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December 22, 2016
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December 29, 2010
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September 19, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/29: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404440170-9 UL/: '4,, I ,- /' - 9 Sur Mt"? 1 The. word is out that Ambas- sador Daniel Patrick Moynihan has expressed in a secret cable the dismay with which he, meets the news that the CIA attempted to "interfere" with the election of Chilean Presi- dent Salvador Allende. Moyni- han is a man of great principle, and he is especially embar-. rassed because he personally reassured Mrs. Gandhi that the United States was not inter- fering with Chilean politics. A State Department official, while not conceding that we have done anything improper in Chile, acknowledged that Moynihan was indignnt, but th.en remarked that "Pat is always-indignant." He has a lot to be indignant about. 'TZ CLA-CHILE controversy' is hugely subtle and interest- ing. Last year Moynihan per- suaded the United States to tear up several billion dollars in notes owed by India to the United States. Now India is a terribly mis- znana.;ed country, and the pov- erty d t re -.cpal,ing. There are i;.%ianS ( _?snow one, a very prominent ir.dian) who believe that U.S. oid to the govern- ments of India during the post- war period was arrant interfer- ence in Indian politics. We took the position that we were mere- ly performing humanitarian deeds. I do not doubt that was our motive. And I do not doubt that- was our motive in attempting to help the resisters to Allende. Moreover, if we had succeeded, Chile would have been spared the miserable, dirty, despotic tribulations it is enduring at this moment. That doesn't, of course, dis- pose of the point that State Department officials apparent- ly misled 'congressional com- mittees. Put that aside, for the moment, as a democratic dilemma` IT IS A PITY that critics of CIA involvement in Chile do not put the situation in context. It is made to appear as though we uniquely desired to fashion the will of the Chilean people. In the year before Allende came to power: 1) Soviet and East European films were shown regularly in commercial theaters, univer- sities, clubs, and on television -paid icr by the Soviets. 2) The Soviet Union pub- lished a picture magazine edited for Chilean consump- tion, with a circulation of 10,- STAT nih- an 'Lo"B'112 andf-1,A_ 000. (In U.S. terms, that would be the equivalent of 200,000.) 3) The Communist party of Chile, under Soviet domination, produced a bimonthly theoret- ical journal and a Gaily news- paper. 4) The Soviet Union, Cuba, Czechoslovakia and Poland participated in trade fairs in- cluding cultural and technical exhibits, including one exhibit of over 500 'Marxist books contributed by the USSR. One exhibit was devoted to "Yankee aggression in. Vietnam." 5) Communist news agencies included China. Cuba, East Germany, Tass, and Novosti. 6) The USSR broadcasts 73 hours per week in Latin Amer- ica, East European countries 84 hours, Communist China 23 hours. And Cuba 163 hours. 7) Soviet officials made available program tapes to provincial radio stations. One =station carried a weekly pro. gram produced by Chilean stu- dents at Lumumba University. The Communist party conduc- ted regular programs on a Santiago station and on six Provincial stations. VvHA i SHOULD the United States do, under such ci--c?m- stances? In another connection, Ambassador Moynihan, irt+ dignant over America's supine presence in the United Nations, cabled prescriptions not in- applicable in attempting to understand the Chilean situa- tion. "There was a saying around the Kennedy White House: don't get mad, get even . what has come over us? Forget about a slander on our honor? ',That have we become? Any country that does not support us on a matter of consequence not only damages the United Nations, but must quietly be brought to--under- stand it is damaging itself. I looked down the list of these who go along by abstaining. In half of them the present regimes would collapse without American support or American acquiescence. To hell with it. "Something spgcinca?ly bad should happen to each one of them, and when it has hap- pened they should be told that Americans take the honor of their democracy most serious- ly, and never issue warnings to those w ,o would besmirch that honer. `;-'hen that happens, sometain; extraordinarily dis- agreeab e happens next, and t- e victim is left to figure it cut fcc huh ei ." But cr that sort of tt`ting. don't bring in the CIA? STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/29: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404440170-9