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December 22, 2016
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June 29, 2010
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September 20, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/29: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404440169-1 n I__ W". 0 SEP 1974 1 H L H TELLS and the chairman, J. W. Ful-'sional approval of trade curt= -~;dmmitte attention sew bright Democrar of Arkansas, cessions to Moscow. It has been less focused today on detente'. i 11Tt i ~ho argued that questions on-reported that at least 60,000 'than on other matters, such as li ~! TO 1 H E N warbe aln ~~ E hile. The hearing room was lo crowded, with many standees: the committee had voted Tues- on arms control, Nir. Kis in the back. SOVJ,l day to _n ,.!,-.--take a separate singer- who said his report Mr. Fu i; 'J 1~ ITH ~T ?e ---- ilyht, twho ic half been study of the Chile affair, ustomarily skeptical o, the he Mr. Kiss;, g r, however, final, had been approved by Defense heed for increased military ex- t replied to Mr. Church's levy; Secretary James R Schles- Y c rues-' the Ford Adminis- tions. He asserted that the S8-' tration had chosen not to Work;penditures, s, asked Mr. Kissinger .'-tt Hearing, He Says. million authorized to be spent out a concrete proposal to sub-;if it was true, a; some had in ' nti in Chile betwen 1970 and 197;, mit to the Russians at wester-alleged, that the Russians had Coll Is Feasible day's resumption of talks on'nuclear superiority over tkhe. was not aimed at subverting 'the ,limitation of strategic United States. Crucial Probl?ms the Government of Presidentharms. Rather, he said, an of t Salvador Allende Gossens, who'fort was made to concentrate? l'Ir. Kissinger replied. nE idled in a military coup d'dtaC on well known principles. He It is very difficult to assess n _ R~ARD GWERTZMAN 11 .said proposals would become f what superioritv is, but I think 5e+ York T, .m + I? Year, but rather to keep: L The \ concrete by the time he went there is common' agreement that V,ASHI- alive political parties and the'. } i_i~GTON, Sept. 19 to Moscow next month. at no time in the postwar pe-, Secretary Of State Kissinger, press. In the economic field, Mr. riod has the Soviet Union had a, said today that reduced ten- He said they were in danger); Kissinger stressed his view strategic superiority over the siors between the United States of being swallowed up in a one-Ii Yhat a link existed between United States in any significant and the Soviet- Union er' minority government"normal trade with the Russians category." hadj:p headed b Mr. Allende. and their acting in a way that o?e-_d the way for much;. Y ~Idid not disturb the United ? `Some People' Concerned brca er East-West coliabora Case Voices Doubt !States. But he added, alluding to the tort on such crucial global mat-i Senator Clifford Case, Re-;1 He said that the United Pentagon, that "some Feopre"; tors as food, energy and thei publican of New Jersey, ex States could not be expected were concerned that the trends; to "reward hostile conduct over 10 years might lead to an em:irnnment. Dressed the most doubt about imbalance in the Soviet favor. with economic benefits,? but, ., in :; before the Senate the value of d6te _nte. He told; when political relations have Mr. Kissinger reiterated his Fr ign Rations Committee, Mr. Kissinger in the two-hour normalized, it is difficult to view that with nuclear arsenals '?Ir. n' sir Net strongly defend-? question period that it was his, explain;' whew economic reia? now containing thousands of, e;: -1-! :` ;:tort and Ford Admit.- impression that "the gains made} Hors should not be normalized: increasing v d rficult to defile) .,..~ns' pursuit of better ref :Soviet ddtente have accrued to thelat all.'.;. Soviet side." i On the Middle East, ?,fr. Kis- ghat superiority meant. is :'rich Moscow. singer disputed Mr. Fulbrght's The prwnect of a decisive Mr. Kissinger interrupted Mr gO ei ,? view that progress had halted. military advanta,_, even if :.. .~ a;oi.J nhuoso;.-::.?.~ .Case to say: disagree com-i ? theoretically possible, is oollti-i J-?.~ord statement of So-'oletely." He said that he expected fur- "' ti-er diplomatic ste caliv intolerable," he said in his{ _an relati , s fir.- l~.t steps todevelop , ~ - ~,_?-:;? r?n -. ~r. Case retorted that the) )soon between tha Arabs and formal statement. "Neither side yoke no sire: , _,t.;. Soviet Un~on had been larbelyilsraeiis. w?ili passively permit a massive) ::rd. He des?ai ed responsible for the Middle Easti As for militar: help for Is? shirt fir. the nuclear balance." war last fall and had sourredj He noted, however, that the ;aid .ad ~c: edi rael, ate said 'the Administra-- the Arabs to embargo oil ship-; `;i"ins on and meets to the United States. He congress to ask for a major; very. "appearance" of inferior- Cc ? d .cote, ar.d out (said That "we're almost to tion :would wait until the nex~~ i*.v could fuel an arms reel As o '< ;r future is p?.iti a, grateful for relatively small a result, l e said, "each side has long-term package, said to costa high incentive to achieve not and arms-contcOiconcessions" by the Russians.iabout 51.5-billion a year forfon1v the reality but the ap- Mr. Kissinger said, ' I believe earance of ualitv." ZI.-i; the next five years. P ~1 ted his ho th a t' that on balance, if anything, cou;J Pes the gains of detente have been The Israelis have been as Questions Benefit of Race let and the United States more in our favor than in the! sured of receiving urgent sup-i? "If we are driven to it, they :c.~' pay more attent on to':opposite direction," plies, said to total about Si- United States will sustain an concerns'' with a rc Tells of Vietnam HeI billion under current appropri-'arms race," Mr. Kissinger said. that Am? P ations. "Indeed it is likely that the The Secretary said #hat the Asked whether the Central United States would emerge or:fd continue t-i be pro-' Russians had helped th11 e United Y Inte}!igence Agency was in- from such a competition with' aa. that the States "extrcate" itself from volved in India, .,fr. Kissinger an edge over the Soviet Union r,;lid not de, ..nt- Vietnam and had shown re- said that the United States had in most sigriftcant categories of to cut back d_' -: ses. straint in many areas, including assured Prime Minister Indira'strategic arms. But the political C l E entra urope. Gandhi that no American was or military benefit which would Discuird on Chile Mr. Kissinger said the Soviet authorized to participate in any Flow from such a situation poli wind elusi e " .._..- . . ,,,"... . r. extremely complex." He said ;~ riling desultory :.c-t-?' gs the Russians found themselves he had the greatest respect for He said that the specific 1 +,t mo;rth or, S?r: fie[-' Daniel P. Moynihan, the United: American objectives in the arms in the paradoxial position or States Ambassador in India,' control talks kith the Russians ?latioits? ally' h ipinr their Arab friends too e w'ho recently criticized C.I.A., were to break: the momentum 1 :6 `.tr. to suit many Americans activity in Chile. or ev er-increasing els of ar- i;a meet ;as but not enough to please most; ,.d. Arabs, who now hate turned APPearance Lon; Awaited niaments, to _or.trol qualitative sC. a_oec[s, parttcu!arly multiple closer to Cite United States. qtr. Kissinger's appearance warheads to moderate the In his p;cser:Gation and in, before the committee had been' o tar are Gt n?'.v . o1o,ment5 and ~' answer to questions, Mr. Kissn-;long awaited. The hearings had, " ltimately to a,c.tieve ;eductons ' hutch, Dei^).. rat ger made se:'era! other points. !i-, i iuate at i ;~ so :f:,. u, l;e. in _` ;. rcaChed Boor.:oading to stepped-~~,ia eed be%ause on that day,Ser.a[or Harr M. Jac 1, on. ':aced b?1::' i C- 'a? ?ni~;anon ;Om tike Sovietlpr?, dent RiLnard ti. \.xno rz-Deinocrat of :~~asringto- ate ti ?On i.', for ['mores on Creed redh.C?,ns as A f:r~r siren 1o it_ ed. not. 4.- Bt:t Mr. Kissir.,cr said ; "t re compticat- an is : 'id lot oe ce . k,:c i?.,r,' .. iii :.i:a pia~e yn Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/29: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404440169-1