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December 22, 2016
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July 22, 2010
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October 7, 1980
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ISTAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/22 : CIA-RDP90-00552R000403680042-6 An Leteliera'sC ubanget Reed, Irvine.. ARTICLE At'i':~r+is~ ON PAGI__j&,..-_. Just four years, ago, in September 1976, Orlando Letelier was -assassinated in Washington, D.C. Letelier had been the Chilean ambassador to the' United. States and later a cabinet officer in the" Marxist Allende government of Chile. He had been imprisoned. by the military government, that over- threw Allende in'1973, but he was later released and allowed to go into exile. Coming to Washington, he was gone-to work-for the Institute for Policy Stud- ies, a radical think tank:, One of his main activities was to work for* the overthrow of the military government in Chile. He said that he was working for the restoration- of human rights in his native land. The Letelier assassination shocked the nation and it brought forth numerous articles in the prss and stories on television, first at the time of the murder, and later when three men. were arrested and convicted for- the crime. It continued to attract widespread attention when they U.S. government sought the extradition of the Chilean intelligence chief, charging: that hehad ordered the murder. of Letelier. The affair has come -in for "additional publicity this year with the publication of-'' book about the case, .. and -most recently when -a federal court ordered-- new , trails -.for threeanti Despite all the thousands of words that have bee written-and spoken about the;Letelier case,almost; nothing has been .said ' about the papers found in', Letelier s briefcase at the time of his death.. These documents showed that Letelier was regularly re- ceiving $1,000 a month from Cuba and that he hop- ed to -eventuallydo'for Chile. what Castro had done for Cuba. The real Letelier was hardly the fighter: for human ,rights, and democracy that , the public Letelier pretended to be. Many of thes; revealing.documents were leaked to some. members of the press late in-.1976.-`They went discussed by some syndicated columnists, but they were virtually ignoredby'news'reporters. There seemed tp be a feeling by many in- the media that it .11 : ropriate to expose to' public view the evi- was ina pp dence that Orlando Letelier.'was a ,Cuban agent:' It over Up Evidence of WASHINGTON WEEKLY 7 October 1980 1Vieciia neporters was evenzsuggested that those who sought to reveal this information were trying to= condone-- his assassination. That is ridiculous.. The* media "did not ~ refrain from . saying unsavory things about Anastasio Somoza for fear of being accused of condoning his assassination. They have an obligation to the public to tell the truth about Letelier:, Accuracy in :Media has obtained the Letelier briefcase papers from the FBI, using a freedom of information request..-This complete file shows that. Letelier was working closely with Cuban" intelli- gence and that he had ties to both the East Germans and the Soviets. He:was being paid regularly from Havana, and he was very anxious to keep the Cu- ban connection secret, knowing that its exposure; -would impair his effectiveness. In one letter to his paymaster,-the Chilean wife of a high ranking Cu- ban intelligence officer,Letelier boasted of his "apparatus" in the United States. He had persuad ed a number of prestigious Americans to serve as a facade. Letelier warned that care should be taken to keep the Cuban connection secret. He feared any hint of that would cause some of his liberal spon- sors. to resign. "You know how these :'liberals'. .The evidence in --the -files indicates that Julian Rizo, Castro's top spy in the U.S., was-Letelier's "control." Rizo was stationed at the UN in 1975. He is now ambassador to Castro's client state, Grenada. He and Letelier were in frequent contact. Leteler was also in touch with. another tog Cuban intelligence.` agent, _.Teofilo- - Acosta.. His address book, contained home and office phone number for the Cuban foreign minister and the head of th Cuban Communist Party- Carlos Rafael Rod riguez. The address book also shows, that Letelie had excellent journalist contacts. in the U.S., espec ret activitjes of_an important agent of influence for the.Soviet.bloc The.failureof.the media to tell the story is one more indication-of how.vulnerable this country has become to manipulation by the agents of influence and disinformation of oiu,enemies Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/22 : CIA-RDP90-00552R000403680042-6