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December 22, 2016
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August 20, 2010
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May 17, 1981
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/20: CIA-RDP96-00552R000606730006-5 ARTICLE APPEARED ON PAGE - Townley Admits THE WASHINGTON POST 17 May 1981 A l{iernan associate Ronni Karpen Moffitt;' was also was to "throw some Christians to the lions u B L ra y a . We. hingtoa Pd.a sit Writer killed in the blast. The defendants, Alvin of public opinion." el i d n- rruw'a Li bas8 Confesse Townley admitted in U.S.- District Court are charged with murder and conspiracy. had been made and said that he had been Chilean military Their convictions on those charges in 1979: ? told to tell the truth and let the case be t h Ii d h d r o e e t at yester ay investigator and gave.. a false "proclama were overturned by the appeals court. resolved one way or another in the judicial ill .-......... +2.~+ _+_ _ , Tl.'14w.l;A not identif the anilma_. y it w ys Chi eau newayape . Lion to the leading that he had nothing to, do-with the -1976 Townley and DIVA alone plotted to kill of the remark rmer ri an born f A l T ili me c o ey, : an own tary killing of Orlando Letelier Letelier, an outspoken critic of the m Townley, the government's main witness regime of Au gusto Pinochet, and decided DINA agent, : was expelled by Chile in ut the blame on the Cuban. April 1978, turned over to U.S. law en- to d i h p n arge Castro-Cubans c against two anti-connection with-the Estelle' assassination, The -defense yesterday used agreements forcement authorities and eventually a a een- - - h hire p said, however,as ae ne ; -- - - cover-up ordered by- Juan Manuel -Contr=-;.U.S. officials to try to support the argu- - foreign official, after reaching a detailed` - went that Townley's cooperation in the plea bargaining agreement with the U.S_.., the head- of then #he d l S - a, epu ve ~ eras . Chilean secret police, once known -as,.--- prosecution, and the scheme -to make the, government. Townley is now serving 31/z DINA. Cubans the "scapegoats" for the murders, to 10 years in prison. ~. -. - ? .. ? , -lr-_l- T1.-. Ch In il t nl?r~;n DIN m o Inv guv r1uue1A~ WuLA7, A w-uw.. following DINA' orders, recruited the Cu- Defense lawyer Lawrence. A Dubin Contreras, have been indicted in connec, bans to carry out the assassination of I.-.- asked Townley yesterday. if the Chilean tion with the killing, but the Chilean -. teller, the former Chilean. ambassador, who military investigator once told him that the courts have refused to extradite them for : w" killed in a car bomb explosion on Em- only way to save Chile from the political prosecution.' Two ad' itional Cubans bassy Row in September 1976.. A young- ..pressure that followed the Letelier murder' charged in the case are fugitives. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/08/20: CIA-RDP90-00552R000606730006-5