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December 22, 2016
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October 22, 1982
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/09/02 :CIA-RDP90-005528000606760005-3 NEW YORK TIMES ~:R:ICi:T"? APP+'rRED 22 OCTOBER 1982 OPT PAGE -"~ A. ~~y Polish Banker ~efe finked to Spying f or ~-~tlar~aw By HQWARD BLUM The highest-ranlring Polish banker is told friends he had been schecitiled to re- i the United States, who American ot5- turn to Poland in August, had vanished. cials say was also a Polish spy, has de- The mystery surrounding Mr. Tree- ; fected to this country, axording to Gw- mean was heightened when officials at ernment offidals and intelligence Bask Handlawy, responding to inquir-. ~ .sources. ; ies from business associates, said they The banker, Andrzej Treumaaa, and ~ did not know Mr. T`reumann's where- his wife and daughter are is P~~~"e ~~ shouts. ctutody in the Washington area while At the time, neighbors in the Flushing he is interviewed by agents of the Cen- I apartment house ? where the banker tsal lmelligeace Agency sad the Fed-'i bv~ ~d the T*K~R+Ann family had not ersl Bureau of investigation, according been saes for weeks. to Government offidals who have had ~ is ),ate August, however, Bank Hand- accxss to debriefing reports.. ~ lawy mailed a anasentence notice to Mr. T~eumann was the repns~seeata- American basks stating that Mr. Treu- j Lve in North America of Beak Hand- ~ mean bad "terminated his activities as lowy, the foreigA-trade bank that man-', our represeatsttve in the United ' ages the bulk of Poland's debt to the i ~ States," W est. He lived with his family in Flush- ~ Calls at the time to Mr. TYeumaan's i ing, Queens, and his office was at 406 ;apartment were answered by Eugene Park Avenue. ` Szewczyk, who Baia he had temporarily Loading a Double Lice The details of Mr. Tr+eumann's espio- nage activities and the reasons for his decision to defect are tightly guarded secrets. Otfidals said they gild not discuss the case on the record because it in- wlved inteIligencematters. However, based an interviews with Government otfidals, Mr. 'IYeumana'S associates in internatiaara] banking sad his neighbors in Queens, a picture emerges of a cor~deatious banker who ~Fas apparently leading two lives. Those two lives apparently began to unravel to late July. Mr. T~eumana stopped going to the office, and reparrts began dreulating is the banking oont- muniry that Mr. Tr+ettmaan, who had replaced Mr. Tr eumaan as Bank Hand- . lowy's representative. Mr. Szewcryk has since been replaced by another offi- dal, Vladimir Lewida. United States Government offidals now oontlrm that Mr. Treumann, who acted as a representative is the negotia- tions aver the rescheduling of the pay- ment of Poland's S26 billion debt to the West, has defected. 'Pleasant, Open Fellow' Mr. Treumean joins a growing list of his coimtrgmen who have defected to the United States since martial law was declared in Poland. These defectors in- clude the former Ambassador to the United States, Romuald Spasowski, and the former Ambassador to Japan, Zdzislaw Rurarz. Mr. Treumena's defection, according to these offidals, is particularly sigaifi- cast since Mr. TYnvmsaa, who has been in New York for two and a half years, was also a highly Placed spy for the Poi- ish intelligence service. Charles F. Meissaer, a State Depart- .. went negotiator in the loan discussions with Polish officials, described Mr. Treumann as "a very Pleasant, open fellow" whose function appeared to be "more of a conduit than a policy player," 'Used to Annoy Hardlioe:s' A backer who has known Mr. Tree-- maaafor many yea. gave a similar de- scription: "Andrzej Treumaan's per- sonalitysad style are very western ori- ented. He had a candid sad open style of doing business in the Nest rather rhea the Eastern European style of subter- fuge and game playing. He used to annoy the hardliners, his masers, with his style sad his easy t9T}fit{?~ry wlth westerners." . Mr. Treumaan came to New York is 1979 to open the North American ot5ce of Bank Haadlowy, with headquarters rin Warsaw, Bank Haadlowly is the com- mercial bank that, under the guidance of the Polish Ministry of Finance, has handled the negodatioas over resche- duling the payment of Poland's foreign debt. Poland owes about t26 billion to Western governments and banks, in- cluding 51.6 billion to the Federal Gvv- ernment and SI.4 billion to American hanks. Before opening the office, Mr. Tree- mann had been a senior ofSdal 01 the bank in Warsaw, sad American offi- cials said Mr. Treumaan had had a? hand in arranging some of the larger Western loan to Poland in the mid- 1970's. He is listed in a directory of Pol- ish officials, published by the C.I.A. in 1879, as holding the post of deputy direct for of general operations as of July 1978. Mr. Treumaaa, who is believed to be in his early 40's, lived wfth his family at the Skyline Towers apartment building at 43.23 Coldea Street. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/09/02 :CIA-RDP90-005528000606760005-3