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December 22, 2016
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August 27, 2010
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January 20, 1982
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/27 :CIA-RDP90-005528000403680021-9 OAKLAND TRIBUNE (CA) 20 January 1982 8v Jahn Dir~aea~anct Saul landau =~"'~ . ? 'WASHINGTON-The key government-wit- Hess in the criminal case against two former CIA agents accused 'of providing terrorist training and equipment to:Li6ya"has~alleged in;'aa interview that the same^ agents sold. banned'areapons and electronic devices'to~the Chilean secret police in I97&~ with the knowledge of senior CIA officials.; . _ _..- "The witness,,Kevia P. Mulcahy?;former .CIA employee himself"and...former~business as- sociate. of the.. two.;fugitive ex-agents~,whoo- have ;been. under indictment-since April 1980. Mulcahy said "that he attended aJuly-19~g. meeting: in , a Washington. townhouse irr yvhich CoI~Maauel Con- treras, head of Chile's intelligence service,. DINA, discussed. his-.need ~,for..handguns~,ssophisticated electronic security equipment and'_a:-.small ball-a point .pen-like. device capable of firing ,a single; .2.2-caliber round or a, pellet ,of poison..: :. k;; ~~ The~meeting was organized, MaIcafq said,. by Frank E:`Terpil;:whaalong with Edwin P: Wilson; has beenahe focus of a JusticeDepartmeat inyes='-_ aigation into ",the=transfer of explosives; timers,, Libyan leade~=Muammar Khadafy~wilson:4,and~ jury for their}alleged?_illegal?'?siipprj~;operation*;to ? _ ' 'In' addition Terpil~ tins been` convi~cfed is tali-j . . ,~ sentia in' NeW York=for selling:machine 'guas'td , 'undercover police:detectives..?Hengras(,;indicted:`; tagain~this month:for=alleged`illegaY?supply opera "tions~ begianing?'ia':'2977' fo-"Uganda's`-deposed =strongrrsan;.Idi`Aaiia_ x six } z "t:~a~? ,sue ~- " -__ .Chile for the first=tLme broadens tlie: sco~e_of' Wild; beyond' the twa; radicaLAfricaa~~nat~ons: to include ` "The tiniingof:Contreras' meetmgn.Washing- `July; 'also is; s~gaificant'for anotherr cnme~~the assasslnatioirin Washington Sept.,,21?f8~76'; of.ex- ; federal investigationy Contreras~~'had'set' that- a's=- r--r - 'week of June, just. prior, to hissalIegefi trip tos Washington:. ? ri>~, ~Letelier and:ari-'Ame ~;~cai =bomtiing ?what:; killed can?s~oman Ronnl~Moffitt; fo;'hs,eatiadition', ha`sTre~ecfed~requests; T..:.., ". ` ":The' It2ulca cause'he said h were working w ation"of? the CI has said,?that h Wilson's` close Shackley.: the -`service at' the t ~CIA's'training c .have been name er avernmen wi Hess, ~Douglas,M:~Sehlachter~as having endorsed Wilson and Terpil's alleged involvement ia-terrorisrn j ~traiamrig in Libya. _ x``. ~ ~?~?=~`~ ?j 'The CIA has consistently denied any institu-. tionaF`recognition of Wilson and ;Terpil's opera- tions~ and has produced>evidence-that'it'~notified JusticeDepartment and ~FBi officials immediate- ly upon learning_of~,their~allegedly~illegaI activi- `~ 1 '.ties overseas - - " ~ " _ have conceded that- the so-=i called' ;`rogue"_"operation was aple-:to flourish `because of close relationships that continued. bey ~.ween the former agents and active .duty-.CIA _ ~~ Mulcahy's "accourit-of the Chilean arms trans ` action was confirmed by documents drawn up fon the included invoices t-and 'bills of, sale drawn u~~ byr one= of ' Wilson. and Terpil's{ companies, Inter-Technology; Inc.: The purchaser,i listed on the document as-Renato~Sepulveda-R_ of: Universal Export Co. in Santiago, was identified; by federal investigators as. a suspected -DINA: front organization in?Chile~-^~---~~=~ _, described"bg`Mulcahy was prohibited'b3r legisIa~ tion"passed ~earlier'm I978:in response~to denun= '%ciations' o ;rampanf` human =rights:violations by . i -Chile's military government:''' ~ `x~r--}'f> - ~' _`:. :'Mulcahy said~Terpil'brought.him.andanother, business associate,.'a' former naval ;intelligence ' ::officer; to~the meeting:on a ramy~Friday~a~ter a `pooa in 'a northwest:Wa'shingtori .House on? R: :Street- that: he"~saiil .looked: like:."a_=typicai'~CIA'. second~Chilean- wlio~ acted'as=interpreter: and; ' whose name he does=not`recall ~"_~s;.3'~~ : '' `~.~ -: _Terpil wasp"deferential". to Contreras;~~Muh :~cahy said. "I_had'seen Frank slap heads of state' on the back; but"with this guy he-was downrigbt'~ `.respectful.: and:lieptrhis=voice-dowr