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December 22, 2016
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August 6, 2010
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November 1, 1983
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404610007-1 AXIS= E APPEARED PLAYBOY ON PAGE Q November 1983 MY DINNERS ATrueStoryof the Cold the plan called for entrees with the soviet arid co flee with l feds-but u.s. intelligence paid the steepest tab 1111r N'1 park as the aftr e?uld. fin. ..nn. a was wOifl1eIitig unhappily hole- to get hack to Mallow Circle dry without spending money I didn't haV( liar a cab, hating myself for having decided on impulse to come to.this 'affair. It.was a wine-and-cheese reception at a small office memoir ByCI, U(jLF.SBY with a big name, the National Center for... I's"T I NOTICED his glossy nails; then his I Security 'Studies , a' liberal think -'tank dean, small hands; then the bright-white calling card with the elegant black script that housed in what had once been a bit of a read, A\DRLY N. SUVOROV. THIRD SECRETARY OF THE EMBASSY OF THE UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST - altsion with curving slairx? %%-hill- wcuxl- REtL?BLIGS. "Let NAS introduce t].C. ' _._ work atxl blue carpets. But the runts oil me introduce myself," he said. I turned to see the amused blue eyes ofa sturdy the uplic r floor were. tiny and.stu&d with man of 30 or 35, well turned out-in a soft-gray-wool suit, a blond forelock boyishly dray- lihx and deski. Ot*l eatrd now .by..the ing his wide, pale brow,-his cheekbones high, his cheeks rosy. crowd of youngish wshingtoroians of the I looked at his card *gain. "I'm honored,", I said. near left nibbling brit and zipping (:Itablis He waved his hand and smiled. "Third secretary is nothing." he said. It is a very and trading bits of Is-litird gossip. jI unior diplomatic post. I am glorified errand boy. Tlus is just to tell you"-and here he among them nibbling, sipping and gossip- ing and basically doing what I was always cluing those days. trying to find support for the organization I brllxd run, the .\ssas- sinatlun Inhtrntaticnn Iiurrau. -11u? A.I.R. had been formed in 1975 by a small group of C.unbridgr w iters pushing to reopen the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther ling. Jr.. murder cases. We nioved tile A.I.B. to Washington in 1977 Alt r Ill(- House set up thr Select Ca-mrnirlee un Assassinations. We were a dub' certified tax-exempt public-education group, in Town as wcau?hthtg to the new con-ntiltre. 111rre are.tlc?ays lots of little out 11s like the A.I.It. in Washington. The panix?rizrd t't K Iirtt?ttrys (such a'as Illy title) chill- molt. or Irss it?ti-aging ones alc?a%s show up at liberal .e?casioos such as this reception, and the sound of us all crowded together Ionia lm- del-n?ssing. '11ir sann:u?h sacs to rstac ht.n-r. Belt then yon think. No, this srhtraling :u brie is pan of your ebasen,joh; V?oxr may get to tuuke a Ik,int or it comae-( or a deal. time. suddenly. yon go after all, and von forget ywar uutbrella. The lxi\. n6 conics when a yoking stall' aide, commenting can the imlx-rtam?e of your work. says. " We think you'd do better kith UFOs. I had gone off to stare in a sulk ant the window at liar rain. and that was when the tiny glint of a man's well-manicurrd thumbnail gate me my lint inkling of the _ third sec?rrtar~?. snt;gestt "nt. unttersl: Thar t, NIif. I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/06: CIA-RDP90-00552R000404610007-1