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December 22, 2016
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July 26, 2010
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August 9, 1980
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STAT I SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE 9 August 1980 Idly ?- I C M ; Yf L5 Fu tivefinancier Walter Wencke may have asked the.U.S:'government to provide hun;the best of,all hiding places .; , within the.Central Intelligence Agency ,.: During t a hearing yesterday to determine if. Catheryn:'Wencke'should be held in. contempt for e concealing information :about her- former husband, a counsel for;'the Securities and 'Exchange_Commission revealed that a letter ' ,. CIA's personnel bearing., -YIencke's name had:. been prepared for the .The-SEC's Ernest TKaufmann said he could not tell how he obtained the document ' '? In the unsigned.letterWencke-laid he didn tbelieve the_CIA had anyone; witn-his "unique combination o usinessand language expertise."---_., ?f . Wencke was. reportedly a military intelligence specialist during and after -.Woorld War I. In his letter. he claimed to have. been trained by the Army in `~Ctiinese and Japanese,. and said1e. could also speak Russian, French, Spanish "My primary business was the'investigation-and acquisition of financially troubled companies," Wencke wrote, explaining how he could walk through a manufacturing plant and assess its production Wencke's letter, said he was -enclosing a newspaper, article describing his troubles with federal law-enforcement`:agencies: He said he expected to be a "guest" at the federal prison in Lompoc as a rp sult of those troubles and, rather than spending 20 months "playing tennis -or--playing: cards,':-I- would'-prefer to spend it productively utilizing my s knowledge for the benefit of the government.":. ?'In. other words; I want to- use my .time and energy for the government rather than sit idle at its expense." Wencke-has been. accused of acquiring-financially troubled companies with the intent of looting them . During his - heyday' in the late 1960s,, he assembled a financial empire of 'dozens of companies,, hotels in five states and thousands of acres of California farmland He, Ws convicted of securities fraud and has been missing since Oct., 9,: when he was to surrender to begin serving his term. Kaufmann said Wencke: transferred $25,000 to banks in 'the Bahamas shortly before he vanished. 'llencke'sformer-wife has been accused; of falling to divulge all she knows y s receiver Robert Gould ployment which he sought.-ern Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/26: CIA-RDP90-00552R000707120001-5 the:federal government or-somebody- ^ she did remember typing a letter to the CIA i 7 { MagistrateHarry,R. McCue commented that Mrs.-Wencke seemed `to -have, difficulty -recalling events until she learned that documents were to be. `She had a?miraculous re very}! of her, memory when she knew you had; McCue stronglyurged Mrs. Wencke to tsysto remember events such as the ' lettei'to the . CIA,. noting that. anything that could_havekept her husband from Wencke's letter to the CIA said, .'Why don't you give me a call and let me knowtiwhat I'cando-forn you?,r ' -`That can-be characterized;generous y as a rather bizarre proposal :b'~7S?~.L'tX.i'iw+'.iwAiti~._ ~Nvu:.-"~.Y'3n tb..:.,~rt M+a,~.a+ia. ~ .ai~W.a~~ McCue said Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/26: CIA-RDP90-00552R000707120001-5 CIA 0B.)