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December 22, 2016
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July 8, 2010
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July 30, 1981
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/08: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404000019-5 ARTICLE APPEARED ON PAGE ' -7 WASHINGTON STAR (GREI G LTN ) 30 JULY 1981 CHICAGO (AP) -The FBI is inves- Washington, said yesterday that the Triad and a second company they j tigating the death of a New York bureau was -`not investigating ran, according to the newspaper. businessman whosetwo brothers re- McNell's death. He said the FBI is in- Dennis McNeil also worked for Tri- cently vanished after accusing a top .- vestigating the, possible disappear- ad: CIA official of joining them in an il- `ance of securities in connection legal stock- manipulation deal, ac " with Triad Energy Corp., and that is Around Easter, Dennis McNeil STAT cording to/ a. published report.. An what Webster is briefed on - not the took his 16-year-old son into an up- FBI spokesman denied the=report.:,: - death of-Dennis McNelLcz.= ;--: ' stairs bedroom': in his family's.: In a -copyrighted story in. today's Queens home. and gave him several . editions, -the Chicago' Tribune. said - McNeil s death came aweek after thousand dollars in "emergency money," the Tribune said. it said that the FBI has expanded its investiga- - his' two brothers contacted McNeil told the teen-ager to give the-- tion of-ex-CIA spychief Max Hugel'- ,paperto accuse Hugel: of the stock money` to his mother if anything: and the, disappearance of. Samuel i manipulation deal in 1974. the Tn = happened to the father, the Tribune. and Thomas McNeil to'include tfie- bune said. , said i sterious death of Dennis McNeil-. - ; ~ in New York on June 1.0- . Huge}, asewing machineimporter On-the evening-of May 31, said the appointed by Casey to head the CIA's newspaper, the 41-year-old McNeil;; The Tribune quoted an FBI spokes- returned from jogging suffering- man assaying on Tuesday that agen= clandestine operations, immediately from severe abdominal pain. McNeil' } resigned when the accusation was, cy director William Webster is now, was rushed to City Hospital Center'., published two weeks ago: However,. , getting regular reports on, the- in- Hugel denied the charges, saying in New York, but died the next morn- getting into Dennis -.McNeI1's death., -McNells were t tryin ryin shck the ing as he wasbeing prepared for sur? g to blackmail According to the newspaper, the Sen gery, the Tribune, said. ate Intelligence Committee,: now in~_ :: r ? vestigating the affairs of CIA Direc-~u,, Just before McNeil died, his wife; tor William Casey, was "known to '.'- ' When the charges came to light, Jean, said doctors told her they be- have heard that McNeI1 died violent- the. McNeil brothers -disappeared, lieved he had a ruptured spleen, ac ly,,, the Tribune said. Directors of Triad cording to the Tribune. It said that 1 Energy Corp., a New. York firm con- the New York medical examiner's of- However, Ed, Gooderham, a trolled by the brothers, said that fice was informed by the ;hospital spokesman at FBI ' headquarters in-- about S3.3 million was missing from -S that McNeil died possibly from a rup- tured spleen along: with intestinal bleeding and shock. -However, a City. Hospital Center' doctor interviewed .by the Tribune- said a rupture of a non-diseased spleen is almost always caused by a "trauma" - that is;,by someexteraal' blow. The physician. Dr Stewart, Resch, chief of emergency room ser-i vices at'the hospital, said death- from- =.a ruptured spleen -'would be; suspi :C10uS.. :-'. ,;?~ ~:rR 9T7.7 ~.~+?..i'.ii'i7ts1 The Tribune quoted other doctors .as saying that an autopsy could have.. determined the exact cause of death' but, the paper said, no autopsy was' _performed. the medical ex. aminer's office accepted. that McNe died of natural causes:: -'" ' However, the'Tribune said,-one of~ the Triad directors, Stanley Kielmar,F -'told the FBI that McNeil was "ab- ducted and beaten":twice this year-t: Kielmar. said he' ' assumed", the al= leged beatings :were. linked to'thw), two other McNeil'. brothers''dealings'l. with Hugel, and Interpreted them as "a- warning for the' McNells to coop 'it-with -Hugel,the Tribune said) - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/08: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404000019-5