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December 22, 2016
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July 8, 2010
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July 31, 1981
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/08 :CIA-RDP90-005528000404000014-0 1 ` ~ ','r:.LL ~1':Z`~s1' JO`Ja';ai. 31 Jul~,T 1.9~;? STAT .t crew work ~'re~~res ~o .:exhume a .Body .In ~~A's .~'ugel base * ~r ~r ~octorSaysBrotherof accusers Of `Spymaster' Died From Severe Cirrhosis of Liver By PAUL BtUSTEt~7 StaJJ Reporter of Txaw~u.i.STnssrJooxret NEW YORK --Authorities. in Queens County said. they are taking': preliminary steps to exhume the body of Dennis McNell, the 42-year-old brother of two men who re- cently disappeared after accusing the Cen- tral Intelligence Age~~cy's "spymaster" of wrongdoing. "The slightest scratch from any foal ; ~ could open up bleeding in his esophagus." ' Dr. Plokamakis said. "He was a .man who was going to die." Before his death, bir. bic:Yell worked ' with his two brothers, Samuel and Thomas, in the downtown tifanhattan office of Triad energy Corp., of which Samuel was. presi- dent. r1s reportad, Triad and another con- cern controlled by the Mcivells are missing over $3 million in assets, and both Samuel and Thomas vanished after the Washington Post's July~14 article on tilt. Hugel. 1~ir. 'Hugel has denied the Aic~vells' charges, published in the Post, of financial misconduct: But his wife said he would de- cline ~ comment for the time being on the matter of the missing blcNeIls and their i dead brother. The Queens distrct attorney's office said i yesterday, in response to questions, that it ~ has received a request from the New York me~iicaI examiner's office to exhume Dennis AicNell's body, .and. that contact has been made with the attorney ~genera1 ~ L-t Aiaine, where Air. McNelI is buried, to look into.the procedural steps that would be required. The D.A.'s office indicated that it is awaze of bir.:+IcYell's cirrhosis by caution- ingreporters that "other health factors may Ihave been a factor in Lie.death." Those ~ other factors weren't disclosed. i Even if an exhumation shows that bir. ;.icNell's spleen had ruptured, that wouldn't prove that he had been beaten because his cirrhosis might have led to the rupture. But given the mystery surrounding Mr. Matiell's death, the Queens authorities have little choice but to proceed with an investigation. ' The Tribune's copyrighted story quoted a Triad director, Stanley Ivelmar, as saying that he had told the Federal Bureau of In- vestigation that. he heard that Mr. AicNell had been "abducted and beaten" before his death. But Mr. Kleiman said Wednesday that he couldn't remember who had told him that. - ~ - Yesterday, a friend of the Aic.'Yells. Thomas Walsh, told The 1YaI1 Street Journal that Dennis AicYell had told him that he had indeed been beaten several times in recent months. .. Mr. Walsh, an oceanographer who is also a Triad director. said that Dennis Aic*1'elI had owned a bar in a tough Queens neigh- , borhood. "He had been beaten up in :.o.~:e fights in his bar," Air. Walsh said. "He felt it was part of the business." The investigation into Mr. McNeil's 3eath follows a report in 1Yednesday's Chicago Trib~me suggesting that there was reason to suspect foul play in bir. tiicNell's death June I 1. The death occurred just a week after bir. bicNell's two brothers first contacted the Washington Post with allegations concerning financial improprieties by Max C. Hugel, the CIA's director of operations. The Post's sub- segt:ent article on July 14 led to bir. Hugel's resignation. But the doctor whb treated bir. AicNeli and pronounced him dead told The WaII Street Journal that tilt. McNell suffered from severe cirrhosis of the liner gad that ~ he had been "living on borrowed time." ' Air. McNell collapsed with severe abdom- I anal pains May 31 and was taken to Elm- hurst General Hospital in Queens after par- i amedics detected a sharp drop in his blood pressure, indicating massive internal bleed- ing. The Tribune reported that his widow. Jean, was told by doctors that her husbands spleen might have ruptured. A ruptured spleen, .the Tribune noted, is , often associated with:"trauma," or Injury, such as might be sustained is ,beating. But Dr Afichae4 Plokamakir, who treated Air. McNell at Elmhurst General, said that Mr. AlcNell's liver had practically ceased functioning as a result of cirrhosis and hepatitis. Therefore; he said, the liver wasn't making proteins needed to halt the sort of hemorrhage that had apparently stazted in his abdomen. ; ? STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/08 :CIA-RDP90-005528000404000014-0