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December 22, 2016
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July 26, 2010
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October 15, 1973
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7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/26: CIA-RDP90-00552R000303090056-7 NEWS AISERICAI4 E - 198,955 - 286,466 OCT151973 Bewai'e of Russia 0 General Grigorenko is there - with no beat Kudirka senseless and haul him back to name. their Soviet ship when he sought asylum. Our Central'' Intelligence Agency, operatives in the U.S.S.R. have suddenly uncovered the existence -- alive -- of great.' Red Army Gen, Pyotr G: Grigorenko, the proud wearer of every Soviet military honor. . For four years even General Grigorenko's family has not known whether he was dead. The Kremlin had this Soviet war hero judged insame in '1969 for protesting the Soviet Aug. 20.21, 1968, reconquest of Czechoslovakia. General Grigorenko was, of course, sane. But the KGB secret police seized him in the middle of the night near Moscow's Kinietsky` Bridge and confined him secretly in the KGB's Serbsky Institute. He vanished. After about a year there the Kremlin transferred this war hero to Chernyakhovsk Hospital, a psychiatric prison near the Baltic city of Kaliningrad. On Sept. 21 our CIA agents saw the KGB take from Kalinin.Krxd"""uhat remains of General Grigorenko. He was hauled to the ghastly madhouse at Stolbovaya, 30 kilometers from Moscow. though he could straighten horseshoes and tear telephone books with his bare hands: Today his health is shattered. His eyes are dull as pebbles: his eyeglasses thick and 'mottled. He gazes around him dazed as a hammered steer. He walks with a shuffle and his backbone is curved like a bow. Meanwhile, bemuddled General Yofin This war hero, presently 66, used to look as Sailor l' udirka is in prison at %iina-- still. A ? d t ro anon" on In er h Davidovich is charged with creating. "antistate literature." General Davidovich has been retired and is being held at Minsk. Both took the risk of the rope dancer in? Nietzsche's "Zarathustra" who walked a -rope over the heads of his peers and fell. So did Czechoslovakian Premier. Alexander Dubcek, whose country's reconquest General Grigorenko protested. It was Dubcck's movement toward the liberalization of Czech communism that was crushed by the Russian tanks. Present Soviet stooge Czech leader Ludvik Svohoda, a Brezhnev lackey. lives in grandeur in medieval Hradcanv castle looking down on Prague, kinglike and remote. t, The CIA has located Dubcek working in a? 4umber mill outside Bratislava, maintaining, =the mechanical saw. In March 1971 the Mexican government, . expelled Charge d'Affairs Dimitri Diakonov and four other Soviet "diplomats" at the:. Soviet embassy in Mexico City for building a spy ring. Failure has its Kremlin penalty. Our CIA. agents have now uncovered Diakonov. He is. in Moscow's Butirki Prison. Diakonov is in. solitary confinement - and has been ever: since he left Mexico City. On Sept. 24. 1971, fed up with the growing! ;Soviet espionage rings and saving so. in a .scathing official proclamation, the British government expelled 90 Soviet agents on that single day and 20 more suspected agents. The CIA finds nearly the entire 90 are in prison. They are jailed at Alma Ata, deep in, the Siberian tundras -- part of the great Soviet legion of the living dead. Our CIA agents have likewise uncovered the whereabouts of a l:ithdanian sailor whom' you may recall. His is Simas Kudirka. The U. S. Coast- Guard officials, in an inex- cusable lapse, scandalously allowed Soviet bully boys to come aboard the U. S. cutter, g is ay un ergorng to t treason charges. . Persecuted Josef Cardinal Mindszenty, recently in the United States, took refuge for a full 15 years in the gray, weather-beaten U. S. Embassy on Budapest's Szabadsag Ter (so-called Freedom Square) urtil he left on Sept. 28, 1971, age 79. And through that embassy the CIA has located the Hungarian AVH secret police's former chief. Years ago the Soviet KGB in Budapest, for reasons unknown, locked him up before kidnapping Britisher Horace Greville, wanted in Moscow in the famous Oleg. Perovsk-iv espionage case. The former chief is at Szolnok, the garrison headquarters for the Soviet Red Army in llungary -- still in prison. The leopard has changed his spots? This is conimunisni on practice. While we rejoice in the U. S.-Soviet entente. we must never trust this enemy. lie is always dangerous - especially when he seems ac-` cornudating. The danger is never over. It dust changes shape. .. t Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/26: CIA-RDP90-00552R000303090056-7 STAT