z :_ - - But inste d 9'd AMERICAN .last week ; conducted covert operations there Joel ssa yea heo r the Jonestown after the previous Marxist Holsinger,- Ryati?'s chiefa massacre)-I began to eali fh By Miles White wneiner its rinci-ngs will do more ,,:Holsinger, _ who has - neert than robber stamp the previous A top aide to the late Pressuring,. fora~a congressional investigation- Congressman Leo,J.=.Ryati? (D investigation -into , CIA in. Holsinger testified before a Calif.)-, who was, killed in, 19D8 ??vQlvernent with the settlement, congressional committee last when he went to Guyana- to in- . believes, that Ryan's. visit to the February that he believed the CIA when ate the Rev..Jirn Jones and -ill-fated colony may have Pierced was in "effective control" of.the his! People's Temple -religious -the. veil of secrecy. st:,rounding State Department embassy in movements has discounted ? as alleged CIA activities i,ere, sod. Guyana, and that it conducted a. "mythology" that more than 900,. w- plc have eyentgal.,, exposed covert operation there to protect. followers of Jones- most of.whom'e>~i. U.S. commercial interests and to were black- nvolun es most of . tom- , That may ldve lei gover ri~ettt maintain the government of authorities 0' CIA -1-officials to Prime Minister Forbes Burham. mitted suicidei on order of the decide to ;wipe out the entire Burnham- is considered ' a charismatic leader settlement i atlier than risking the favored U.S. ally and was helped In .an interview with the confidentiah:,..nat,ure_ of the to power in Guyana' by CIA WASHINGTON AFRO- glieratiort I-fglsingex feels Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/21 : CIA-RDP90-00552R000302770002-2