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December 22, 2016
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August 27, 2010
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July 10, 1984
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TAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/27: CIA-RDP90-00552R000505110029-0 ARTICLE APPEARED ON PAGE_ f z . NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 10 July 1984 The plot against thE~pe: tact iantasy t u4kt this point,. U.S. intelli- gence officials say, the Italian ASHINGTON prosecutor made two key Con. - destine officers, but let .us .errors.. He. asserted, that the servatives are claim. assume, for the sake of argu- ;:Bu Igarians for the first and ing they have suc- ment, that the conservatives"-` last time: requested =emergency.; r"ceeded _ in .? "punishing". wo .; are, correct,-arid the two.-men clearance and "sealingof a- clande.stine'ClA operatives for are indeed being transferred. truck on the embassy their. failure to come up ,with a,Punishme grounds. nt. ui.,Ahis case And he speculates that..Celik proof that Bulgaria -and ulti would be doubly uniust n?o .e .;;;;f ~,~?e - o~ , :. a ate Pope John Paul II. - Both.-the Rome station chief and his deputy are being transferred, accord- ir.g to sources, be. cause of their skepticism -about the case drawn up by Ita. - attempt to assassin.. a e links tal flaw..It rests sole. o at the time' Agca'? Turkish assay 1 claimed Aivasov was in St. Pe sin IMehmet Ali Agca Nelson ly on the unsup? ported- testimony of Ler;g Square. with three Bulga. Antonov, the airline offi-; rians on the day of, Agca, a provenliar cial, denies . Agca's charges. the crime. who said he?intended Ahrdsov now has an alibi from The CIA will not first to kill the Queen of Eng the two -.customs officials._:. comment land until he found out she was on the movements of its clan _a woman Va311ev has gone back to Eul- garia; and Gelik has vanished. To review the evidence. The That. _means the case comes.- I central part of the.Itaiian case down to Agca's testimony against the Bulgarians is ? _.?Agca's claim that.: he was.. alone-and, by the pros- own admission, Agca accompanied ? , to' St., -_Peter's Square ec liar.__. on March 13 by Bulga-; ~s a a ria "The e n diplomat Todor Aivasov, defense would blow airline official Sergei Antonov, th case out of the water in an military attache Zhelyo American court," one Amer. t Vasilev and Turkish neo-Nazi. ican expert noted. "But this is Oral Celik ,. an Italian court. Anything Ce k was allegedly with could happen:": Agca when he shot and wound- i ~1r TITL7TAT T[T" ., i -, 11 Vr an s off the Italian 4 plomafuc trucks sealed at their-fi case against"-; the embassy. " Further- Antonov's" Bulgarians,r:;on `the defense lawyer has two witnes-- theory that if the CIA - ses;iboth Italian customs offi- gets involved the cia -s, who say. the truck was plot would be dismis. loaded and sealed in broad day- sed as a CIA light on a busy street, under' machination. their supervision, and they are Two, and more im- prepared to swear there was no portant. the Italian one4nside. They further-attest h an Aivasov was with them, ---?? prosecutor's case t lian prosecutor Anto? watching the -truck -being nio Albano, who Lars-Erik appears to have a fa- I d d case has become high- p.m. Celik then fled and has 1 ecutor speculates that Celik 1 conservatives attacking - the was smuggled out of the coun- Reagan administration for not try in a Bulgarian truck con- doing more to help the Italians taining diplomatic effects, for f embarrass the KGB. It has also which the Bulgarians _ re- become politicized within quested unprecedented emer- ?-journalism, with some repor- gency clearance: ters actively trying tp prove "What was so immensely '.:'.the-case against the Bulgarians. important and useful in the instead of reporting, neutrally, [truck's) cargo that the Bulga- : on the. evidence.' rian Embassy should make Those of us who are more such unique demands for .-skeptical about the Bulgarian urgency-EXACTLY ON MAY i plot are accused of closing our 13, 1981? ". the prosecutor asks..] eyes to the evil machinations "We must conclude that on of the KGB and its Bulgarian board . that truck, hidden henchmen. Would the KGB be among those personal effects, so evil as to plot to kill the was Oral Celik." Pone? Sara (a., thn Tt~l; Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/27: CIA-RDP90-00552R000505110029-0 ? 1-11 a vucy to Keep its _ rsuigartans routinely _-,bad di-'j